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The Boomsday Project Full Spoiler Schedule

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Spoilers for The Boomsday Project will run from July 19th through July 31st.


The full spoiler schedule for The Boomsday Project was announced today on the PlayHearthstone blog. We'll be getting one more card reveal tomorrow, followed by two or more card reveals per day from July 23rd until July 31st. After that, we can expect an unannounced card reveal stream to spoil the final batch of cards in The Boomsday Project.

The expansion is releasing on August 7th, so be sure to start saving your gold! The Midsummer Fire Festival offers double gold rewards for all quests completed from now until July 30th, and prereleases for the new expansion are available now.


Blizzard LogoThe Boomsday Project: Card Reveal Schedule

Week of July 15th (PDT)
YZV9TJBAGQE91531785318037.jpg YZV9TJBAGQE91531785318037.jpg YZV9TJBAGQE91531785318037.jpg

7/19 12PM


Week of July 22nd (PDT)
QDG4TTPVJACT1531766680631.jpg7/23 12PM 9ZUO4IDDPWME1531766678698.jpg7/23 11PM
TILMEBU57GBJ1531766678222.jpg7/24 5AM
UEH3KQ7ZM5T71531766679454.jpg7/24 6AM
ZKFX11SN1KFM1531766678905.jpg7/24 7AM 5B4JRVLWSKCH1531766680749.jpg7/24 12PM 6QZU6UXAPOJ31531786015856.jpg7/24 8PM 6W986E3KVNB31531766681642.jpg7/24 9PM
MN3CB701HRCJ1531766680927.jpg7/24 11PM 1MICXW130KYQ1531766678905.jpg7/25 7AM YH9HCBZ00EOJ1531766679488.jpg7/25 12PM
7/25 5:15PM
23G2TY1CHSV21531766678105.jpg7/25 6PM
HCOUXKDB2H3W1531766678104.jpg7/25 8PM
SK7P0OLVUCMV1531766678180.jpg7/25 11PM

MEZSMRH4B13O1531766680915.jpg7/26 2AM

9M5CODDZPHYE1531766680537.jpg7/26 5AM QRGQJOKFQI501531766680134.jpg7/26 7AM A0QWYE94H4GQ1531766680371.jpg7/26 12PM

O8I0PZOS12XD1531766678488.jpg7/26 11PM

FCQG5FFQE8VF1531766679782.jpg7/27 2AM HPI6IUDQ8GTP1531766680741.jpg7/27 7AM 9DY4EC636LDO1531766680013.jpg7/27 8AM

QCVTC0ZC1DO91531766680422.jpg7/27 12PM

5Y66NUET8RVF1531766680431.jpg7/27 8PM PN3TFREPOCD11531766679100.jpg7/27 11PM NH6019GUFI7M1531787331262.jpg7/28 7AM

ID3W8BG5DJDX1531787677588.jpg7/28 12PM

WWAC8Y3H7JK61531766680329.jpg7/28 8PM KS5IUCROLUQM1531789328246.jpg7/28 11PM YZV9TJBAGQE91531785318037.jpg YZV9TJBAGQE91531785318037.jpg


Week of July 29th (PDT)
UEAHGGMLPIF81531766680521.jpg7/29 7AM
7/29 11AM
XSXII2DXR7WG1531766680102.jpg7/29 12PM
I9ZXODLGAYYZ1531766681730.jpg7/29 8PM
BKE9JR9OZAX81531766679627.jpg7/29 11PM
0WAC205MOUUG1531766679168.jpg7/30 2AM
O0KI7ZLGR3MY1531766680914.jpg7/30 5AM
QYFI3335FSCA1531766679634.jpg7/30 7AM
94NU3WYP3WHB1531766681579.jpg7/30 12PM
O7QM9ACIASOL1531766680840.jpg7/30 6PM
9SHVNYOSC3871531766681469.jpg7/30 8PM
NUYTB86Y0KGB1531766678904.jpg7/30 11PM
BSX27TA24NXI1531766679168.jpg7/31 5AM
8XCVBLNN5GO91531766681331.jpg7/31 6AM
TBF8Q4VD3B2L1531766678999.jpg7/31 7AM
EP4EC2SUKOV01531766682058.jpg7/31 12PM
E4GQ91YNWSQU1531766678427.jpg7/3  9PM
5WNB4TSE9QZR1531766678412.jpg7/31 11PM
YZV9TJBAGQE91531785318037.jpg YZV9TJBAGQE91531785318037.jpg


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