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Hearthstone Patch 12.0 Announces Tons of New Rewards

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In addition to laying the groundwork for The Boomsday Project, plenty of free in-game rewards were announced in the 12.0 patch notes.


Hearthstone update 12.0, the pre-patch for The Boomsday Project, has announced a number of unexpected surprises and in-game rewards. I've compiled a quick list of today's announcements below:


  • Flavor text for all 135 Boomsday cards can now be viewed in the crafting tab.
  • For a limited time after August 7, log in to claim 3 card packs and a random Class Legendary minion (or Dr. Boom hero card) from the new expansion.
  • Get 3 more card packs for logging in after The Puzzle Lab launches on August 21.
  • The Arena updates and Game Mechanics updates are now live.
  • A new event, called Days of the Frozen Throne, will be coming in the near future. It will give out a free golden card and will give players several quests with "huge" rewards.
  • Three card backs were announced. The September and October ranked play card backs, as well as the card back for completing all of Dr. Boom's Puzzles.


You can read the full patch notes on the PlayHearthstone blog right here .

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5 minutes ago, Yridaa said:

"Rewards" followed up by "logging in"


I'll raise my walking stick and say "back in my day"

Gotta keep them kiddoes hooked even when a couple of challengers appear...

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