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New Rogue

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Hi all,


I recently returned to WoW, and have a fresh level 90 rogue. 

I am really starting from scratch as my ilvl is only around 450...


My main interest is running Heroic dungeons, however I have found that most of the time, I cannot really do anything as there are always super geared guys killing everything before I can do anything :)


Should I just keep joining these runs to try to get some gear even if I cannot be effective? I feel quite useless, but have no idea how to otherwise get gear.


Also, what spec would you suggest for this?


I read that combat is more suited for higher ilvl, and subtlety is the hardest one - rotation wise - so does that mean that Assassination is the "easiest" one and effective on low ilvl?





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Get 496 gear from timeless isle in the south east of Pandaria and soon you will be able to enter LFR raids for more gear.

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I read that combat is more suited for higher ilvl, and subtlety is the hardest one - rotation wise - so does that mean that Assassination is the "easiest" one and effective on low ilvl?


The spec to chose is the one you find the most enjoyment with.  If you find you are ineffective damage wise, I would suggest

1) learn how to quickly position before the pull.  Positioning after the pull hurts dps, as things start to die before you can begin a full rotation

2) become comfortable with tabbing.  Start on one (SnD + Rupture) you think you will benefit from the bleed the most (venomous wounds energy gain, if assassin), then swap to the tank's target.

3) KEYBIND.  If you are mouse clicking, your timing will suffer.  Keybind your abilities to maximize your rotation.

4) If you are running with the same tank, get comfortable with his pull style and speed.  This will let you maximize your opening.

5) I find making simple macros help when I'm running dungeons (I do not use macros in raids, as timing is more critical in that environment).  Combining Vanish + Prep (instantly refresh Vanish after first use), Vendetta/Adrenaline Rush + Shadow Blade (Assassin/Combat) + trinkets, @focus (tank) + ToT, and so forth.


Hope this helps.

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Congrats on making 90! 


as Makroshec stated - play whichever spec you enjoy.  Everything is really so close now.  He gave some great suggestions.


But that's the first I ever  heard that combat is better when one is a higher ilvl. lol. Sorry, laughing because I am combat and everyone tells me to change :D   


Most folks like assassination  and subt -  me, I like plain old combat.  we can take on a lot of mobs and survive.  great stuff  :D


But what you are running into is folks that have played a lot longer and have their uber gear.  find yourself a good guild and hopefully they or you can organize runs for new lvl 90's to get the required gear from dungeons and raids.


Welcome back!


-wee willie the blade

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as Makroshec stated - play whichever spec you enjoy.  Everything is really so close now.  He gave some great suggestions.

Thanks Wee Willy the blade.


As he stated, finding a group (either friends, real or online, a guild, or in game tutor) who can help you itemize your gear and give immediate feedback during or after the dungeon run will be beneficial.  While your rotation might be spot on, mismanaging your CDs or improper synchronization with other teammate's abilities can be harmful to your dps.  While rogues were not originally designed for support roles, the recent changes make our support contributions viable.  For example:


1) if you have a heavy melee group, yet no one is applying the weakened armor debuff (sunder armor, expose armor).  The tank should always be applying and maintaining this debuff, but I've seen it  happen before.

2) Sacrificing a GCD on Tricks of the Trade to buff another dps'ers damage

3) Nerve Strike (tier 2) and Prey on the Weak (tier 5) talents can improve the groups damage.

4) Blind, Distraction, Cheap Shot, Kidney Punch, Gouge, Sap, Crippling, Mindnumbing, and Paralytic Poisons can add to the group's survivability, especially when a pat is getting too close or a runner threatens to pull adds.  Rogues are master's of control.

5) Shroud of Concealment and Smoke Bomb can help the group circumvent certain encounters.


All of these things may lower your dps slightly, but improve the groups overall damage.  Just be aware that In PuGs, players seem to look for a single player's throughput and not their overall contribution to the run.  Remember, you bring more than just damage to the group.


What server/faction do you play on?

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Hi Makroshec - your tips to Xylaria give me great tips too!  Thanks!!!!! Wish you were on my server - Rexxar (no longer known as Weewilly, but now as Nyghtwasp - I wanted the extra exp humans get for rep grinding tongue.png  ).


One question - are daggers that are up to 4,000 damage good enough to be able to find daggers that do more damage? Do you know of a chart somewhere that tells us the damage of daggers and their names and where found? Am I making sense?  Anyay, thanks again and ...


Happy Holidays to you.


-Wee Willy the no longer

Edited by WeeWilly

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Willy - check the "best in slot" chart on mr. robot.


Xylaria - yes, running heroics on lfg is not the way to learn your spec, because valor farmers. Give Brawler's guild a shot. It is much more effective than training dummies because you are facing an active opponent with no outside interference/help. And I think that once you have run lfg enough to be "blued out," you should be geared enough to go with either combat or assassination depending on weapons. If you have daggers, ass. If you have axe/sword/maces, combat. And combat is really fun to play, especially when you get your haste high enough to run with blade flurry on most of the time.

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