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New Rogue

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Hi all,


I recently returned to WoW, and have a fresh level 90 rogue. 

I am really starting from scratch as my ilvl is only around 450...


My main interest is running Heroic dungeons, however I have found that most of the time, I cannot really do anything as there are always super geared guys killing everything before I can do anything :)


Should I just keep joining these runs to try to get some gear even if I cannot be effective? I feel quite useless, but have no idea how to otherwise get gear.


Also, what spec would you suggest for this?


I read that combat is more suited for higher ilvl, and subtlety is the hardest one - rotation wise - so does that mean that Assassination is the "easiest" one and effective on low ilvl?





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Get 496 gear from timeless isle in the south east of Pandaria and soon you will be able to enter LFR raids for more gear.

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I read that combat is more suited for higher ilvl, and subtlety is the hardest one - rotation wise - so does that mean that Assassination is the "easiest" one and effective on low ilvl?


The spec to chose is the one you find the most enjoyment with.  If you find you are ineffective damage wise, I would suggest

1) learn how to quickly position before the pull.  Positioning after the pull hurts dps, as things start to die before you can begin a full rotation

2) become comfortable with tabbing.  Start on one (SnD + Rupture) you think you will benefit from the bleed the most (venomous wounds energy gain, if assassin), then swap to the tank's target.

3) KEYBIND.  If you are mouse clicking, your timing will suffer.  Keybind your abilities to maximize your rotation.

4) If you are running with the same tank, get comfortable with his pull style and speed.  This will let you maximize your opening.

5) I find making simple macros help when I'm running dungeons (I do not use macros in raids, as timing is more critical in that environment).  Combining Vanish + Prep (instantly refresh Vanish after first use), Vendetta/Adrenaline Rush + Shadow Blade (Assassin/Combat) + trinkets, @focus (tank) + ToT, and so forth.


Hope this helps.

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Congrats on making 90! 


as Makroshec stated - play whichever spec you enjoy.  Everything is really so close now.  He gave some great suggestions.


But that's the first I ever  heard that combat is better when one is a higher ilvl. lol. Sorry, laughing because I am combat and everyone tells me to change :D   


Most folks like assassination  and subt -  me, I like plain old combat.  we can take on a lot of mobs and survive.  great stuff  :D


But what you are running into is folks that have played a lot longer and have their uber gear.  find yourself a good guild and hopefully they or you can organize runs for new lvl 90's to get the required gear from dungeons and raids.


Welcome back!


-wee willie the blade

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as Makroshec stated - play whichever spec you enjoy.  Everything is really so close now.  He gave some great suggestions.

Thanks Wee Willy the blade.


As he stated, finding a group (either friends, real or online, a guild, or in game tutor) who can help you itemize your gear and give immediate feedback during or after the dungeon run will be beneficial.  While your rotation might be spot on, mismanaging your CDs or improper synchronization with other teammate's abilities can be harmful to your dps.  While rogues were not originally designed for support roles, the recent changes make our support contributions viable.  For example:


1) if you have a heavy melee group, yet no one is applying the weakened armor debuff (sunder armor, expose armor).  The tank should always be applying and maintaining this debuff, but I've seen it  happen before.

2) Sacrificing a GCD on Tricks of the Trade to buff another dps'ers damage

3) Nerve Strike (tier 2) and Prey on the Weak (tier 5) talents can improve the groups damage.

4) Blind, Distraction, Cheap Shot, Kidney Punch, Gouge, Sap, Crippling, Mindnumbing, and Paralytic Poisons can add to the group's survivability, especially when a pat is getting too close or a runner threatens to pull adds.  Rogues are master's of control.

5) Shroud of Concealment and Smoke Bomb can help the group circumvent certain encounters.


All of these things may lower your dps slightly, but improve the groups overall damage.  Just be aware that In PuGs, players seem to look for a single player's throughput and not their overall contribution to the run.  Remember, you bring more than just damage to the group.


What server/faction do you play on?

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Hi Makroshec - your tips to Xylaria give me great tips too!  Thanks!!!!! Wish you were on my server - Rexxar (no longer known as Weewilly, but now as Nyghtwasp - I wanted the extra exp humans get for rep grinding tongue.png  ).


One question - are daggers that are up to 4,000 damage good enough to be able to find daggers that do more damage? Do you know of a chart somewhere that tells us the damage of daggers and their names and where found? Am I making sense?  Anyay, thanks again and ...


Happy Holidays to you.


-Wee Willy the no longer

Edited by WeeWilly

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Willy - check the "best in slot" chart on mr. robot.


Xylaria - yes, running heroics on lfg is not the way to learn your spec, because valor farmers. Give Brawler's guild a shot. It is much more effective than training dummies because you are facing an active opponent with no outside interference/help. And I think that once you have run lfg enough to be "blued out," you should be geared enough to go with either combat or assassination depending on weapons. If you have daggers, ass. If you have axe/sword/maces, combat. And combat is really fun to play, especially when you get your haste high enough to run with blade flurry on most of the time.

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      Hey Gang, would you mind looking at my logs and let me know where I can improve my rotation as an assassination rogue.  I notice that all of my best logs have a significant amount of Poison Bomb and I don't like praying to RNJesus.  I am hoping there are some things I can do to hit top dps.  
      Here is my armory.  I know my Mastery is low but lately I have had crap luck on drops.  One of the options I have to bring up my Mastery is to drop Insignia of Ravenholdt +Well Flattened Wristguards and change to Denial of Half Giants + an 890 Spellblades Gemmed Signet but Denial is a sub rogue legendary.  This brings my agility to 34248, mastery to 137%, and my crit to 28%.  I tried running this combo with the higher mastery and did not feel like I was doing more dps even though the Sims say I should.  
      This is one of my better logs where I think I did most thing correct.  Please look at this and let me know if there is something I am missing.
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      This thread is for comments about our Jade Rogue Standard Un'Goro deck.
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      Hi all ! , this is my first post on Icy Veins , I'm ORO , and i play only ROGUE since 2 years on Heartstone.
      I want to share with this community my new Rogue Deck. it's pretty Similar to other decks played around , but it has some Variety and situational Cards that noone is playing , and that are helping me a lot.
      I don’t want to play those “charge” cards. Because if u fail the first hit , you have lost , and also you have no chance of backup or comeback drawing next card
      Never start questing on a creature that will give you problems , or you know you will be slower than enemy.
      If you will use this deck you can also be competitive versus long range decks.
      Elementals are way better than pirates , and you agro so much that you won’t need SAP , you also can quest on glacial shards , usefull versus Hunter and Warrior. A LOT.
      I would like also to explain after every cards , why i use this , and the situaions.
      Shadowstep x2 [edit15:35 , sorry for the lapsus]:
      Just NEED that for the combo.
      Preparation x2
      casting quest at 2 mana. AoE Dmg with Thalnos  and Fan of knives . USEFULL to cast ENEMY spells that you steal with Swashburglar. 
      good to cast the core with 2 mana , nice with fan of knives. nice with Vanish.
      The Caverns Below x1
      It does not need explain. it's a quest deck :)
      [edit 19/04] TRICK : you can play it as a combo. example : 2nd turn order --> The Coin --> Preparation --> The Caverns Below --> Edwin VanCleef . we got a 6/6 down and we sure gain some time. pretty a small all in of the deck. this trick let you play aggressive in the early turns , and this deck DON'T play aggressive in the early 4 turns.
      Fire Fly x2
      you can go late game with this. or quest at third turn. it can easily let you have 5 creatures down on 4th turn = 25 dmg on the 5th turn.
      Do you still have Swashburglar in your hand and Patches in the deck ? a coin ? :)
      Swashburglar x 2  
      this is unpredictable , it can steal worst cards , or best cards. sometimes best cards are not the best cards of the specific Match you playing. I call it a knife with a double cut side. sometimes it fulls your hand with cards that you won't use at all or you don't need . it's can be the salvation , or you are just wasting mana.
      Patches the Pirate x1
      i use it early only in critical situations , where my enemy is a strong face deck. Face Deck that love to have creatures alives to buff them. i really prefer to use it like a "surprise" of the last 5 dmg.
      i Mean if you're playing only 2x Swashburglar you can probably keep it in the deck for all the game.
      Always good , because also you put out a card from your deck. using his perk it's like drawing  a card
      Glacial Shard x2
      ok , you may go in combo with this. when? you have to predict it. realy usefull in many games against aggro NoFace decks. sometimes let me play 2 more turns , taking no dmg.
      [edit 19/04] wow , awesome card.  counter this Swamp King Dred , and go on on your questing ? NICE , AND TASTY , NOT ?
      Youthful Brewmaster x2
      Gadgetzan Ferryman x2
      Bloodmage Thalnos x1
      Really need to be played with Fan of Knives , you don't play it? every face aggro will (probably) destroy you with those stupid 1/2 , 2/3 , or 3/2 stuff.
      when it's the only option on the 2nd turn just play it. never keep it for too long in your hand.
      Novice Engineer x2
      BEST CARD FOR QUEST. Draw is better than everything. we got also counters in the deck. 
      Edwin VanCleef x1
      Emergency , play it before quest only in emergencies. you can double shadowstep him at turn 5. or it becomes really BIG played after the quest completion. because the quest make it 5/5 while he is in your hand.
      ALERT! : if you are going to play the quest in the next turn , and Edwin is an 8/8 for Example , you can use the quest to heal him after he attacked a provoke creature , or something else dangerous.
      Fan of Knives x2
      Good with Thalnos , with preparation , i prefer this , to Mimic Pod Deck and "dmg" cards like :Counterfeit Coin , Deadly Poison , Sinister Strike , Eviscerate ,Jade Shuriken , I can say that Mimic Pod made me Lose  much more of Win. i think it's a card for a miracle deck (Mimic Pod....)
      Ironbeak Owl x1
      Usefull , better then SAP. NICE VERSUS PRIESTS , PALADINS , sometimes it can be used for the quest.
      sometimes you can silence the heavy provoke creatures of the warrior. he got a slower deck , so you can play the owl for the quest.
      Gluttonous Ooze x1
      Just will save your ASS against WARRIOR , PALADINS , ROGUE , Hunters.
      Igneous Elemental x2
      let's take two more elementals 1/2 , usefull for questing , and mid/late range aggro. anyway good to be played with the coin in your 2nd turn.
      Eater of Secrets x1
      if you want to rank up with this deck , you have to play counter creatures. you don't know if in your next game , you will lose just because of a double Ice Block. remeber you can play it many times sapping it in your hand , and with just 4 mana you dispel ALL the secrets that the enemy had played before. Tempo mage is a pain in the ass. or Just Ice Block is most broken card in the game? I don't know , I just have to dispel those secrets to win certain games . Also usefull versus Hunters , less Versus Paladins because their secrets are not so much dangerous for you.
      Sherazin, Corpse Flower x1
      it just revives , and revives , while you are questing/sapping Fire Fly/Swashburglar/Glacial Shard etc etc...
      [edit 19/04] this is revealing a really good card. you can play the Vanish card as the fourth one that revives him. result : every creature go **** and  Sherazin, Corpse Flower stay down alive. quite a good trick.
      Shadowcaster x1
      you can use it with all the creatures you have. the 1/1 after questing , it's a 5/5 :) 
      [edit 19/04] this is revealing too a good option , also for a 2x , Reasons: 1.  you can copy your quest creature , 2. you can copy  another shadow caster so you can chain themselves to get a full table of shadowcasters , and also you have a 4/4 before quest the completion. maybe the solution is to play Shadowcaster...x2 ? and put out the Youthful Brewmaster  , so we can play Biteweed ? this is a good card you can play it 6/6 at the first turn (only if you got  The Coin
      Vanish x1 
      Finally we got some use with Vanish! you can close the quest with this. or deal 5 more dmg with Patches the Pirate , or get back all your Fire Fly /Swashburglar. Good also to Clean the table , and aggro back taking a turn advantage. if u have many fire flyes down  , the enemy won't aggro more than you , because his tougher creatures cost more than 1 mana. just use as last option against murloc decks , quest priest , quest warrior , quest hunter. you have one , play it wisely. maybe for a close combo with Patches the Pirate , but it must an ending game , last 5 dmg for the win. in the early with Preparation can be a good option if you are not drawing cards...
      I don't play other pirates like Southsea Deckhand because of : Golakka Crawler and because i don't want an all-in deck , i want a durable and versatile deck.
      I don't play Stonetusk Boar because i don't want an all-in deck , i want a durable and versatile deck.
      I don't play Eviscerate or other Removals , because i need creatures down. no more.
      List of suggested Cards that can synergyze good too and do tricky stuff ***not mentioned in the full deck above***
      Wild Pyromancer (you can do the surprise trick with The Caverns Below to get an earl 1 dmg , good combo versus Face Hunters)
      Sunfury Protector
      Lorewalker Cho (can work inside a "no-spells" deck, but every creature you play must do something. you should play creature that do what spells do)
      I hope you will like it , we can discuss every choice i made about this. For the moment it's a rank 13 confirmed , but people it's starting to play counter decks , and this is more difficult.
      This is weak versus tempo freezing quest mage , face hunters , and warriors that got the right quest deck with the right cards.
      probably weak versus every face deck around. probably if u play pirate versione you lose much because of just 3/4 provoke creatures.
      i'm open to advices by more experienced players :3
      [edit] updating while i wait some admin approve it :D
    • By Cryea
      Hi Guys, I need little help with stats priority and rotation. I think, Im doing something wrong with my dps. Cant break 500k-550k DPS on single target and need advice to someone AoE target bosses in Nighthold.
      I send my armory:
      And the logs:
      Sorry for my bad english and its my first post.
    • By Peiriannydd
      So I've been pushing and pushing to get my DPS up over the course of the new expansion.  I've managed to bag my self the legendary shoulders and feet. I've been looking at logs and trying to improve things. I learnt a new opener (which massively improved my dps) and got my crit up (as I noticed other rogues had much higher crit than me).
      And now I just don't know what to do. I just can't seem to get better!
      I'll put a link to logs from the last heroic nighthold we did. It wasn't my best night performance wise  anyway (i'm playing on a potato and we had a huge raid group - fps sat between 6-15 for the whole raid). I think I'm doing something wrong with my main rotation when compared to the other rogue than joined us but I just don't know what it is. I'm stumped.

      So if anyone can see obvious mistakes then please shout at me so I can fix them. It's getting really frustrating!    You should be able to get to past logs through this link too.