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[H][Tarren Mill]  An adult, late night raiding guild that's been retiring baddies since 2011. Home to experienced raiders that aim for Heroic (Mythic) progress while enjoying the game. We are by no means "Hardcore" but we are not sitting on the casual bench either. It's important to us that raids are fun, relaxed but a drive and thirst for Mythic progress.


SoO Progress:

Normal: 14/14

Heroic: 3/14


Currently recruiting for our Mythic team in WoD

22:00 - 01:00* Monday

22:00 - 01:00* Tuesday

22:00 - 01:00* Wednesday

* = Server time


Currently recruiting for our Mythic team

x1 Melee DPS or Tank with viable off spec (Warrior or Death Knight)

x4 Strong Ranged DPS (Lock, Hunter, SPriest, Boomkin)

x2 Healers (Monk / Druid)


What we can offer:

  • Long standing, stable raiding guild to call home.
  • Looking to the future and building a mythic team for Warlords of Draenor.
  • Raiders with past heroic experience and veteran in their class
  • Mature, adult players that enjoy many aspects of the game.
  • Helpful and friendly community that often arranges events outside of raids.
  • Zero tolerance on toxic players.
  • Members that have been playing since vanilla.
What we are looking for:
  • Reliable raiders that can realistically commit to our raiding schedule.
  • Players with the knowledge and skills to keep up with progression on the hardest raiding content the game has to offer.
  • Proven record of being a part of heroic progress in past tiers.
  • Maturity where it matters and a good sense of humor.
  • Players that enjoy the game outside of showing up just for raids.
  • Raiders that understand wiping is part of progress and are able to learn from their mistakes.


We have taken a break from SoO for the summer and will resume raiding in 6.0 / WoD. Feel free to leave any questions you may have here or add Destinar#2689 for a chat.

Cheers for reading

Edited by Destinar

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Still recruiting:


x2 Tanks (Monk / War / DK )

x2 Healers (Priest / Monk / Shaman)

x2 Ranged Dps - (Hunter / Boomkin / Warlock / Shaman).


We're all experienced raiders so looking for the same in recruits.

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Top Prio to complete our roster:

x2 Tanks (Monk / War / DK / Paladin)
x1 Healers (Priest / Monk / Shaman)
x1 Ranged Dps - (Hunter / Boomkin / Warlock).

We're all experienced raiders so looking for the same in recruits. smile.png

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Currently recruiting:

x1 Healers (Priest / Monk / Shaman) with usable DPS OS
x2 Ranged Dps - (Hunter / Boomkin / Warlock).
- Mythic apps for Warlords of Draenor welcome.

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Still looking for a strong MW Monk, Priest, Hunter, Moonkin, Feral Druid or Enhancement Shaman as we grow our team for mythic content.

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Still looking for a strong MW Monk, Priest, Hunter, Moonkin, Feral Druid, Rogue or Enhancement Shaman as we grow our team for mythic content.

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Recruiting x1 Tank Dk, War or Pally x1 Healer Druid, Shaman, Monk, Paladin & x1 MDPS Dk, War, Monk, Druid, Shaman or Rogue

- Still recruiting as we grow to 20m Mythic

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Still looking for strong raiders as we grow for Mythic raiding:


x2 Monk / Druid Healers

x4 Skilled Ranged Dps

x1 Plate Dps with tank off spec

x1 Rogue

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    • By Chumani
      Aka'magosh my raider friends! Chumani here from Corrupted Destiny guild (Horde) on Skywall/Drak'thul realms. We are currently recruiting for our core team for mythic raiding. We are 7/9 H ToS....  Consistant and Dependable members! (Who can handle cutting up and getting yelled at.... by a certain mage in our guild.... who cuts up too.... and won't admit it..... and puts down fake portals.... every week..... and people still take them.... to their death..... really......week..... after week.... to their death...... seriously)
      As always we are recruiting raiders and non raiders.
      *****GIRLS***** We have a large number of female gamers who do not have to worry about harrasment of any kind...we just will not tolerate this... and our group is like family. Come see for yourself!
      Tired of the ridiculous harassment from the opposite sex? You will be safe with us! Mature gamers who do not condone this behaviour!
      Our raid schedule is Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 6:30pm to 9:00pm server time(pst)
      We use MUMBLE voice server, it is required and no exceptions!
      We currently have an "Alt" raid for alts and non-progression raiders on Mondays at the same time! MEGA amounts of fun there, alot of us use our mains to carry this raid and help gear these raiders up!
      Other guild events include: Herb Drives, Fishing Expo, Mog off! (Best transmog wins), Old Raids for Transmog gear & Mythic Plus runs. We do random guild events with prizes up to and including a FREE MONTH OF WOW! (Mog-Off is going on NOW!!)
      We have quite a bit of fun when we get together, as we always have over the years! Come join us and get corrupted (Disclaimer: Infections have been found to be the leading cause of corruption in many raiders) We've always been here and will continue to be here! Of course you will be required to sacrifice a goat or an alliance player once a week to the Horde gods..... You will also be required to laugh and have fun as well! We do have fun!
      Chu@12466 - Deni#1743 
      ***Newest video highlighting some of our girls!****
      (We are just huge nerds who see ourselves as badass warriors!... ok!)
      ******We also have one of our members who has published some 'how to' videos for certain in game mounts!!*** Keep eye out for Barcat, one of our casual members and professional mount hoarder and his youtube channel for these vids! Will post one in comment below*******
    • By Jeebs

      Night gathers, and now my watch begins.It shall not end until my death.
      I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory..
      No Glory! No Lootings! No Crown or Procreation...what humbug
      Project Nemesis are here with the lemony scent of success and happy happy joy joy feel good antics.
      Our DPS is absolute and use skills to do massive critical damage and will stand in fire unbuffed.
      Our healers practice real life Wack-a-Mole at Blackpool Pleasure Beach once a week and our tanks taunt MMA fighters.
      When we enter instances bosses walk up to us drop their loot and kill themselves or keep running out to reset.
      Blizzard keeps trying to pay us to play. Weve dated supermodels.
      We've all won the lottery 8 times even our mages have Warglaves.
      Is it because we all have IQs above 180?
      We are the ultimate rock stars and may need to stop raiding for our world tour.
      Want to party with celebrities and mingle with the political elite leap tall buildings in a single bound or pull 2000 Mobs on Argus?.
      Yes weve been on COPS twelve times this week alone and Fox is creating us our very own channel.
      We do not talk about Raid Club we are Raid Club, even Chuck Norris avoids us
      How many Guilds can say theyre on a first name basis with both Samuel L Jackson & Danny Trejo?
      Were the only Guild endorsed by 4/5 Spirit Healers
      Project Nemesis we wrote the Deathbook and made IT out to look like a clown
      Now with ToS firmly underway were looking to strengthen both our Social and Raiding Rosters in preparation for Antorus, the Burning Throne.
      How many guilds have theyre very own Guild Hall with its very own hot tub, weve even called it Ironforge.
      Raid Days: Monday, Wednesday Friday 2100 Server Time
      Saturday is Alt Day
      Tuesday Thursday are Mythic plus days
      Sunday is Free for all
      We even bring X-realm raiders outside of our battleground. ..why?? Because we can and don't subscribe to the stereotypical norm of a guild. or Bnet me JeebsJones#2394
    • By Beautyman
      Oi, mates! Let me just briefly introduce me and this guild. My name is Beautymen and I have been playing ever since WoTLK. During this great expansion I was heavily involved into raiding on Quel'Thalas. Ever since I left these days behind the sensation of raiding and progressing has been tickling my sensitive parts. Therefore, when Legion launched I came back to play with my mate Kraishan and we founded Mythic Busters.
      What is Mythic Busters?
      Our guild, Mythic Busters, is a friendly bunch of people from all around the world who are looking to get into raiding. Especially, when you have been gone from the game for some time, you might have lost your raiding mojo and find it hard to be re-introduced.
      This guild offers you the chance to start raiding again in Legion through a fun and relaxed way. No hard requirements, just fair and square play. We have several divisions within the guild to cater to different players. For instance, we run Mythic+ to gear up new players and currently we are building progress and farm runs through the newest raids.
      What makes raiding different with you guys?
      Good question, me. Well, if I might be so egocentric as to say that first of all: I believe we have created a great atmosphere within our guild. I, as a raid leader, try to entertain the raid group on Discord by keeping our nights social and fun.

      Sounds great. When do you raid?
      Right now we raid on Wednesdays and Sundays from 7:30PM (invites) till about 11:00PM server time. These raids are currently focused on ToS HC progression. On Fridays we also run a normal mode farm for alts/lowerer geared members.
      Awesome. Who are you looking for?
      We accept any and every social player who is either experienced or new to raiding. Just be a chill or dude or dudewoman! And of course, ready slash willing to learn.
      You sold me at dudewoman! How do I join?
      Feel free to respond underneath this post or whisper me ingame (Beautymen-QuelThalas or Beautyman#2868).