[EU-Tarren Mill][H] <Hattori Hanzo> - 22:00 - 01:00ST - Recruiting Mythic team

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[H][Tarren Mill]  An adult, late night raiding guild that's been retiring baddies since 2011. Home to experienced raiders that aim for Heroic (Mythic) progress while enjoying the game. We are by no means "Hardcore" but we are not sitting on the casual bench either. It's important to us that raids are fun, relaxed but a drive and thirst for Mythic progress.


SoO Progress:

Normal: 14/14

Heroic: 3/14


Currently recruiting for our Mythic team in WoD

22:00 - 01:00* Monday

22:00 - 01:00* Tuesday

22:00 - 01:00* Wednesday

* = Server time


Currently recruiting for our Mythic team

x1 Melee DPS or Tank with viable off spec (Warrior or Death Knight)

x4 Strong Ranged DPS (Lock, Hunter, SPriest, Boomkin)

x2 Healers (Monk / Druid)


What we can offer:

  • Long standing, stable raiding guild to call home.
  • Looking to the future and building a mythic team for Warlords of Draenor.
  • Raiders with past heroic experience and veteran in their class
  • Mature, adult players that enjoy many aspects of the game.
  • Helpful and friendly community that often arranges events outside of raids.
  • Zero tolerance on toxic players.
  • Members that have been playing since vanilla.
What we are looking for:
  • Reliable raiders that can realistically commit to our raiding schedule.
  • Players with the knowledge and skills to keep up with progression on the hardest raiding content the game has to offer.
  • Proven record of being a part of heroic progress in past tiers.
  • Maturity where it matters and a good sense of humor.
  • Players that enjoy the game outside of showing up just for raids.
  • Raiders that understand wiping is part of progress and are able to learn from their mistakes.


We have taken a break from SoO for the summer and will resume raiding in 6.0 / WoD. Feel free to leave any questions you may have here or add Destinar#2689 for a chat.

Cheers for reading

Edited by Destinar

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Still recruiting:


x2 Tanks (Monk / War / DK )

x2 Healers (Priest / Monk / Shaman)

x2 Ranged Dps - (Hunter / Boomkin / Warlock / Shaman).


We're all experienced raiders so looking for the same in recruits.

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Top Prio to complete our roster:

x2 Tanks (Monk / War / DK / Paladin)
x1 Healers (Priest / Monk / Shaman)
x1 Ranged Dps - (Hunter / Boomkin / Warlock).

We're all experienced raiders so looking for the same in recruits. smile.png

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Currently recruiting:

x1 Healers (Priest / Monk / Shaman) with usable DPS OS
x2 Ranged Dps - (Hunter / Boomkin / Warlock).
- Mythic apps for Warlords of Draenor welcome.

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Still looking for a strong MW Monk, Priest, Hunter, Moonkin, Feral Druid or Enhancement Shaman as we grow our team for mythic content.

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Still looking for a strong MW Monk, Priest, Hunter, Moonkin, Feral Druid, Rogue or Enhancement Shaman as we grow our team for mythic content.

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Recruiting x1 Tank Dk, War or Pally x1 Healer Druid, Shaman, Monk, Paladin & x1 MDPS Dk, War, Monk, Druid, Shaman or Rogue

- Still recruiting as we grow to 20m Mythic

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Still looking for strong raiders as we grow for Mythic raiding:


x2 Monk / Druid Healers

x4 Skilled Ranged Dps

x1 Plate Dps with tank off spec

x1 Rogue

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      Newly formed guild looking to recruit players for current content, but more aiming toward the release of Argus. Raid time will be Sat/Sun 7-10PM CT.
      We are currently looking for casuals and people who want to be mythic raiders. We are friendly, helpful laid back team, who wants to do mythic progression.
      What is required?
      Have a non-toxic and drama free attitude.
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      Hello! This is Fox from Velocity. We're a not-so-hardcore morning Mythic raiding guild on Sargeras. Currently 1/9M, 9/9H ToS. Last tier we reached 7/10M NH in the two months leading up to ToS. Now we'll be focusing on Mythic ToS progression. A fun fact about us, since were a morning guild we actually got 2 realm 1st's on Heroic. Worldwide our H Goroth kill was 15th, and Demonic Inquisition was 8th (according to wowprogress). Were looking for good and reliable players for our roster, mainly DPS, who can learn the fights quickly and attend our early raid times. 
      [A] <Velocity> 1/9M 9/9H (7/10M) - MORNING raid LFM
      Raid Times: 10am-1pm CST | Tues/Wed/Thurs / Mon(Opt/Alt)[/quote]
        Looking for:
      Currently Need
      Ranged - Mage, Ele Sham, Hunter, Warlock, Boomkin
      Melee - Rogue, Ret Pally, Warrior, Demon Hunter
      Healer - Disc Priest, Resto Sham, Holy Pal.
      Would consider

      Tank - Flex Bear
      Item Lvl:  915+/-
      Exp:  9/9H (Pref), 8/9H ok
      *Specific classes are listed above as preference. However, any class is welcomed! We will consider anyone who is willing to join and can commit to our raid times, we may also make exceptions if you are under the requirements.
      We’re not super hardcore, we like having fun, but we do have high standards; so we expect our raiders to play their class well, come prepared, FOLLOW MECHANICS, have a sense of humor (or not) and adapt quickly. Prior Mythic raiding experience is a plus, though not necessary if you're a fast learner. 
      Due to our morning raid times, we encourage everybody to communicate about attendance via Calendar invites, Discord channels, or through tells with an officer. It’s important to know who will be available week-by-week so we can make arrangements for raid days. This is necessary to avoid setbacks and keep up with progression! We are very understanding when someone needs to post-out. Schedules change, things come up and real life always comes first. All we ask is for a heads up!
        Perks: Feasts, Codex, Spirit Cauldrons, near-unlimited guild repairs, and the occasional gem or enchants. We run alt raids and Mythic+ 15s with each other each week. We're a tight-knit guild, who's always joking around and helping each other out. We also play other games together outside of WoW, like Overwatch, SC2, Heroes, Diablo, Dota2, LoL and whatever else.

      Additional Info: The morning slot is kind of niche, so it’s important we find players who are dedicated and realistic with their schedules.
      Our Officers are veteran players who have experience raiding at high levels, as well as a majority of our core players. We want to uphold a certain level of standard, the point being that we can joke and have fun while getting stuff done.
      If we sound like a good fit, let us know! Leave a reply here, send us a tell on BNET or in game. Or be old school and send an in-game mail! Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon! =D
    • By Dredd
      <Return With Honor> H6/9 weekday 6pm-8:30p EST raid times. Tank and Sham/Priest heals needed. We also have a reward system where you can receive game time & game store items paid for by the guild. If interested pst me. Also visit us at
      Who Are We?
      Originally established in Tichondrius-US during the WoD expansion, Return With Honor is a guild lead by military veterans who are also veteran players of World of Warcraft. We offer great conversations, crude humor, active environment, and a home for individuals looking to be apart of a tight nit group. We also have a guild point system used by our members to earn great prizes like in-game items(gear, pets, mounts, etc) and game time. These points can be earned by staying active on our guild website, volunteering to assist the guild, and being involved in any guild groups.
      Alternating raid weeks
      (Varying days scheduled a month out)Tues, Friday, Sunday and Wed, Thu, Mon: 6:00PM-8:30PM EST
      We expect everyone to be prepared and ready to go 15 minutes before raid time (5:45PM EST) to start pulls at 6:00PM EST. We get Saturdays off every week.
      The RBG schedule varies on a week by week basis. Multiple groups will be formed to accommodate mostly everyone.
      Guild Events
      Guild Events are held every week with prizes for members to earn like high ilvl BOE gear, gold, pets, and mounts.
      If interested please contact Hoodxd or myself by in-game message or mail
      contact me at #ActionJack11202