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Brightwing Gameplay Update Spotlight

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Brightwing will be updated alongside Kerrigan in the latest patch. Check out our overview of the changes in the official spotlight!

What's Coming in the Next Patch?

Rework Goals

  • Update Brightwing's talent tree to newer design philosophies.
  • Increase playmaking potential and raise her skill ceiling.
  • Give her a more active role while supporting.

Rework Highlights

  • Brightwing's trait Soothing MistSoothing Mist still passively heals nearby Heroes, but now has an activatable cleanse on the D key, allowing her to remove slow, stun, and root effects.
    • Soothing MistSoothing Mist does not grant the "Unstoppable" status.
    • The ability has a long cooldown.
  • Arcane FlareArcane Flare (Q) has been reworked to reward skillful play.
    • Enemies caught in the center will allow Brightwing to immediately pulse Soothing MistSoothing Mist without triggering a cooldown.
    • The Arcane FlareArcane Flare projectile now travels faster.
  • Phase ShiftPhase Shift (Z) now heals baseline. She will heal a Hero for a large percentage of max health upon arrival.
  • Hyper Shift (Level 1 Talent)
    • Increase Phase ShiftPhase Shift's healing by an additional 10% of the target's maximum Health. Nearby enemy Minion deaths reduce Phase ShiftPhase Shift's cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Phase Out (Level 16 Talent, Cooldown: 20 seconds)
    • Activate to place Brightwing in Stasis for 0.75 seconds.
  • Invisible Friends (Level 20 Talent)
    • Blink HealBlink Heal grants Stealth to Brightwing. If Blink HealBlink Heal is cast on a Hero, they are also granted Stealth. While Stealthed by Invisible Friends, Heroes heal for 44 Health per second and are Unrevealable for the first 0.5 seconds. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds while Stealthed grants Invisible.

Rework Spotlight

Dead enemies makes Brightwing happy, and so do gameplay updates! Check out this spotlight video to find out what’s changing with the Nexus’ deadliest faerie dragon, Brightwing!

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It looks like a buff, which kind of makes me happy because I am sick and tired from Deckard- Malfurion- Stukov meta. I hope they will make every healer in the game so versatile that they will be able to compete with those three gentlemen.

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She looks like she might actually be competitive with these changes. Considering we are in a more sustained damage meta, I think she may shine and the baseline heal on her teleport is super nice and will surely be hella useful.

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Awww, our cute little murder dragon looks that much more effective.  Getting an AoE cleanse built in (seems like they've really backed off the whole taking cleanse away from supports) and a cute dodge ability makes her much more interesting to play.  Thumbs up!

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This looks very strong at a glance.  I think these changes are enough for BW to solo-heal, due to the heal on successful Q as well as her TP healing baseline (nevermind the reduced CD by killing minions).  And a baseline AoE cleanse?  That's just unfair.

BW has always had a great kit, but poor healing output.  These changes likely result in BW being OP in some configurations.

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As a support main, hers was the only kit I really couldn't play properly for some reason. This reworks seems one of the best so far, considering not that many things really changed.

I want to see her full talent tree, is it available anywhere yet?

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Looking great, hoping these support changes add some variety to support meta.  BW has always been a fun hero and her global has always offered tons of potential and utility.

Very tired of Stukov and Malfurion.  I'm ready for a "shift" [  😎 ] as I dont like playing either and they're practically mandatory pick/ban material in comp.

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Looks great.  BW is the hero I have played the most in the game, she is just fun to play (but unfortunately has fallen behind in healing output).  I still think I have a %65 win rate with her in ranked the past few seasons, as I only pick her on split obj maps when I am force to last pick support and a few are banned/taken already.

I pretty much only played Q build on her already (with mystified), so I am used to trying to land skill shots to get solid healing. I like where this is going.

The stealth on blink heal will help a ton, especially with double wormhole.  You can basically heal/stealth your entire team in a major battle, or repeat on 2 heroes that need it the most.  Sure, it is easy to see the shimmer these days, but it will still prevent targeting skills on those heroes for a short time.

I am really curious about the CD reduction on minions dying too.  That will help a lot on maps where lane changes aren't as big of a deal (like spiders), where you can still get value remaining in a lane.




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