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Kerrigan Gameplay Update Spotlight

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Learn more about design changes coming to the Queen of Blades in the next Heroes of the Storm patch.

What's Coming in the Next Patch?

Rework Goals

  • Increase tactical depth of her abilities.
  • Raise the impact of Kerrigan's talents on her playstyle.
  • Increase compositions and battlegrounds where Kerrigan is useful.

Rework Highlights

  • RavageRavage (Q) now has two charges at the cost of reduced range. The change allows more aggressive players to leapfrog their way to disrupting the enemy backline.
    •  Any Hero or minion kills will refund the charge as well as the Mana cost of the ability.
  • Sharpened Blades is a Level 4 Quest Talent that increases the damage done by RavageRavage for every enemy killed by it.
  • At Level 7, Kerrigan has two RavageRavage talents.
    • Queen of Blades
      • Damaging a Hero with Primal GraspPrimal Grasp reduces RavageRavage's cooldown by 4 seconds.
    • Boundless Fury
      • Hitting an enemy Hero with RavageRavage grants a charge of RavageRavage. Can only occur once every 10 seconds per Hero.
  • Primal GraspPrimal Grasp (E) now deals AoE damage after a short delay.
  • Summon UltraliskSummon Ultralisk now has an additional skill shot.
    • When cast, the Ultralisk will burrow out from Kerrigan's location and stun the first enemy Hero hit. The Ultralisk will begin to attack the nearest enemy regardless of whether the ability makes contact.
  • Kerrigan has a new talent at Level 13. When activated, she will encase herself in a hardened shell that protects against a set amount of damage and heals her for however long she remains protected by it.

Rework Spotlight

With razor sharp talons and a set of powerful new talents and ability tweaks, the Queen of Blades is ready to zerg down her opponents in our most recent patch with these gameplay and design changes. Check out this spotlight video for an overview of the updates coming to our favorite zerg-hybrid assassin Hero.

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I rather enjoy using Ultralisk (it's just so cute with her techno skin) so getting even more out of the lisk will be fun.  Other than that the big things for me are her much increased Ravage options.  Clean kill is baked in, it's multicharged and has a very cool chain jumping talent now.  I look forward to trying her out.

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Copy pasting what I wrote in yt some hours ago:

"I had hoped they'd utilize her psionic profile more-she's the strongest Psionic in the whole universe supposedly. Obviously not make it exactly like her abilities in SC2, that would be the definition of imbaOPbroken, but they could play with those a bit like for example, give her a 2nd Heroic that gives her temporarily new, abilities or a talent that makes her attacks ranged, permanently or temporarily, she shoots FREAKIN' THUNDERBOLTS from her hands, would have been so cool...:/ "

Adding to that, I wanna say, hope MaelstromMaelstrom has been touched a bit on the damage department, feels rather underwhelming, her new talents are more than that and give us Kerrigan announcer already! (love the quotes when it's the same as the hero you're playing)

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Kerrigan is one of the few assassins I'm good with, and I tentatively like these changes.

I'm noticing Blizzard is putting a lot of overperforming talents on underperforming heroes as baseline skills; wonder if that will keep being a trend...

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31 minutes ago, gamerk2 said:

Kerrigan is one of the few assassins I'm good with, and I tentatively like these changes.

I'm noticing Blizzard is putting a lot of overperforming talents on underperforming heroes as baseline skills; wonder if that will keep being a trend...

It's a good way to get people to take something else as a talent without nerfing the hero drastically.

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8 hours ago, MasterKast said:

new ultralisk = raynor's banshee 2.0

Not really, it needs to perform melee attack, does less damage as far as I know and has much bigger hitbox (which is good and bad depending on situation).
Nothing can beat what Raynor did when he was reworked, I hope so.

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2 hours ago, lChronosl said:

These reworks have been on point, kudos to the devs. I can't wait to test her new kit. Anyone know if the full talent tree is available anywhere?

When I learned her rework is confirmed, I literally scoured the interwebz to see if I could find anything ahead of time. This is the best I came up with https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/6220/hots-dev-on-kerrigan-rework-i-think-people-who-really-want-to-master-kerrigan-can-show-off-what-they-want-to-do-with-her-now

Hafta say, if these are the only new talents she's gonna get, I'm majorly disappointed.

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My wife mains Kerrigan and i play her somewhat, we have tested many builds with her talents to find which build set up would be the  most competitive in world with many heroes who out shine her. our results are below.

My question is, do you think the new changes to her will make Sharpened Blades(4) be a better pick over Psionic Pulse(4), as Psionic Pulse is essentially her only major wave clear, and contributes one of the largest portions of her damage as she is now.

Also do you think the new changes to ravage might encourage users to take Eviscerate(13) over Double Strike(13)? 

Last but not least, why was her maelstrom not buffed? no offense intended but that Ult is Garbage!!!! at least with Ultralisk i can take siege camps from halfway across the map, hard push towers, and solo/duo a boss and 1v1 a TB Varian.(it does stand for tuberculosis, because that is what you get when he is on the enemy team.) 

Valla's Strafe and Kerrigans Maelstrom are essentially the same exact game mechanic and both of them are garbage.  they need a rework as well or even just a minor like 5% dmg buff IMO.
Siphoning impact(1)
Psionic Pulse(4)
Assimilation Mastery(7)
Double Strike(13)
Aggressive Defense(16)
Torrasque(20) or Nexus Blades(20)

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Another Kerrigan rework? It'd be nice if Blizz would avoid touching the same heroes every year*. Maybe if they actually focused on heroes they never touched the ones they already did wouldnt become as obsolete.

*Namely Azmodan, Malf, and Tyrande + a few others im not listing cause im not 100% sure.

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Excited for Kerrigan rework, shes my favorite melee assassin and these changes look solid.

Shes been comp dependent for far, far too long.  Here's hoping this stuff goes far enough. 

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      Healing Potion [Q] Now displays its impending AoE to allies while the missile is in flight. Fortitude of the Faithful [Trait] Radius increased from 5.5 to 6.5. Talents
      Level 1/4/7 Gems [Active/W] Added functionality: Increases the damage of the unleashing Horadric Cube by 100%. Level 4 Ruby [Active/W] Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds. Trigger radius of Lesser Healing Potions increased from .5 to 1 (matching base potions). Level 20 Perfect Gems [Active/W] Now reduces the cooldown of all Gem talents to 5 seconds, instead of a flat 25 second reduction.
      Li Li
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      Lt. Morales
      Level 7 Vanadium Plating [W] New Functionality: Increases the duration of Safeguard by 1 second. While the target is Stunned or Rooted, Safeguard’s armor value is increased to 50. Prolonged Safeguard [W] Removed. New Talent - Medi-Drone [W] Allies with Safeguard receive 50% of the healing done by Healing Beam on other targets.
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