My warriors dps? HELP?!

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Hey I'm new here but I'm hoping you guys will be able to help me a little bit!


(On a training dummy) I can sustain between 180k-220k. People are telling me it should be ALOT more for my item level (558 Fury) I've read a lot about my class and it seems to come down to my rotation, I just can't seem to bring my dps up anymore than it is Can anyone help? 

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It's hard for us to help you when you don't provide any information :(


I can check if your gear/reforges/enchants are good if you give me an armory link, and I can help you by trying to see if there is something you could improve in your rotation if you provide me logs.


In the meantime, I can only suggest you to read the Icy-Veins detailed Fury Warrior rotation guide (it is very thorough and detailed) and my post on these forums where I try and answer some of the most common questions :)


Once again, if you provide me with logs I'll be able to help you much more!



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