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Tavern Brawl: Brawl of Champions - Round Two

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The second week of this Tavern Brawl includes a new round of Shrines for each class.

Last week, we had round one of the Rumble Run Shrines and decks being made available to play against real opponents. For this week, we have a second set of Shrines for Hearthstone's nine classes:

  • Druid: Gonk's Mark - After you summon a minion, give it +1/+1.
  • Hunter: Halazzi's Hunt - Your minions have "Overkill: Cards in your hand cost (1) less".
  • Mage: Jan'alai's Progeny - Whenever you Freeze a character, put a Frostfire into your hand.
  • Paladin: Shirvallah's Vengeance - After your hero takes damage, deal 5 damage to the enemy hero.
  • Priest: Bwonsamdi's Covenant - Healing enemies damages them instead.
  • Rogue: Pirate's Mark - After you cast a spell, cast it again (on the same target).
  • Shaman: Krag'wa's Lure - After you Overload, give your minions that much Attack.
  • Warlock: Dark Reliquary - Whenever you discard a card, summon a random Demon.
  • Warrior: Akali's War Drum - After you summon a Dragon, reduce the cost of Dragons in your hand by (1).

Paladin seems to be king once again: its Shrine is completely busted, to the point that in the mirror match the game "bugs" out with both players killing each other. Other than that, Warlock is really good this week and the other classes are all pretty decent. The weakest one by far is Hunter with its deck being slow.

Good luck!

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I enjoyed this round 2 as I did with the round 1. Last week Paladin was indeed very strong though I got more victory with Mage this time!

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This has been one of the more fun brawls. I’ve played most of the classes this week and have managed to eek out (some sometimes quite surprising) wins with most of them. Had a great game playing the Warrior where the “revive 2 of your minions that died” card gave me a second shrine—ended up being able to play a bunch of big dragons for zero or one mana cost ?

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the Paladin loa, whilst strong, was nowhere near as dominant this time around - with only 2 health, it was simply a case of keeping it locked in cooldown then dominating the board with minions whilst using your own loa. I found Druid was particularly effective this time around.

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