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Patch 8.1.5 Build 29484: Highlights

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It appears Patch 8.1.5 testing nears completion and in the latest 8.1.5 build there are only minor spell changes, string updates, and no Class changes.

While Blizzard's still testing Crucible of Storms over the weekend, the last 8.1.5 builds have brought only small tweaks to the game and it seems the patch is good to hit live servers soon. The final Dazar'alor Raid Finder Wing opens next week and Crucible of Storms won't open for a while, so testing can commence on 8.1.5 PTR even after the patch goes live.

Check out our Patch 8.1.5 hub for more information about the patch.

Global Strings

  • BLIZZARD_STORE_VAS_ERROR_AUTHENTICATOR_INSUFFICIENT,- You must attach an authenticator and then log in to your Guild Master character at least 7 days prior to purchasing a guild service.|n|nRead our |HurlIndex:47|h|cff006995Cannot Start a Guild Service|r|h article for more information.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_VAS_ERROR_GM_SENORITY_INSUFFICIENT,- Your character must be the Guild Master for at least 7 days before purchasing this service.|nRead our|HurlIndex:47|h|cff006995Cannot Start a Guild Service|r|h article for more information.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_VAS_ERROR_OPERATION_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS,- Your recent guild service transaction is still processing.|n|nCheck your |HurlIndex:48|h|cff006995Transaction History|r|h.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_VAS_ERROR_LOCKED_FOR_VAS,- You must wait 30 days after purchasing a character or guild service on this character before you can purchase a new guild service.|nRead our|HurlIndex:47|h|cff006995Cannot Start a Guild Service|r|h article for more information.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_VAS_ERROR_MOVE_IN_PROGRESS,- Your recent guild service purchase is still processing.|n|nCheck your |HurlIndex:48|h|cff006995Transaction History|r|
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_399,You must be at a Shrine to make an offering to a Loa.
  • VISITABLE_URL47,https://nydus.battle.net/WoW/%s/client/support/gvas-cannot-start?targetRegion=%s
  • VISITABLE_URL48,https://nydus.battle.net/WoW/%s/client/transactions?targetRegion=%s

Mail Templates



Your persistence within the arenas and battlegrounds of Azeroth has not escaped notice. Your name is revered within the canyons of Orgrimmar and feared by our enemies on every continent.

Come see me in Orgrimmar in front of the Hall of Legends. On behalf of the Horde, I would like to present you with a mount befitting your champion status.

  - Deathguard Netharian"


Your persistence within the arenas and battlegrounds of Azeroth has not escaped notice. Your exploits are the talk of Stormwind, and the fear your name provokes amongst the Horde is legendary.

Come see me in Stormwind in front of the Champion's Hall. On behalf of the Alliance, I would like to present you with a mount befitting your champion status.

   - Necrolord Sipe"


Your persistence within the arenas and battlegrounds of Azeroth has not escaped notice. Your name is revered by your allies and feared by your enemies on every continent.

Come see me in in the capital. I would like to present you with a mount befitting your status.

  - Combatant Mount Quartermaster"


  • Vicious War Clefthoof,|cFFFFD200PvP:|r Battle for Azeroth: Season 1|nRated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward,"The Mag'har bred clefthooves not only as sturdy pack animals, but also powerful instruments of war."
  • Vicious War Riverbeast,|cFFFFD200PvP:|r Battle for Azeroth: Season 1|nRated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward,"Riverbeasts are actually one of the most dangerous animals on Azeroth, despite their appearance."
  • Vicious Black Warsaber,|cFFFFD200PvP:|r Battle for Azeroth: Season 2|nRated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward,The only thing these big cats bring home as gifts are the severed limbs of your enemies.
  • Vicious Black Bonesteed,|cFFFFD200PvP:|r Battle for Azeroth: Season 2|nRated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward,"These skeletal steeds know no fear, eat no grains, and can travel impossible distances."

Spell Tuning

Mostly affects Crucible of Storms items and their spell effects.

  • Drowning Tide Drowning Tide - While above 75% 90% health, your attacks have a chance to send a wave crashing down on your target dealing 196 Frost damage. While below 75% 90% health, your attacks have a chance to restore 296 health.
  • Ephemeral Vigor Ephemeral Vigor - Your abilities have a low chance to grant you a shield, absorbing 7,757 4,789 damage for 1.5 min 60 sec. While this shield persists, gain 162 Haste. Approximately 1 proc 2 procs per minute.
  • Phantom Pain Phantom Pain - Falling below 25% health instantly restores 3,455 health. You then take 3,455 Shadow damage over 10 sec. This effect can only occur once every three minutes 3 min.
  • Spiteful Binding Spiteful Binding - While above 90% health, your attacks have a chance to deal an additional 143 Shadow damage to you and your target.
  • Umbral Shell Umbral Shell - Enshroud a friendly target in darkness for 12 sec, absorbing the next 5,578 6,097 damage or healing taken.
  • Unbound Anguish Unbound Anguish - If your target has a lower health percentage than you, your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to sacrifice 103 of your health to deal an additional 206 Shadow damage.
  • Undying Pact Undying Pact - Tether yourself to up to 5 allies within 15 yards. After 5.9 6 sec, you are healed for 20% 25% of the health restored to tethered allies, up to 3,455 total healing.

Worldsafe Locs

  • Arathi Basin (New) - Graveyard, A-Base (Trollbane Hall)
  • Arathi Basin (New) - Graveyard, A-Mid (Stables)
  • Arathi Basin (New) - Graveyard, ALT-N (Gold Mine)
  • Arathi Basin (New) - Graveyard, ALT-S (Lumber Mill)
  • Arathi Basin (New) - Graveyard, H-Base (Defiler's Den)
  • Arathi Basin (New) - Graveyard, H-Mid (Farm)
  • Arathi Basin (New) - Graveyard, Mid (Blacksmith)
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Considering how much we've been strung along so far, I'm gonna call this a *Soon TM* from Blizzard, and just look forward to getting back to things in like, 3-7 weeks, when this patch finally gets a release date.

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      After some community outcry over the new changes coming to keystone next week, Blizzard have detailed a new addition to patch 9.0.5, aimed at improving the weekly Mythic+ keystone generated. Players will be getting their first weekly keystone at the same level of the highest completed key from the previous week! Check out the full and detailed explanation:
      Weekly Mythic Keystones (source)
      One of our goals in 9.0.5 has been to address a situation we introduced in Shadowlands with Mythic Keystones never de-leveling. We received a great deal of feedback on our planned adjustment, which is currently outlined in the 9.0.5 patch notes. With this proposed change, we would reintroduce an awkward dynamic where it wouldn’t be possible to sustain running a single Mythic Keystone dungeon per week, even if you always cleared the dungeon in time, because decay would necessitate re-leveling your keys every other week.
      When we created the original logic for Mythic Keystones in 2016, we wanted to make sure that players were getting Keystones that appropriately suited their proficiency in Mythic Keystone dungeons, and we wanted to reinforce the importance of clean and well-executed dungeon runs. Having Keystones decay from one week to the next accomplished both of those goals. However, in Shadowlands, we introduced the Great Vault and more Season-driven tracking of performance in Mythic Keystone dungeons, and we unintentionally disabled the logic for de-leveling Keystones, but the reasons for the original design still apply.
      We feel that the game should compensate players who consistently succeed at a certain difficulty by giving them keys that start at that level the following week, so we’re working on an update to 9.0.5 that should alleviate that concern while still satisfying the goals of the original system:
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      Thank you for your feedback and understanding.
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      Luckily we do have some fairly official information on the matter, as Blizzard did mention this in a group interview with Chinese sites, where Ion Hazzikostas, Ely Cannon and Frank Kowalkowski answered many questions, this one being particularly relevant:
      While we don't have an explicit blue post stating this, and it wasn't mentioned in any of the many other interviews, it does make a lot of sense. However, we can't take this as an absolute 100% confirmation and will have to wait a few more days until the actual patch arrives. But for now it's safe to at least assume alts will be able to upgrade their (newly dropped) Mythic+ gear without having to re-do the long process of getting the Season 1 KSM achievement.
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      Blizzard / NetEase are reverting Hall of Fame / Cutting Edge Sire Denathrius kills and banning players that participated in real money boosting in the Chinese region.
      Yesterday, we reported about the Hall of Fame being tainted by boosts in the Chinese region. You can read the full article here.
      What happened is that the Alliance Mythic Hall of Fame has filled mostly thanks to real money trading, which is against the ToS, and so NetEase, who is in charge of WoW in the Chinese region, have sent quizzes about the Sire Denathrius fight to suspicious accounts, according to nemof.
      Here are some of the questions that they asked about the encounter:
      What causes the boss to phase? What is the number of cabalists in Phase 2? If there is a Blood Prince in Phase 3, and if so, how many? Placeholder for tweet 1367784617671991298 Placeholder for tweet 1367788267429457922 Apparently, some boosters have already been suspended.
      Placeholder for tweet 1367785164948926466 Source: Reddit + Twitter
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      Blizzard just confirmed that cross-realm Mythic Castle Nathria will open with next week's weekly raid reset.
      Earlier this week, the Castle Nathria Hall of Fame filled to completion.
      With the next weekly raid reset (Tuesday morning, March 9 in this region), cross-realm Mythic Castle Nathria will become available.
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      In the official 9.0.5 patch notes Blizzard added a fairly major change to how the level of the first weekly Mythic+ keystone everyone receives is calculated, reverting the new Shadowlands method to the old Battle for Azeroth one. The change itself seems more detrimental to players than not, as you will now have to keep up with your M+ key levels every week if you want to run higher ones directly:
      Mythic+ Keystones (source)
      Mythic Keystone Dungeons The formula for determining the level of the first Mythic Keystone players receive each week has been adjusted. Previously, players would always receive a Keystone 1 level below the highest they'd completed so far in Season 1. After this change, Keystone level will continue to decrease by 1 per week until players again complete a higher level Keystone. For example, a player who completes a level 15 Keystone will receive a level 14 Keystone the following week. If they do not complete a 15 or higher Keystone that week, they will receive a level 13 Keystone the week after. One interpretation could see it as a benefit for those that got sort of stuck on a high key every week when they completed a very high one, as they will now have control over their levels in the long run. Another theory is that this change was, at least in part, made to combat the rampant boosting, as a player could just get a boost once in the season and have access to a high key for the rest of it.
      Regardless of what the reason behind the change is, the community reaction to the news wasn't all that great, with posts popping up immediately after the patch notes were announced. And while the Valor Point system has been greeted fairly warmly (aside from that whole "regrind all the items you already have thing), this 9.0.5 change is being torn apart fairly unanimously.
      Even the more level-headed players and those that don't actually care about it aren't quite fans of the system:
      On the other hand a fair number of players didn't even notice the system had changed since BfA, so perhaps it's not as dramatic as it's being made out to be. Whatever the reason for this change, whether it's to combat boosting, to get more players playing additional M+ keys, or just to add more challenge/work in, as Keystone Master and its new lower level achievement siblings are now worth a lot more, due to the Valor Point system item level being based on them, we'll see how it plays out and whether Blizzard re-revert it in the future.
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