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Crucible of Storms Item Compendium

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Crucible of Storms is a new raid that will open in Patch 8.1.5 and while you won't find a single piece of Azerite Armor drop here, all items from the loot tables have interesting Old God themed effects that you can check out in our preview!

NoteCrucible of Storms won't open when Patch 8.1.5 goes live, so all item effects below are subject to tuning. We highlighted all recent changes as of Build 29484. More information about the raid can be found in our Patch 8.1.5 content hub

The Restless Cabal

Item Slot Effect Description
Abyssal Speaker's Gauntlets Abyssal Speaker's Gauntlets Hands (Mail) Ephemeral Vigor Ephemeral Vigor Your abilities have a low chance to grant you a shield, absorbing 7,757 4,789 damage for 1.5 min 60 sec. While this shield persists, gain 162 Haste. Approximately 1 proc 2 procs per minute.
Belt of the Undying Pact Belt of the Undying Pact Belt (Leather) Undying Pact Undying Pact Tether yourself to up to 5 allies within 15 yards. After 5.9 6 sec, you are healed for 20% 25% of the health restored to tethered allies, up to 3,455 total healing.
Fathom Dredgers Fathom Dredgers Hands (Cloth) Dredged Vitality Dredged Vitality Absorb 88 damage for 15 sec per 1,000 mana spent, up to 8,800 total absorption.
Fa'thuul's Floodguards Fa'thuul's Floodguards Legs (Mail) Drowning Tide Drowning Tide While above 75% 90% health, your attacks have a chance to send a wave crashing down on your target dealing 196 Frost damage. While below 75% 90% health, your attacks have a chance to restore 296 health.
Leggings of the Aberrant Tidesage Leggings of the Aberrant Tidesage Legs (Leather) Storm Nimbus Storm Nimbus Your abilities have a chance to conjure a storm for 10 sec that heals you for 666 every 2 seconds. Overhealing due to the storm bolts a nearby enemy for Nature damage equal to the overflow.
Mindthief's Eldritch Clasp Mindthief's Eldritch Clasp Waist (Plate) Phantom Pain Phantom Pain Falling below 25% health instantly restores 3,455 health. You then take 3,455 Shadow damage over 10 sec. This effect can only occur once every three minutes 3 min.
Pillar of the Drowned Cabal Pillar of the Drowned Cabal Staff Oceanic Ward Oceanic Ward Place an oceanic ward on your target for 60 sec. Taking 28,461 damage in a single blow will consume the ward, healing the target for 28,461.
Stormglide Sabatons Stormglide Sabatons Feet (Plate) Untouchable Untouchable Your auto attacks have a chance to grant Untouchable for 15 sec, stacking up to 15 times. Untouchable grants 10 Critical Strike. Taking any damage removes all stacks of Untouchable.
Zaxasj's Deepstriders Zaxasj's Deepstriders Feet (Cloth) Deepstrider Deepstrider Your Speed is increased by 200 for every 20% health you are missing, up to 600 Speed.

Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void

Item Slot Effect Description
Grips of Forsaken Sanity Grips of Forsaken Sanity Hands (Leather) Spiteful Binding Spiteful Binding While above 90% health, your attacks have a chance to deal an additional 143 Shadow damage to you and your target.
Harbinger's Inscrutable Will Harbinger's Inscrutable Will Trinket Oblivion Spear Oblivion Spear Your damaging abilities have a chance to launch an oblivion spear at your target, inflicting 6,610 Shadow damage. On impact, the spear will detonate towards you. You will suffer 3,305 Shadow damage if struck.
Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption Trinket Indiscriminate Consumption Indiscriminate Consumption Feed on five nearby allies or enemies, devouring up to 6,192 health from each. You are healed for 300% of damage dealt.
Insurgent's Scouring Waistwrap Insurgent's Scouring Waistwrap Waist (Mail) Scouring Wake Scouring Wake Slaying an aberration inspires 5 nearby allies, granting 58 Critical Strike for 30 sec.
Legplates of Unbound Anguish Legplates of Unbound Anguish Legs (Plate) Unbound Anguish Unbound Anguish f your target has a lower health percentage than you, your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to sacrifice 103 of your health to deal an additional 206 Shadow damage.
Lurker's Insidious Gift Lurker's Insidious Gift Trinket N'zoth's Gift N'zoth's Gift Embrace N'Zoth's gift, increasing your Mastery by 805 for 30 sec. Every 1 sec gain Suffering, inflicting 525 Shadow damage per application. Reactivate to relinquish N'Zoth's gift, removing both effects. (2 Min Cooldown)
Malformed Herald's Legwraps Malformed Herald's Legwraps Legs (Cloth) Void Embrace Void Embrace Open a fissure to the void beneath you for 15 sec, increasing your Haste by 874. You will suffer 20,000 Shadow damage if you leave the fissure.
Trident of Deep Oceans Trident of Deep Oceans Polearm Custody of the Deep Custody of the Deep Taking damage has a chance to form a protective bubble around you for 15 sec that absorbs 25% of incoming damage, up to 25,149. When the bubble bursts, increase your primary stat by 119 for 30 sec, stacking up to 3 times.
Void Stone Void Stone Trinket Umbral Shell Umbral Shell Enshroud a friendly target in darkness for 12 sec, absorbing the next 5,578 6,097 damage or healing taken.
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Is the item level of these items a placeholder? 350 seems a bit low, even with the special effects.

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On 2/25/2019 at 12:49 AM, Zadina said:

Is the item level of these items a placeholder? 350 seems a bit low, even with the special effects.

It's a PH. Crucible loot is 375-425 (increasing by 15 ilvls per difficulty).

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