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I was browsing through the site and see alot of different areas to pick up ideas and good information but unless I've missed it I didn't notice a guide for ADDONS


It might be handy of people where to post / comment or discuss some of the more popular addons.  How they work (or don't work) what they do or are good for.

What works here or there, Other similar choice possibilities etc.


There are 100's of addons on but going by the numbers in the Curse client list for popularity there are a small number that are really popular.


Write ups on stuff like that might be of interest to people.

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There is a section for each class's guide that contains addons that might be of interest for that class.

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I'm pretty sure there was an addon thread and a bit of discussion around UI's.


It would be hard to write a "guide" as such.  Perhaps for some classes there are some addons that can greatly benefit your gameplay but the majority of these are probably discussed in the class threads (I think?).

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No no, like I said there was an old thread (I may have even started it) that discussed addons etc, but it didn't really get used much etc.


Same goes with UI's.  Although I agree that it would be nice to "show off" any new addons etc or recommend ones to other players - it's not anything that can be compiled in a "guide" as such.


It would be more of a suggestions page than I full blown guide if that makes sense :)

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