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    • By Gubstep
      This is an introduction to weak auras for beginners. While the addon has definitely improved, I still find a lot of my casual friends becoming daunted of the addon. So I made this video to help them and others. Please let me know if you have any feedback. :)
    • By Friedbones
      I've been playing with the ElvUI and recently started working on my Enhancement Shaman.  But I noticed that when I am in combat, practically every skill/talent I use shows up above my character bar in a series of bars, with listing each skill or talent I use.  I cannot figure out how to remove those as they tend to clutter everything up and I already know what I am using, so its unnecessary for it to be repeated in bars above my character.
      How do I remove those?  I've been trying to figure it out but the set for ElvUI is a bit confusing for me and I have tried a few things which I ended up reverting because I mucked up things.
      So have need of some assistance please.  I shall endeavor to go repeat this phenomenon and take a screen shot so you can see what I am referring to, and attach it when I get it.
      Edit:  Here is a screen shot showing what I am talking about.  Please note items inside yellow square on left bottom of shot.

    • By Valkyr
      So I've been playing HS for around nine months but was never aware of the possibility of addons and plugins. I habitually use online tools to make arena decks but recently I was watching a few matches on twitch and realized people could see their entire decks, what they have used and not used while they play. Blizzard, i believe doesn't consider anything that can be done with a paper and pencil (and I guess a calculator) when done by an app to cheating.
      So my question is what addons and plugins does everyone here use and which ones should I start off with. I've heard of Hearthstone Deck Tracker and Hearthstone Tracker (are they different?) but wondering what gaps are there in my information and what I should be using.
    • By Sylvarna
      Hey fellow druids!
      I've recently switched from healing to Boomkin and started off in BRF.
      I'm pretty bad at tracking trinkets, weapons and general procs and I was wondering if anyone out there had:
      a) Weakauras strings that would allow me to track trinket procs and starfall uptime (I'm not too used to looking at my buffs so something big and in the centre would be ace)
      b) general tips for being a boomkin
      I think I have the prio system down but any tips would be greatly appreciated 
      Many thanks,
    • By Brutalpriest
      Hey all.  As you know, when dotweaving you should replace mind spikes with SW:Pain on off-targets on fights with more than one enemy.  I'm looking for an addon that can order my enemies' bars somehow, or be Grid (the addon) but for enemies.  
      Any of you guys know of an addon that will accomplish this sort of thing?  Tab targeting is a real hastle, and trying to click the enemy I want almost always  results in delays, throwing off my dotweave completely. 
      Thanks guys!
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