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Leak: Rise of Shadows Is The Name of The New Hearthstone Expansion

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The title of the upcoming expansion was leaked by IGN and its name is Rise of Shadows!

The discovery of the leak was made by Reddit user trauthor who found a cached video page by IGN. The video thumbnail depicts the Fortune Teller, King Togwaggle, Hagatha and Dr. Boom (here is a better quality of the image) and the title of the page is "Hearthstone: See New Rise of Shadows Cards in Action".


The leak was confirmed by u/ToxicAdamm, who unearthed an Amazon Coins promo on a French website.


The Rise of Shadows probably hints towards the villains of the Hearthstone universe returning to the spotlight in this Hearthstone expansion. Their plan will have to do something with Dalaran, as in another leak earlier we saw an image of Arch-Thief Rafaam holding a card depicting the City of Mages. It seems likely that the Dalaran part may be restricted to the upcoming single-player content.

At this rate, the expansion will probably be officially announced later today.

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