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Cone of Cold

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If you can get close to the adds during p1, as frost make sure you have the 20% + pet nova. Now laugh as you jump on the meter.

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Firstly, with 2pc bonus you get a 220% damage boost overall on Cone of Cold.

As Lynx said if you can stay in melee range during p1 (I haven't tried it before, so it might result in baaadd Desecrated weapons), you can use CoC on CD ton the adds and climb the meters.


Secondly, during annihalate phases: it's useful on adds in 2 out of 3 zones. and you can use CoC on Garrosh if you have to move and by bad luck you don't have ana FoF or Bf procs.

Other than that... I can't really imagine any other third glyphs to be useful.. Maybe Rapid Displacement... :D

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Last I calculated, all it takes is 2 targets for CoC to be worth the GCD with the glyph + 2pc frozen thoughts.


So it's more useful than people are willing to admit.


Combine it with shatter and it's just ridiculously good.

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I would like to know if i should use coc when not glyphed ?


I'm typically on engineers duty so I glyphed Rapid displacement to be able to get to it asap (we put the desecrated weapons at the bottom of the throne). Other glyphs I used are Ice lance split and icy veins. So, I don't have coc...


Like I said, i can't be in melee range in p1, so my question is only for transition phase. should I use unglyphed coc on cd or only AE for the 2 realms with aoe?


I guess you never use it outside this phase?

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Don't be on engineer duty.


Mages are -the- worst class for this. Yell at your raid leader. I really, really mean it, you lose about 1/3 of your DPS for the overall fight just by being on engineers in phase 1. If your raid leader disagrees, have him contact me and I'll explain why a mage on engineers is the worst raid leadership decision in all of WoW. Even worse than a moonkin on strider duty pre-nerf Vashj.


And I use glyphed CoC on almost every fight. It does more damage than ice lance w/o FoF and is great while moving.

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what's the 'best' class for engineer in a 10man raid with Spriest / Lock / Mage as caster then ?


On the other hand, i don't really care for rankings since i don't play a hardcore guild anymore and I don't have the gear to rank. so yeah my dps in P1 is freaking low, but who cares? I mean, the dps in P1 does not make the kill, it just make you close to the kill faster wink.png

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Hunter is best. Followed by warlock, then elemental shaman, then moonkin.


Shadow priests and mages are the worst. Fire mages are better than frost, and arcane is like trying to sink a battleship in Panama with a torpedo you have in Alaska.

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