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This build is fairly interesting, and relies on two commonly overlooked aspects of the Necromancer's kit. The first being Maltorius' Petrified SpikeMaltorius' Petrified Spike, a legendary item that boosts your bone spear by 700%, and Bone SpearBone SpearTeethTeeth, a skill that sprays half the map in death and shoddy dentistry. The Spike itself has fairly terrible stats, but it's unique ability and enough intelligence make up for this aspect.


Gameplay and Strategy

This is a very easy build to execute and yields extraordinarily high results. It's more of a medium range build, with plenty of variance as it only relies on a small combo. The rest of the build is mostly just to optimize the amount that you can use Bone SpearBone SpearTeethTeeth and making sure you survive well, with a fair bit of boss killers, such as Command SkeletonsCommand SkeletonsFrenzyFrenzy and Corpse LanceCorpse LanceBrittle TouchBrittle Touch. You can alter the range and play style with substitutions, and overall this is a very solid and general build for beginners and experienced players alike. 


Your main combo rotation is going to be using  SimulacrumSimulacrumReservoirReservoir and spamming Bone SpearBone SpearTeethTeeth. Then follow up with Corpse LanceCorpse LanceBrittle TouchBrittle Touch to finish off any remaining units. Corpse lance does not consume any essence to cast, and is very resource efficient while still dishing out significant damage. You may ask, why pick these runes. Well, Reservoir provides more resource, Brittle Touch helps with higher health bosses, and Teeth is actually a bit complicated. Now this may be a bug, but it certainly seems like the splinters from Bone SpearBone SpearTeethTeeth do too much damage, especially when combined with Maltorius' Petrified SpikeMaltorius' Petrified Spike. Because of this damage, you can easily clear massive waves and bosses alike. 

Your other core skill is going to be Blood RushBlood Rush. Every class ought to have a mobility skill in order to more efficiently clear floors and to speed up your farming. I prefer to use MoltingMolting to start a Corpse LanceCorpse Lance chain in adventure runs, but the rune you choose is mostly up to preference. PotencyPotency is also a powerful rune, especially if you choose the close range variant of this build


Other skills include your essence regain, either Grim ScytheGrim ScytheDual ScythesDual Scythes or Siphon BloodSiphon BloodPower ShiftPower Shift.  I like Dual ScythesDual Scythes simply because its a larger area (and therefor more essence), pulls enemies in front of you, and efficiently lines up the highest damage Bone SpearBone SpearTeethTeeth. An alternative to Dual Scythes is Grim ScytheGrim ScytheExecutionExecution or Grim ScytheGrim ScytheCursed ScytheCursed ScytheSiphon BloodSiphon BloodPower ShiftPower Shift is an excellent choice for melting bosses when low on essence. Other options include Siphon BloodSiphon BloodSuppressSuppress, Siphon BloodSiphon BloodBlood SuckerBlood Sucker, or Bone SpikesBone SpikesBlood SpikesBlood Spikes. Your choice of basic attack will determine your range for this build. Keep in mind that TeethTeeth does more damage close up (like a shotgun) but due to Maltorius' Petrified SpikeMaltorius' Petrified Spike you can still use it at a range to great effect. For your non-combo damage ability, you want to choose based on your range. If you choose Siphon BloodSiphon Blood, pick Command SkeletonsCommand Skeletons with either FrenzyFrenzy or Kill CommandKill Command. If you choose Grim ScytheGrim Scythe, go with either Bone ArmorBone ArmorDislocationDislocation or Death NovaDeath NovaBlightBlight. Death nova does significant AOE damage, while Bone Armor is primarily a defensive skill, especially useful to preserve your Blood RushBlood Rush cooldown. I personally prefer FrenzyFrenzy for ranged and Bone ArmorBone ArmorDislocationDislocation for a closer range build. 



Your passives will once again depend on your variant of the build. You will want Overwhelming EssenceOverwhelming Essence and Blood is PowerBlood is Power regardless, but the other two slots will vary.  Overwhelming EssenceOverwhelming Essence and Blood is PowerBlood is Power are both integral skills to any ability and cooldown-based build. You want to minimize your cooldowns, and despite the intimidating requirement of Blood is PowerBlood is Power, it triggers rather often. It counts premitigation damage, meaning damage before your armor and resistances. In any high level battle, you will proc this passive often. Overwhelming EssenceOverwhelming Essence is rather straightforward, as it simply increases your resource. 


For the close range variant, I would recommend Stand AloneStand Alone and Draw LifeDraw Life. Together, these passives will make you significantly more bulky and make up for a lack of sustain within your skills. An alternative to Draw LifeDraw Life is taking Life from DeathLife from Death and DevourDevourSatiatedSatiated over Corpse LanceCorpse LanceBrittle TouchBrittle Touch. This will somewhat lower your damage to bosses, but provide for more spam and sustain overall. 

For the range variant, I would Aberrant AnimatorAberrant Animator and Final ServiceFinal Service. These both combine nicely with your Command SkeletonsCommand Skeletons, while Final ServiceFinal Service helps to improve your general lack of tankiness. Aberrant AnimatorAberrant Animator gives your skeletons double your Thorns damage, while Final Service is your cheat death mechanic. 

Skill list

A- Grim ScytheGrim ScytheDual ScythesDual Scythes/Siphon BloodSiphon BloodPower ShiftPower Shift

B- Bone SpearBone SpearTeethTeeth

X-  Command SkeletonsCommand SkeletonsFrenzyFrenzyCommand SkeletonsCommand SkeletonsKill CommandKill Command/Bone ArmorBone ArmorDislocationDislocation/Death NovaDeath NovaBlightBlight

Y-  Corpse LanceCorpse LanceBrittle TouchBrittle Touch


ZR-Blood RushBlood RushMoltingMolting/Blood RushBlood RushPotencyPotency




Now, into the parts that honestly don't matter nearly as much. Most of the build is in your hands, now this is just the nitpicky optimizations that I will honestly spend far too much/little time on. For the next sections I will be discussing gear, gems, Kanai's Cube, and paragon points. 

For Gear I recommend going for a Legacy of Dreams build. This is rather standard, gives you an insane damage boost, and overall is versatile and workable. Make sure that you haveMaltorius' Petrified SpikeMaltorius' Petrified Spike. Another recommendation is your helm. Leoric's CrownLeoric's Crown is ideal for general battling, but Broken CrownBroken Crown is my preference for base gem farming, for hopefully obvious reasons. Honestly, just use common sense. LoD builds are incredibly player dependent, and you can build them just about however you want. Just prioritize whatever will feed into the general gameplan of spamming SimulacrumSimulacrumReservoirReservoir and Bone SpearBone SpearTeethTeeth

For Kanai's Cube, you want to slot in Reilena's ShadowhookReilena's Shadowhook as your weapon, Krysbin's SentenceKrysbin's Sentence for jewlery, and the worse of either Reaper's WrapsReaper's Wraps or Nemesis BracersNemesis Bracers. Shadowhook scales your damage based on your maximum essence, and with Overwhelming EssenceOverwhelming Essence and SimulacrumSimulacrumReservoirReservoir you're pretty well maxed out on your essence. 

For Paragon Points you want to basically use common sense. This build is an ability spam build with limited sustain. Play to that. For example, you want to invest heavily into Essence, Cost Reduction, and Cooldown reduction. As far as defense, I recommend investing in armor so that Blood is Power is easier to proc. 

For  Gems you should put Bane of the TrappedBane of the TrappedEnforcerEnforcer, and Legacy of DreamsLegacy of Dreams in your ring slots. Zei's Stone of VengeanceZei's Stone of Vengeance is a solid alternative. For your Helm, slot in Flawless Royal Topaz Flawless Royal Topaz to provide resource cost reduction or Flawless Royal DiamondFlawless Royal Diamond for CDR. Personally, since this is a teeth build you should go Topaz. For your weapon, you should go Flawless Royal TopazFlawless Royal Topaz if going the ranged build, and Flawless Royal EmeraldFlawless Royal Emerald for the close range build. And for your other slots, you should go (you guessed it) Flawless Royal TopazFlawless Royal Topaz. In my honest opinion, Topaz is the best base gem for necromancer. It provides Intelligence, thorns, and resource reduction. Sure, the thorns are only especially ridiculous with Aberrant AnimatorAberrant Animator but once again, topaz is a godsend for Necromancer. 



Changelog: 10/2/19 Fixed some grammar errors, clarified poor usage, and added more details to the build    


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    • By Neptune
      Alright my first build... Here we go!
      Now Necromancers aren't my 'main' classes but i play with them and im pretty good with them. And i come up with a build that is a bit boring, but ultra powerful, so lets begin!
      1. Primary Attack, Primary attack should be bone spikes with the rune: Path of bones or Blood spikes. Why? Blood spikes are for people that lose health really quickly, and the blood spikes allow you to heal over the bleeding enemies you hit. Path of bones on the other hand is for people who have a lot of enemies in your way. Or you can have no rune, which i mildly recommend for people who are already strong just want to be a bit stronger :))
      2. Secondary Attack. Should be Bone spear with the rune: Teeth or Blighted Marrow. Teeth is the one that i recommend for most people to use, why? Teeth fires more bone spears trough enemies, of course it deals not much damage but it damages more enemies. Plus, you can get an achievement for killing 40 enemies with bone spear within 3 seconds. Bligthed Marrow is for people that like to stay behind their minions and just fire their bone spear trough enemies. I call this build the lazy one. 
      3. Corpses. Should be using Corpse Lance with the rune: Ricochet. Why? Ricochet allows you to have an chance to hit one more bonus enemy when you attack the first one. Which is pretty good.
      4. Reanimation. Should be Command Skeletons with the rune: Kill Command,Frenzy and Dark Mending. Kill command is for people who are confident without their minions and want ther minions do yeet themself to enemies and kill them in one shot. Frenzy is the one that i recommend the most, this will allow you to command your skeletons to gain attack speed (which means more damage to the enemy) and it's just really that powerful. And Dark Mending is the last one. Dark mending is for people who lose health pretty quickly and want their minions to heal them.
      5. Curses. Either Frailty or Leech. Frailty is for people who want their minions to deal much bigger damage with the rune: Scent of Blood. Why? Scent of blood will allow your minions to attack 15% increased damage, which is really helpful if you want your minions to do the job and not you. Leech is for people that lose a lot or a bit of health. With the rune Sanguine End. Cause it will allow you to heal 200% for the enemies that die.
      6. Blood and Bone. This should be RIGHT OF THE BACK bone spirit with the rune: Poltergeist. Why? Bone spirit is powerful as heck and you should use it immediately when you get it. The rune Poltergeist will allow you to have 4 bone spirit, which means EVEN MORE DAMAGE THEN BEFORE HAHA.
      7. Passive skills. I recommend: Overwhelming Essence for people that want more Essence and use a lot of Essence now and then. Spreading Malediction is for people that want their curses to deal a lot more damage, well not much but 1% increased damage is at least okay. Serration is also a really good passive skill, Serration is for people that like to stay behind while their minions do their business and you like to stay behind and just shoot bone spikes at them. And finally Aberrant Animator. For people that like to increase the thorns damage for their minions
      And that's it! Took me a lot of time, and some repilies and thanks would be appreciated. And yeah, hope you are good with your necromancer now!
      OH sorry if the text is black! I didn't realize that it would be hard to read on my post, cause when i m editing it looks white so... sorry :((
    • By TheAlexveliky
      I was wandering if it wouldn't be better to replace Convention of Elements ring  for Ring of Royal Grandeur to reduce the set items needed and then your vyr's sightless skull replace with crown of the primus to have all slow time runes active because when you are in archon mode all those runes work on the slow time spell in the mode as well as on the normal spell (which you dont use but that doesen't matter) so it would be possible resistence increasement and dmg increasement while the mode is active (Idk if this would actually work and I'm too lazy to refarm all the items before I'm 100% sure it's worth it so thats the reason why I'm posting this here).
      Have a great day and thx for any response.
    • By Suvivius
      Hey everybody, i've been theory crafting for a while on a LON Condemn Crusader

      The main point of this build is of course focused around condemn but also equipped Justice Lantern and Akarat's Awakening. and passives+spell effects to reach an effective 100% block chance.

      The main point of going with these items is to increase the dmg reduction compared to Unity and additional cooldown reduction from blocks with Akarat's Awakening - downside of the build is the lack of magical resistance - an other alternative was to swap the Coven's Criterion, although that still doesn't increase the survivability from magical damage, but basically makes one immune to any blockable attacks.

      I would like to hear the thoughts you guys have on the build and if you guys have any other suggestions to alternative build paths.

      Helm: Andariel's Visage
      Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Skeleton King
      Gloves: Magefist
      Chest: Cindercoat
      Belt: String of Ears
      Pants: Swamp Land Waders
      Boots: Illusory Boots
      Bracers: Nemesis Bracers
      Amulet: Hellfire Amulet of Strength
      Ring 1: Justice Lantern
      Ring 2: Convention of Elements
      Weapon: Blade of Prophecy
      Offhand: Frydehr's Wrath

      Helm: Flawless Royal Diamond
      Legendary 1: Bane of the Trapped
      Legendary 2: Bane of the Stricken
      Legendary 3: Esoteric Alteration

      Weapon: Akarat's Awakening
      Armor: Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
      Jewelery: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
    • By Necropolis928
      All credit goes to Wrechanoth @ DiabloFans.com: Link <--Direct link to Build
      I have been using this build since the Necromancer was released
      Nowhere near mid-tier build, but fun to play and fairs pretty nicely when completing season journey.  

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