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New Balance Patch for the Dalaran Heist

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A new balance patch for the Dalaran Heist is being rolled out today, including adjustments to starting decks and various bosses.



A new balance patch for the Dalaran Heist is being rolled out today. The update includes changes to several of the starting decks for players - mostly for the better (Piloted Shredder for Dr. Boom's Scheme anyone?) - plus adjustments to the decks, Hero Powers and difficulty tiers for several of the bosses.

The full patch notes, posted by community manager Dylan Bates on the Blizzard forums, are below:

Blizzard LogoDylan Bates

The Dalaran Heist Balance Changes – July 1, 2019

Today we will be applying the following adjustments to the The Dalaran Heist solo adventure:


  • Moved some Normal and Heroic bosses to different difficulty tiers.

Adjusted the contents of the following starting decks:

  • Skulker (Captain Eudora
    ** Removed Stolen Steel and Unidentified Contract
    ** Added Deadly Fork and Eviscerate
  • Dead Man’s Tale (Captain Eudora)
    ** Removed Violet Haze and Southsea Squidface
    ** Added Buccaneer and Violet Illusionist
  • Kobold’s Desire (Captain Eudora)
    ** Removed Daring Escape and Shadowcaster
    ** Added Dark Iron Skulker and Pogo-hopper
  • Boomin’ (Mr. Chu)
    ** Removed Dr. Boom’s Scheme
    ** Added Piloted Shredder
  • Disciplined (Kriziki)
    ** Removed Lightspawn
    ** Added Kabal Talonpriest
  • Shadows (Kriziki)
    ** Removed Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain, and Shadowbomber
    ** Added Crystallizer, Spirit Lash, and Shadow Word: Death
  • Visions (Kriziki)
    ** Removed Lazul’s Scheme
    ** Added Resurrect


  • Decreased the cost of Whirt the All-Knowing’s Prediction Hero Power to (1)
  • Decreased the power of Archmage Vargoth’s deck.


  • Decreased the appearance rate of Haro Setting-Sun.
  • Decreased the power of the following bosses’ decks: Carousel Gryphon, Applebough, Linzi Redgrin, Captain Hannigan, Xur’ios, Disidra Stormglory, Chomper, Anarii Duskgrove, Zuramat, Jepetto Joybuzz, Vas’No, Ranger Ar’ha, Tala Stonerage, and Kara Stamper.
  • Increased the power of the following bosses’ decks: Dalaran Fountain Golem, Lieutenant Sinclari, Flightmaster Belnaara, Nozari, Dagg Cruelmight, Sharky McFin, Queen Wagtoggle, Dazzik “Hellscream”, Draemus, and Madam Goya
  • Increased the cost of Applebough’s Apple Toss Hero Power to (3)
  • Increased the cost of Captain Hannigan’s Raise the Alarm Hero Power to (1)
  • Increased the cost of Chomper’s Chomp Hero Power to (3)
  • Decreased the Attack reduction on Haro Setting-Sun’s Darken Hero Power from -2 to -1
  • Decreased the cost of Whirt the All-Knowing’s Prediction Hero Power to (1).
  • Decreased the cost of Ol’Toomba’s Tales of Fortune Hero Power to (1).


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