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The Big Eurogamer WoW Classic Interview

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Eurogamer took lead software engineer Ryan Birmingham and senior software engineer Omar Gonzalez aside to have a chat about Classic, covering everything from layering, to potential re-World Firsts, the possibility of other "Classic" expansions and a whole lot more! Head on over to Eurogamer to read the full interview, and here's a quick rundown of the highlights and topics talked about:

The highlights:

  • They reiterated the 6 content stages instead of 4, previously announced in March. These are shortened and for the full 6-phase content release schedule, including Darkmoon Faire, Maraudon and a lot more, head on over here.
    • 1: Molten Core and Onyxia
    • 2: Dire Maul and PvP Honor System
    • 3: Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch, Blackwing Lair
    • 4: Arathi Basin, Zul Gurub, Green Dragon World Bosses
    • 5: Ahn'Qiraj
    • 6: Naxxramas
  • No new word on plans for further "Classic" expansions.
  • Layering and how the population thresholds were much, much smaller in the beta, so it seemed that layers would be too limiting/small, but the reason for that is the much smaller beta population.
  • Ragnaros, C'thun etc. in capital cities at the end of beta/stress tests details.
    • The Sons of Ragnaros actually had Thunderfury drops, so that everyone could get one, but they were really hard to kill, so only a few people did.
  • "World Firsts" in Classic, there's an in-office pool as to how long it'll take to down the bosses.
  • The "not a bug" list makes an appearance and gets discussed.
  • There were many Hunter animation issues they needed to resolve.
  • Bug squashing is the name of the game between the end of the beta and Classic launch.
  • Talk about the actual launch of the game and how it's being handled in comparison to modern WoW.
  • Gold farming is brought up with the usual answers of "if it's not automated, it's fine".

Make sure you read the full article, as there's some pretty fascinating tidbits in there among the big pile of information being laid out!

You can also check out out own Classic coverage, including the character creation opening on August 13th, many recommended addons that work with Classic, and, of course, the notorious "Not a bug" list, in addition to our many guides for the upcoming launch.

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10 hours ago, Starym said:

Gold farming is brought up with the usual answers of "if it's not automated, it's fine".

I just hope we can skip having asian bot farmer in this day and age

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      I think it might be helpful to note that what we’re now calling WoW Classic Era realms start at Level 1, and we feel the same as we did two years ago: no Boost would ever be needed (or appropriate) there. When we originally laid out our principles for WoW Classic, the 1-60 experience was the only thing to which we could refer.
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