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Heroes of the Storm Qhira

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Hey guys, I just want to correct ur Qhira's guide: talent 1 Maximum Effort IconMaximum Effort "takes too long to get value from. It is essentially a mute talent most of the time until you successfully hit the same Hero three times." - this talent will take place with each strike - 6sec

Check how her Q works.

"Unleash your sword in the target direction, continuously dealing 30 (+4% per level) damage to enemies caught in its path."

It damages enemy more times than one per strike: if enemy is in mid range of its maximum range it will get those 3hits in single shot - so you get bonus. You dont need to cast Q three times on same target to get this bonus.

You might consider add 2nd build for her. I love her bleed skill tree, but Q build can be good too !


@AA build: In general I consider most of AA builds weaker (situational) than burst dmg via abilities. With Qhira I love the fact that autoattacks are not that much important. Her spells do a lot.


Honestly she is first hero when I have no idea where her dmg comes from.


Also I think Utility Belt IconUtility Belt can give her long range poke, always threating to go full in. D -> E (just circle around) -> D -> W. You die if u dont land ur E, but after D it is easier. Or just to completely skip frontlaners and go straight for enemy backlaners.


I am main support player. I love Qhira because of killing enemies.


Something tells me that we will see her ridiculous combos a lot in WTF Moments on youtube. She has so many options.


I hope I wont never forget the feeling when I successfully used her trait while swinging for the first time 🙂

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Her Q slows nearly every hit with the level 1 talent.

There is a Sweeping talent that does an area stun, which combined with her stun from the R and her slowing Q gives her some CC.

You combine this CC with her hook and sweep mobility and she can maintain attacks herself and set up kills for teammates.

The Bleed focus is great for pure damage but it is not the only way to use her. Once she gets her damage nerfed check out her CC.

Initially you want to use her to push runners back away from towers so you or your team can finish kills.

Later, when you do team fights you can worry more about doing area stuns to set up your R spin/stun then escape.

As for the Finishing R. It's 1 second build up time makes it easy to dodge. The stun on sweep isn't really long enough.

But, you can impact with a sweep to stun, then R finish slightly to the escape route you think they will take.

Both Rs are pretty bad really. I found myself using the Spin R to stun paired enemies most of the time.

The spin needs her to stay within melee range without being stunned, so if she can do that she can just auto attack.

The second requires he to root herself and telegraph the move before it can work.

Start with Hook, letting her catch up to a target to then Q and follow up with E 180 knockback, then auto attacks and W.

It's a pretty easy setup for a kill 1v1. Not sure why they added yet another highly mobile assassin with mid-range abilities at that.

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Do you remember those WTF videos with Mephisto one button ultimates? Qhira can do similar with W.

She is really the best hero in the nexus right now (at least for me). It's just so much fun to play her. I am main healer, and sometimes I just want to screw healing and just kill enemies, Hanzo is fine, but Qhira is amazing.

Tip for beginners: engage only with your E, sometimes its better to just let her swing and use trait to get out. Once you will learn to use her skill shots, then the fun begin when u start engaging with ur trait.

If you are not top dmg and dont have most kills, then you play her badly. (at least in gold/plat/low diamond rank). GM and high masters thinks otherwise, but if you are really everyday normal player. You can level up with her super quickly and easily.


She is actually easy countered too. High risk, high reward 😉 When I face her I always play Uther


See you in the nexus

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