[Archived] Hearthstone Low Budget Shaman Aggro Deck

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This thread is for comments about our Low Budget Shaman Aggro Deck.

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hello first of all congratulation on the decks that the site have and for the good work. I would like to make some questions regading the deck that i have just started playing.


First of all i have 50% win rate. This deck seems to going really good against other aggro decks but not so good against control decks especially if the opponent have a good starting hand that makes it difficult to rush him. There are a lot of times where the opponent takes out my creatures on the first turns and then is difficult to establish board control because this deck has a few creatures and many spells. This is nt so much of a problem against rush decks because you have plenty of spells to take out the early opponent aggresion but against control decks it can be a problem because then the opponent can destroy you in later phases of the game.


I currently have all the cards of the deck expept the Argent Commanders which i have  replaced with two Boulderfist Ogres  i am also thinking of maybe putting two Reckless Rocketeers in that place since this deck is aggro or maybe one more Fire Elemental and an other Bloodlust. Which one do you think is the best option?


Also i have noticed that good finishing combos can be made with Windfury if it is combined with charge cards or with Rockbiter Weapon do you think that there is place for such a card in the deck if we take out one of th many spells that the deck have like for example one Hex and a Forked Lightning.





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This deck sucks really bad. Basic shaman deck is way way better.

I agree, which is surprising. Basic worked so well so I invested all the arcane dust without hesitation; only got regret now.

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