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An Introduction to Professions in WoW Classic

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In this article, we give a rundown of all professions in Classic WoW and help you pick the best one depending on your class and/or preferences.

Check out our WoW Classic Hub for the latest news!

We discern between two types of professions in Classic WoW -- primary and secondary. You can have as many secondary professions as you wish, but you will be restricted to two primary professions. Furthermore, professions can be divided into three types:

Gathering Professions

These professions revolve around supporting production professions by providing the materials required to create goods.

  • Herbalism (Primary profession)
    • Supports: Alchemy
  • Fishing (Secondary profession)
    • Supports: Cooking, Alchemy
  • Mining (Primary profession)
  • Skinning (Primary profession)
    • Supports: Leatherworking

Production Professions

Trade goods created through these professions can be sold or used by the creator. Some crafted goods are soulbound and thus only usable by the person who made them.

  • Alchemy (Primary profession)
    • Supported by: Herbalism, Fishing
    • Suggested for: All Classes
    • Excellent for those who need an extra boost of health or mana during battle.
  • Blacksmithing (Primary profession)
    • Supported by: Mining
    • Suggested for: Paladins, Warriors
    • Subclasses: Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing (Axesmithing, Hammersmithing, or Swordsmithing)
    • Forge your own powerful weapons and armor to wear or sell.
  • Cooking (Secondary profession)
    • Supported by: Fishing, Killing NPCs
    • Suggested for: All Classes
  • Engineering (Primary profession)
    • Supported by: Mining
    • Suggested for: All Classes
    • Subclasses: Gnomish, Goblin Engineering
    • Engineers are able to create the most powerful trade items in the game.
  • Leatherworking (Primary profession)
    • Supported by: Skinning
    • Suggested for: Druids, Hunters, Rogues, Shaman
    • Subclasses: Dragonscale, Elemental, Tribal Leatherworking
    • You can create your own armor and patches to increase the armor on some of your existing gear.
  • Tailoring (Primary profession)
    • Supported by: Killing NPCs
    • Suggested for: Cloth Wearers (Mages, Priests, Warlocks)
    • Sew your own armor to wear or sell. You can earn gold by selling shirts and bags.

Service Professions

Service professions produce no goods, but they are super valuable to learn because they will aid you in your adventures.

  • Enchanting (Primary profession)
    • Supported by: Disenchanting Items
    • Suggested for: All Classes
    • You can disenchant existing items and use the materials to enhance your armor and weapons.
  • First Aid (Secondary profession)
    • Supported by: Killing Humanoids
    • Suggested for: All Classes
    • Allows you to create bandages and heal yourself after battle to minimize downtime.

Profession Ranks

You can level up your profession up to 300 in WoW Classic. The most efficient way is to craft items that increase your skill points and require the least amount of crafting materials, which you can farm by yourself or buy directly from the Auction House.

Rank Maximum Skill Level
Apprentice 75
Journeyman 150
Expert 225
Artisan 300

How to Choose the Right Profession?

Each class has a set of recommended professions, but at the end of the day, the choice is completely in your hands. You can pick Tailoring as a Warrior and even Blacksmithing as a Mage.

Keep in mind that:

  • Gathering Professions (Herbalism, Fishing, Mining, and Skinning) aren't reliant on other professions, and the gains are purely monetary.
  • Production & Service Professions (except Enchanting and Tailoring) heavily rely on gathering professions.
  • If you want to be self-sufficient, it is best to pick one gathering profession and a production/service profession that best benefits your class.
    • Cloth wearers should pick Tailoring, so that they can make the most out of created gear, including armor and bags.
    • Leather/Mail wearers should go with Skinning + Leatherworking.
    • The ideal combination for Plate wearers is Blacksmithing + Mining.
  • If you want to supply your guild with flasks and potions, pick Alchemy + Herbalism.
  • If you'd like to spice up your combat with various bombs and gimmicks, you should go with Engineering + Mining.

Finally, here is a short rundown of each profession:

All Classic WoW Professions Summarized


  • Make potions and elixirs with various attributes. Transmutation of metals and elements is also available to those that reach higher levels of Alchemy.

You will be creating potions and flasks to use or sell them on the Auction House. This profession is really lucrative, especially when paired with Herbalism, and provides a steady influx of gold.


  • Makes mail and plate armor, as well as metal weapons of all types. At higher levels of skill, Blacksmiths can choose to specialize in either Weaponsmithing or Armorsmithing. Weaponsmiths are able to further specialize in Axesmithing, Hammersmithing, or Swordsmithing.

Blacksmiths can create mail and plate armor, which is why they're good for Hunters, Paladins, Shamans, and Warriors. If selling gear is your cup of coffee, pair Blacksmithing with Mining.


  • Gather meats and parts of slain beasts and turn them into food that restores health. At higher levels certain food will provide stat bonuses for a limited time.

Cooking is a no-brainer. Food is so expensive in Classic and you want to save gold for spells. You will be killing various creatures in the open world for quests anyway, so there isn't any extra farming required if you pick cooking as soon as you start questing. At higher levels, the food increases your stat for a short amount of time.


  • Disenchant uncommon or rarer items to obtain resources. Enchant weapons and armor with permanent spell effects.

The simplest yet most expensive profession out of all. You can disenchant nearly every item, the thing is you need to think twice before destroying it. So long as you have a steady influx of items form your guildies that they don't need, you will have a blast and level up fairly quickly. Enchanters can create wands that are sought-after and sell fast on the Auction House.


  • Engineers create gadgets, guns, bombs, etc. Many of the gadgets are usable only by other Engineers. They can also craft mechanical pets and trinkets. At later levels, Engineers can choose to specialize in Goblin or Gnomish Engineering.

You will need a lot of ore, so pair Engineering with Mining. Engineering provides extra perks in combat thanks to the various gadgets that deal damage. These are quite valuable in PvP. For more information about the profession check out our Engineering guide.

First Aid

  • Uses cloth from fallen enemies to create bandages. These can be used to quickly heal yourself or others between fights.

First Aid is another no-brainer. Many classes do not have access to a self-heal and even then, spending Mana causes downtime. If you learn First Aid, you can use the cloth gathered from Humanoids to create bandages that will heal you and your allies. First Aid is somewhat bad if you also have Tailoring, because the profession uses the same type of cloth.


  • Gather fish and treasure from the bodies of water spread across Azeroth. Alchemists make use of some fish while Tailors, Leatherworkers, Blacksmiths, and Enchanters use various pearls.

Fish can be cooked into useful food and will work for Hunters with pets that eat fish. Some Alchemy skills use certain types of fish as well.


  • Tracking down herbs to be used by other professions. Alchemists, Enchanters, and Leatherworkers are just a few of the professions that use herbs on occasion (with Alchemists being dependant on them).

You will gather herbs in the open world. They are used primarily in Alchemy and you can find more details in our Herbalism guide.


  • Creates leather armor at lower levels and branches into both leather and mail armor at higher levels. Leatherworkers can produce kits that increase the armor on certain equipment. Proficient Leatherworkers can specialize in either Tribal Leatherworking, Elemental Leatherworking, or Dragonscale Leatherworking.

Leatherworkers can create leather and mail armor, so they're ideal for Druids, Rogues, Shamans, and Hunters. They're able to produce items that increase armor on certain equipment pieces. Ideally, you want to pair it with Skinning for a steady supply of hides and leather.


  • Discovering the mining deposits of ore is restricted to Miners. In addition to the raw ore, rare gems can be found within the earth. Miners also smelt the ores into bars that other professions can make use of.

You can't go wrong with mining. The ore you gather is used in Blacksmithing and Engineering, so your stocks will sell out quickly!


  • Harvest the leather and hides from beasts slain in combat. Skinners supplement many of the professions to a small extent with Leatherworkers being fully reliant on them.

Skinning is a niche profession and supplies Leatherworking. It's quite easy to level up because you will be killing a lot of beasts while questing. A Skinning Knife is required to harvest leather and hides from corpses. Check out our Skinning guide to get started.


Creates cloth armor and bolts from the cloth pieces found on the bodies of enemies. Tailors can also create bags to increase their inventory space. As the primary resource of cloth are dead enemies, Tailors are only slightly dependant on Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning for some of the rarer materials.

  • All casters should consider this profession because of the gear it provides. Non-casters oftentimes choose it to make a profit by selling bags.
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Oh damn, the ptsd flashbacks of farming Thorium Crystals for weeks on end for the TF questline ;/

Also I cannot honestly recommend anyone take leatherworking or blacksmithing.    IIRC (it has been awhile disclaimer) the only real endgame use they saw was crafting fire resist (and much later frost resist in naxx).    Otherwise raid drops trumped everything, hard.    Tailoring worked as a supplement for enchanting anyway so that's fine.   

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18 hours ago, Stan said:
  • Engineering (Primary profession)
    • Supported by: Mining
    • Suggested for: All Classes
    • Subclasses: Gnomish, Goblin Engineering
    • Engineers are able to create the most powerful trade items in the game.
  • Leatherworking (Primary profession)
    • Supported by: Skinning
    • Suggested for: Druids, Hunters, Rogues, Shaman
    • Subclasses: Dragonscale, Elemental, Tribal Leatherworking
    • You can create your own armor and patches to increase the armor on some of your existing gear.

So they get their subclass specialization, but didn't Blacksmithing have; Axe, Sword and Mace and Armor as a specialization as well? Or was that introduced in The Burning Crusade? 

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3 minutes ago, Zahli said:

So they get their subclass specialization, but didn't Blacksmithing have; Axe, Sword and Mace and Armor as a specialization as well? Or was that introduced in The Burning Crusade? 

You are completely right, I forgot to include the BS subclasses, even though they were mentioned later on in the post. Updated and thanks :). 

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      This is a very special fan art series that I've been following since the fist post over on the WoW reddit, with artist Vlad "Valdihr" Harabagiu creating some truly amazing animated series/cartoon style pieces of his own Classic journey. Before talking any more about the art and its style, let's just immediately take a look at the first piece in the "A Classic Journey" series, done in Photoshop:

      I thought I would die out here with none to know of it. While I was hunting the scorpids of the Valley, I came across a particularly vicious-looking one. Hurling myself at it, I managed to inflict a massive blow to its claw before it closed around my leg. I wasn't ready for its stinger though, and it sliced down and into my chest, cutting into my flesh and letting my blood. Please, you must kill the scorpid for me! My honor must be upheld! I fought it up on the plateau to the south.
      The first one immediately captures the WoW essence and truly looks like a still taken from a WoW Classic cartoon, making me really angry this isn't a real TV show (or animated movie at least). Each image is named after a quest and is linearly tracking Valdihr's journey through the quests of Classic, starting with the above. Some images also come with a short comment about the stage of the game itself, with the first one getting an intro for the whole series:

      "Slaying the beast"
      The primary task set upon me by our great Warchief is to root out the creatures responsible for infesting our lord's great city with demonic influence. The Burning Blade is one threat, but there are others; the Searing Blade for instance, who make their home in Ragefire Chasm, secretly attempting to subvert innocent members of the Horde. If they are to be stopped, then their leader must be slain--a Felguard named Taragaman the Hungerer. Kill him, and his heart will appease Thrall, of this I'm sure.
      Each piece takes Valdhir around 6 hours to make over 2 days and he's been going very hard at this particular series, focusing on his work (and WoW, obviously) to get these done and follow his trip through Classic.

      Whitemist, Echeyakee in the Tauren tongue, is the king of the savannah cats. He hunts with such stealth, they say he's like a thin, white mist on the earth. And he kills so fast his prey have no time for fear, or pain. The Tauren say he is both mercy and death. You will learn if that's true, for I now set you on the path to hunt Echeyakee. His lair is northeast of the Crossroads, among the bones of giant Kodo. Go. Blow this horn when you reach his lair. Blow the horn, and he will come.
      As you can see he is playing Horde and following that story and quest line, and has actually swapped characters already, playing on Noggenfrogger EU. He started with a hunter and has since switched  to an Undead warrior, at level 26 now.

      "Lost in battle"
      We battled in a small tauren camp when we were separated--she held three of the Bristlebacks off by herself. But the odds began to overwhelm us. I led some away only to see her overwhelmed by newcomers. In my rage, I turned to face my enemies, but they brought me down easily with their vast numbers.
      I awoke to a tauren druid tending my wounds--he had come across me on the Gold Road as I fell.
      Please, find some sign of my wife.
      The iconic barrens "Mankirk's wife" quest, while memed about a lot, is actually pretty emotional and one of the highlights of the zone. The expression in Mankirk's face in the image really brings out the emotion, which is a very impressive feat for a still.
      He was also asked about doing class specific quests:

      "Wailing Caverns"
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      While the above isn't directly tied to a specific quest, the Leaders of the Fang is the main dungeon goal, so a quote from that seemed appropriate. And while not exactly very cinematic, perhaps an image of the entire party looking around and being lost would have been more appropriate, with several "never coming back here again" speech bubbles.

      "Betrayal from Within"
      Three of my tribe came out of the Kraul to lead the raids against the Horde. <snort> They are ruthless and cunning, and if you defeat them, then your Crossroads and even most of the Barrens will learn peace... <snort> at least from the Razormane tribe. <snort> Nak, Kuz, and Lok Orcbane are the ones you seek. They are far to the south of the Barrens. One is a spell caster, another a tracker, and their leader, the one called Orcbane, <snort> a warrior. Kill them, like they have killed me.
      The series is planned to go on to level 60 and end with raids, and for those saddened by the horde focus, don't worry:
      Shockingly, even something as amazing as this wasn't enough to bridge the Modern/Classic feud, as some users were upset the images were posted on the main WoW reddit, instead of the Classic one. But, the bright side is that we'll be seeing a lot more of these, as Vladhir has even started up a Patreon, and is also taking commissions, which bodes well for the future.
      I simply cannot overstate how impressive and incredible these are, and how much they really make me yearn for an actual WoW cartoon series - especially with Castlevania and the upcoming Cuphead and Devil May Cry animated series being a thing. I rarely go into the "Blizzard, hire this man" type of thing, but, uhh, Blizzard? Hire this man.
      Valdihr takes us on an incredible art journey through his own Classic experience.
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