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A few questions for a newish player

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At what point should I stop buying Classic Packs? Is there a point where it becomes…pointless?

Also, which packs do these 3 cards come in:

Scavenging Hyena
Rat Pack
Pack Leader

These cards compliment each other so much it’s crazy. I have to have them!

Also, when should I start disenchanting cards? What criteria do i use to decide which to disenchant? Can I trust the Auto DE feature in Crafting? It saying it can DE 33 Common cards.

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As for crafting,,,, yes trust the DE 33 it means you a 33 cards that are 3 (or more) you can't use them, dust them,

As for when to dust or not? that's your choice

Some people dust every card they will never use, Some people never dust!

Me,  I dust Golden  - I see no point in golden, just a pretty animation, and you get nothing else, what's the point - the only time I keep a golden is if I just have 1 normal, once I get 2 normal, the golden bites the dust.

I keep all the normal cards, ok I  don't use 80% of them, but.. maybe in another meta that non-used card may suddenly be useful.

but then I am a horder - in all these type of games I keep it all (e.g. I have everyone of my tanks I got from the start 8 years ago in World of Tanks). 

So bottom line on general dusting... Make your own mind up. 

P.S. Yep I know this is a late reply ? 

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