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Diablo 2 Upscale Final Demo Working In-Browser

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We've already talked about the fan-made Diablo 2 AI upscale project run by redditor zomprd and took a look at some still images and creature models, but today we have his finished demo to check out! His second and final version of the browser-based sample shows off the Rogue Encampment with an Assassin walking around the place. You can also switch back and forth from the original game look and the new upscale, just to see what exactly has changed. Also, if you've ever really waned to walk around in the stream in the encampment, you can!



    Greetings strangers!

    First of all, thank you guys for your support, it's been a great month.

    You can find the new version here: https://quiet-springs-45295.herokuapp.com

    For those of you who haven't heard about this project - it's a web game, free to play. It shows what D2 could look like if it was upscaled. I've used artificial neural network tool called ESRGAN for upscaling the original textures. In the game you can choose to view the original or the upscaled version and swith between them at any time - notice the buttons in the bottom panel. Press F11 for fullscreen.


    • Mouse clicking should now move the character in all browsers
    • Mouse holding now moves the character
    • The encampment has been populated - NPCs, torches, rogues, chickens, cows...
    • Visit merchants to view their inventories

    The project could be developed further, but I'm satisfied with what it looks now. If there's anyone who would like to develop the project further or just see the code, leave a comment / PM me, I'll gladly share the source code and explain the mechanisms.

    What do you think? Would you play the game if it looked like this?

    Once again - thank you for your support and all the comments, you've been a great community to share my ideas & progress with.

    Have a great day and see you all in Sanctuary.

    - zomprd

    Source: r/diablo.


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    Man, this game was too good for its time. Nostalgia slapping me in the face right now.

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    Awesome job and a wonderful project... i was 12 years old and I still remember the hours of pure enjoyment.

    Just listening to the music brings a great nostalgia to my day : ) Thanks guys!!!

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