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At wits end with my Priest

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Playing my shadow priest has always been an enjoyable experience for me, but recently I have gotten some new pieces of gear and my dps has never been the same. I know the rotation and how to play her, I've read the guides and forums, and just can't seem to be able to find a way to fix one of my favorite classes. 


My Item level is 550 but my dps has been sub par. I remember having no trouble hitting over 200k dps, but now I'm having a hard time even hitting 180k. New stat weights, maybe? Please.. help me fix my priest! Any insight would be much appreciated. 


here is my armory link :

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It is not my rotation I am worried about. What I'm asking is how I can fix my gear and stat weights.

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Under the assumption that it's just gear (I am entirely unqualified to discuss, let alone examine, any priest rotation), I assume you got shiny new gear with a lot more hit/spirit on it, since you're substantially over hit cap.  (I main an elemental shaman, I'm quite familiar with this issue.)  My guess is that you equipped gear with a higher ilvl, but not so high as to make up for the almost 2k in lost secondaries to being over hit cap.  It's probably not just one piece, either.


If you haven't gotten rid of your old gear yet, I'd suggest getting the free trial of the full version of Ask Mr Robot, which lets you do "best in bags".  Nothing looks wrong enough about your reforge/gem setup to cause that big of a difference, there's just have too much hit on the gear you're wearing.

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Upgrading your gear and losing more than 10% of your dps?  No, you're doing something very different, because you're still at haste cap.  5% over hit cap means you lost at most 5% of your dps. 


Your rotation is what I'M worried about.



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your hit is a little under but that fine. your stat are are off  your haste is at 35% your mast is at 38% but your crit is only at 20% your masty and crit should be about the same. that will be be a big part of your dps loss. hope this helps.

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