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Theorycrafting the Stats order for Mists of Pandaria

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Hello there,

Since I know there will be some people here that can theorycraft their class quite well.

I think our Stat priority will be:

Intellect (spell power for the power of our healing spells) -> Spirit (for Mana regen) -> Haste (8% cap for all ticks) -> Full Mastery -> crit.

Well why I think that the first soft cap @ level 90 would be 8%.. That's quite simple.. Since I think, and I cannot confirm if it's true or not. When I try to calculate it.

I used this an example: Viscous Ring


Binds when picked up

Unique-Equipped Finger +752 Stamina

+501 Intellect

+354 Spirit

Requires Level 90

Item Level 463 Equip: Increases your haste rating by301 (0.71% @ L90).

Well @ level 90 as you can see. 301 haste rating will be the same as 0.71%.

@ Level 85 our soft haste cap was around 916 haste. (780 if you were a goblin with the 1% haste buff).

So I tried to calculate it and I used 301 haste rating multiple times by 12.

- 301 (0.71% haste Rating) x 11 = 3311 haste rating. (7.81% haste)

I would like to know what the other Theorycrafters would think about this..

After all I cannot confirm if it's true or not.. But It's a theory.

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The main soft haste cap for Restoration Shamans was at 12.5% haste, where you would get an additional tick of spell_shaman_giftearthmother.jpgEarthliving. This means 7.15% haste from your Haste Rating alone if you have the +5% spell haste raid buff.

Currently on the beta, 425 Haste Rating is bringing you 1% haste, so you will need 3039 Haste Rating to reach the 12.5% haste cap. That said, the combat ratings are still changing with every new patch, so it is maybe too early to start worrying about stats ;)

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True but I am preparing for it already Posted Image

Since we want to go for some perfect world rank kills as guild.. So I rather want to start to early and keep myself fully updated then being to late ;).

Edited: Putted a new line down.

Edited by Shairo

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Note that it is not guaranteed that the Combat Ratings at level 90 will remain what they currently are :)

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Hey Shairro, recognize me from a thread on the official forums? (Thanks for the gear list!)

Anyway, I made an attempt at doing some comparisons between Intellect and Spirit in terms of value in a fight. I never managed to finish it up, but if you want to look at where I got to you can find it here;


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Yeah I didn't quite know where to take the HEP calculations that I linked. If you have any suggestions I'd love to see them :)

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I just read on MMO Class Analysis that they will buff Healing Rain + decrease it's cost. And that they will improve the out put of Chain heal.

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