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Patch 8.3 Hotfixes: February 7th

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A truly tiny batch today, with some significant changes however, as two rank 3 Essences now only require Revered instead of Exalted with Rajani and Uldum Accord!

Blizzard LogoFebruary 7 (source)

Items and Rewards


Previous hotfixes:

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    • By Starym
      We have another Shadowlands first coming up, as the new highest Mythic+ level has been reached, this time by a Chinese group! Almost 2 minutes ahead of the timer, Halls of Atonement came crumbling down to the somewhat unorthodox composition featuring a Disc Priest, as spotted by Raider.IO!

      The clear comes almost two weeks after we saw +22 go down, and you can check out those clears (with videos) here. You can also check out a quick analysis of the +23 composition over at Raider.IO, as their resident M+ expert Dratnos goes into the details.
    • By Starym
      Legacy content, raids in particular, has been a little problematic since the Shadowlands squish arrived, and with so many players still heading to old raids to get their missing transmog, mounts and pets, we have a great concept for a legacy talent tree!
      Nattax1 put together an old-school Vanilla style tree for Legacy raids (although it could easily be expanded to Legacy content in general) with some really good ideas! The best thing about it is that it doesn't goo too far into the big buffs or benefits territory, sticking to some key problems/issues very specific to Legacy farming, and each talent offers a great solution.

      While Transmog Master seems a little OP, the rest really seem very grounded and not game-breaking at all, and this is truly one of those player ideas that Blizzard need to take a really good look at. We've already seen similar from official updates as well, with the Deaths of Chromie talent tree, so it's not that far removed from what's been done.
    • By Staff
      Today's hotfixes have some additional class, raid and dungeon fixes! 
      January 21 (source)
      Dark Animus’ health now scales based on raid size for completing the achievement I Don’t Know What I Expected. Classes
      Hunter Fixed an issue where using a Shadowlands Character Boost on a Hunter may leave it without access to a pet. Priest Benevolent Faerie (Night Fae Ability) will no longer reduce the cooldown of Shadowfiend while one of its cosmetic glyphs are active. Greater Fade (PvP Talent) will no longer immediately cancel when cast directly after a hostile action is taken. Dungeons and Raids
      Castle Nathria Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Dread Feaster’s Gluttonous Miasma to be applied twice on a player. De Other Side Nathrian Inquisitors now appear in more locations around the dungeons central location after depleting a Mythic Keystone with the Prideful affix. Mythresh, Sky's Talons’ Wailing Grief will no longer continue to pull players in after being interrupted by a Haunted Urn. Mists of Tirna Scithe Mistcaller To prevent Freeze Tag from failing to fixate, Illusionary Vulpin is now immune to Death Grip and disorient abilities. Spires of Ascension Ventunax The screen visual effect of Blinding Flash is now less severe and less sudden. Theater of Pain Portals and meat hooks are now easier to click when there are players or pets surrounding them.
    • By Starym
      Kael'thas is back in the Shadowlands and the Venthyr get to pal around with him for a bit in their campaign, but there's actually a way to keep him forever while in Revendreth (but you probably won't want to go through the whole process).
      This isn't really something you'll want to do just to get the prince of the Blood Elves to hang around with you permanently (especially since it might get hotfixed eventually), but it's a cool side-effect that happened to breezypov. Apparently, if you switch Covenants during the quest where you go around the zone and bring Kael'thas along with you, he will always show up when you enter Revendreth!

      It's not really worth joining the Venthyr, going through the majority of their campaign only to swap to another Covenant just to have the prince tag along with you in the zone... or is it?
      We'll leave that one up to you to decide, but meanwhile we can check out this cool Kael cinematic from IKedit:
      And this awesome art of Mr. Sunstrider from Trolldaeron:
    • By Stan
      The seventh week of Mythic Season 1 is upon us, so we're looking at the most popular DPS specializations for Mythic+.
      The data used in this article comes from benched.me. Reddit user OtherwiseUniversity7 plotted all keys available from the Blizzard API (excluding the CN region) on a single ridge plot to gather the data.
      This Week's Affixes
      Fortified Spiteful Volcanic Prideful Total Runs Recorded
      We are looking at the total runs recorded for each DPS specialization during the seventh week of Mythic Season 1. Based on that, we filter out the most popular ranged and melee DPS specializations.

      Most Popular Melee DPS for Mythic+
      The top 3 melee DPS specs have now all surpassed 1 million runs in Season 1. The most popular melee spec is Unholy Death Knight, followed by Retribution Paladin and Havoc Demon Hunter. Arms Warriors have lost one rank to Outlaw Rogues. Assassination is the least popular melee DPS specialization for Mythic+.
      1st: Unholy Death Knight - 1,392,175 runs 2nd: Retribution Paladin - 1,038,050 runs 3rd: Havoc Demon Hunter - 1,002,094 runs 4th: Outlaw Rogue - 979,662 runs 5th: Arms Fury - 954,967 runs 6th: Subtlety Rogue - 820,004 runs 7th: Windwalker Monk - 812,554 runs 8th: Enhancement Shaman - 563,078 runs 9th: Fury Warrior - 552,715 runs 10th: Feral Druid - 253,269 runs 11th: Frost Death Knight - 222,173 runs 12th: Survival Hunter - 57,977 runs 13th: Assassination Rogue - 52,554 runs Detailed Look at Spec Performance
      The meta starts kicking in at around +16, where most specs start losing their share of representation to the metaclasses. Some non-meta specs stay stable in mid-range keys and only begin disappearing at higher levels.

      Share of Melee DPS Specs at Each Key Level (Weekly Top 500 Runs)
      To see how the meta changes during the season, we sample the top 50 runs for each dungeon (a total of 6,000 keys) for each week. Next, we count the number of times each spec appears in the weekly top 500 sample.
      The data has a zig-zag quality to it. Spec numbers go up and down each week, which is the Tyrannical/Fortified split effect. On Tyrannical weeks, pushers are likely to bench their meta-class mains and play non-meta alts.

      Most Popular Ranged DPS for Mythic+
      Marksmanship Hunters surpassed 3 million runs in Season 1 so far, and the specialization remains the most popular ranged DPS spec for Mythic+.
      In 2nd place, we've got Fire Mages, and third are Balance Druids. The least popular specialization is Demonology.
      1st: Marksmanship Hunter - 3,097,371 runs 2nd: Fire Mage - 1,793,625 runs 3rd: Balance Druid - 1,774,883 runs 4th: Shadow Priest - 1,315,576 runs 5th: Affliction Warlock - 907,451 runs 6th: Beast Mastery Hunter - 850,003 runs 7th: Frost Mage - 758,086 runs 8th: Destruction Warlock - 570,644 runs 9th: Elemental Shaman - 536,505 runs 10th: Arcane Mage - 312,635 runs 11th: Demonology Warlock - 209,405 runs Detailed Look at Spec Performance

      Share of Ranged DPS Specs at Each Keystone Level (Weekly Top 500 Runs)

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