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Patch 2.6.8 PTR Season 20 Update Notes, Season 19 Ending March 1st

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Update: In another miscommunication on the D3 team, it seems Season 19 won't be ending next week, but on March 1st!

The update to the PTR patch have arrived! We have the modified patch notes below with the changes highlighted in red. We have changes to all 3 new sets and some of the accompanying legendaries. The big news is that the Barb set now also effects frozen enemies.

We also got word that Season 19 will be ending next week on March 1st:

    Blizzard Logo2.6.8 PTR patch 2 (source)


    • Infernal MachineInfernal Machines and Organs are now subject to vacuum pick-up
    • Crafting plans from Bounty Caches are now guaranteed to drop unless all plans have been learned


    • A new Season Theme has been added for Season 20, the Season of the Forbidden Archives:
      • For the duration of Season 20, all slots in Kanai's Cube will be able to select Legendary powers from Weapon, Armor, or Jewelry
        • This means you could select three Armor powers, three Weapon powers, three Jewelery powers, or any other combination thereof across all categories
        • Items are not self-additive or multiplicative (meaning, you cannot stack multiples of the same item's power)
        • Once the Season has ended and characters roll over to Non-Season, players will have all currently active powers in their Kanai's Cube reset
        • Developer's Note: As we outlined in our Developer Insight blog, we want to continue to get creative (and maybe a little crazy) with the Season Themes and powers we add to the game. We heard from some players that they preferred themes that made your character directly feel more powerful rather than needing to focus on the environment around you. If that describes you, then the Season of Forbidden Archives should be right up your alley, and we're really interested to see how this changes the game for Season 20.
    • Two new Seasonal rewards are available for players who fully complete the Season 20 Journey, including a new portrait frame and pet


    • Crusader
      • Developer's Note: We're not convinced that this change has fully reigned in Crusader performance to be more in line with other classes. We'll be continuing to keep an eye on overall Crusader performance (as well as performance among the other classes) as we move into 2.6.8 and beyond.
      • Heaven's FuryHeaven's Fury
        • The animation for the Fires of Heaven rune can no longer be cancelled early.
    • Witch Doctor


    • Developer's Note: With Patch 2.6.8, we're adding three(!) new class sets with similar goals to those we included in the previous patch. Each set was designed primarily with boosting long-requested skills and play styles we lifted directly from community feedback. Frenzy, Spirit Barrage, and Hydra were requests that offered a lot of opportunity for gameplay exploration, and we're looking forward to seeing what players do with these new tools at their disposal. Additional changes to associated supplemental Legendaries have been included to round out these builds. It is critical when providing feedback on these sets to include whether or not you were using the Season 20 buff during your testing; while feedback of any kind is welcome, we're especially interested in Non-Seasonal testing as that will better reflect the long-term performance of these sets.
    • Mantle of ChannelingMantle of Channeling
      • The bonus granted by this item now occurs 1 second after channeling has begun
    • Barbarian
      • Developer's Note: We wanted to provide an alternative method to gaining the benefit of the 2-Piece bonus of Horde of the Ninety Savages. Adding in Frozen as an option allows this benefit to work on bosses, provides an alternative gearing option, and should work better in groups without having to remove an option for play.
      • New Class Set: Horde of the Ninety Savages
        • 2-Piece Bonus: Double the effectiveness of all Shouts. Feared and Frozen Enemies take double damage.
        • 4-Piece Bonus: Each stack of FrenzyFrenzy reduces damage taken by 5% 6%. Frenzy lasts twice as long.
        • 6-Piece Bonus: FrenzyFrenzy deals 1000% increased damage per stack.
      • The Undisputed ChampionThe Undisputed Champion
        • Frenzy gains the effect of every rune and deals 300-400% increased damage.
      • Bastion's ReveredBastion's Revered
        • FrenzyFrenzy now stacks up to 10 times and hits an additional time per stack. Each additional hit will chain to any enemies within 15 yards and the damage is split between all affected enemies.
    • Witch Doctor
      • Developer's Note: Many of the changes we made for the Witch Doctor focused on improving the set's survivability and server performance. We also improved the behavior of Big Bad VoodooBig Bad Voodoo, so it should be much less likely to be left behind!
      • New Class Set: Mundunugu's Regalia
        • 2-Piece Bonus: Big Bad VoodooBig Bad Voodoo now follows you and lasts twice as long.
          • Big Bad VoodooBig Bad Voodoo will now follow you more closely, across zones, and correctly in groups
        • 4-Piece Bonus: Gain 50% 60% damage reduction for 30 seconds when you enter the Spirit Realm.
        • 6-Piece Bonus: Spirit BarrageSpirit Barrage deals increased damage equal to 100 times 50% of your Mana Regeneration per Second.
          • Developer Note: This isn't actually a buff or a nerf; it's a rewording to make the functionality of this bonus more clear.
      • The BarberThe Barber
        • Instead of dealing direct damage, your Spirit BarrageSpirit Barrage now accumulates on the target. When you stop casting, it explodes dealing 225-250% 400-500% of the accumulated damage to all enemies within 15 yards.
        • Is now classified as a Ceremonial Dagger, with a base 1.4 attack speed
      • Gazing DemiseGazing Demise
        • Spirit BarrageSpirit Barrage gains the PhantasmPhantasm rune. Each active PhantasmPhantasm lasts twice as long, increases the damage of Spirit BarrageSpirit Barrage by 40-50% 250-300%, and also increases the attack rate from Manitou spectres.
        • PTR CHANGE: The attack rate granted to Manitou specters has been slightly reduced.
      • Ring of EmptinessRing of Emptiness
        • You deal 250-300% increased damage to enemies affected by both either your HauntHaunt and or Locust SwarmLocust Swarm.
    • Wizard
      • Developer's Note: Wizard encountered a lot of bugs with its new class set, so please make sure to check the Bug Fixes section below for additional detail! We did consider adding another skill into The Typhon's Veil, but we believe there's more work to do first on Wizard Legendary options to make choices outside of the Etched SigilEtched Sigil/DeathwishDeathwish/Mantle of ChannelingMantle of Channeling combo more appealing. We're looking at this now as a longer term goal, as we have plans to do much larger overall balance passes in the future after all the new class sets have been added to the game.
      • New Class Set: The Typhon's Veil
        • 2-Piece Bonus: Double the duration of HydraHydras and increase the number of heads on multi-headed HydraHydras by two.
        • 4-Piece Bonus: Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each HydraHydra head alive as long as there is one available. Each time you take damage, a HydraHydra heads dies. Heads cannot die more than once every 2 seconds
        • 6-Piece Bonus: HydraHydras deal 1000% 1200% increased damage for each HydraHydra head alive.
      • Serpent's SparkerSerpent's Sparker
        • You may have one extra HydraHydra active at a time and they deal 450-600% 350-450% increased damage.
      • The MagistrateThe Magistrate
        • Frost Hydra Your Hydras now periodically casts Frost NovaFrost Nova and deal 450-600% 350-450% increased damage.
      • Etched SigilEtched Sigil
        • The bonus granted by this item now occurs 1 second after channeling has begun.
      • DeathwishDeathwish
        • The bonus granted by this item now occurs 1 second after channeling has begun.


    • Several issues with adding/removing players to group and starting new games as a group have been resolved
    • Captain Crimson's Trimmings
      • Fixed an issue where the set bonus did not increase damage reduction when using DevourDevourVoraciousVoracious
    • Barbarian
      • Fixed a bug where Threatening ShoutThreatening ShoutGrim HarvestGrim Harvest would not activate when enhanced by the Horde of the Ninety Savages set bonus
    • Crusader
      • Corrected the spelling of “Imperius” on the flavor text for several pieces of the Aegis of Valor set
      • Fixed an issue where the bolts cast by Fist of the HeavensFist of the HeavensDivine WellDivine Well failed to zap enemies
    • Demon Hunter
      • Fixed an issue where In-geom was not properly dropping for Demon Hunters
    • Wizard
      • PTR CHANGE: Arcane DynamoArcane Dynamo should now properly apply to extra HydraHydra heads created by The Typhon's Veil
      • PTR CHANGE: Fixed a bug where active Shields would not prevent HydraHydra heads from dying while utilizing The Typhon's Veil
      • Fixed a bug where Arcane TorrentArcane Torrent would get an extra damage multiplier from Etched SigilEtched Sigil and DeathwishDeathwish
      • Fixed a bug where HydraHydraFrost HydraFrost Hydra was getting a damage bonus instead of Attack Speed bonus from its owner's Attack Speed; this rune now benefits from Attack Speed in the same manner as other HydraHydra runes

    PTR Only Changes

    • Djank Mi'em's Bag of Fortunes now also include crafting materials


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    17 minutes ago, TyZone said:

    those twitter ascii faces are killin me

    Maybe they hired someone new to do their social media and it's someone's 7 year old 😄

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    A similar seasonal variation idea that might be good, too, would be to have a 4th “wild-card” cube slot that can be any of the jewelry/armor/weapons. One extra cube power slot would definitely be in line with the “your character directly feel more powerful” goal.

    However, given this season 20 theme, I doubt they’d do that in a future theme as it’s too similar. /shrug

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      • By Stan
        In our Season 20 preview, we're looking at Conquests, Haedrig's Gift sets, and rewards.
        Boss Mode: Kill the listed bosses at max level on Torment X or higher within 20 minutes of the start of the game. Curses!: Kill 350 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event at level 70 on Torment X difficulty or higher. Divinity: Reach Greater Rift Level 75 Solo Masters of the Universe: Master 8 of the following Set Dungeons. Years of War: Reach Greater Rift Level 55 Solo with the full bonuses of six of the listed Class sets. Haedrig's Gift Sets
        Barbarian: Immortal King's Call (2): Call of the Ancients last until they die. (4): Reduce the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 Fury you spend with an attack. (6): While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients are active, you deal 4000% increased damage. Crusader: Seeker of the Light (2): Every use of Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by 1 second. (4): You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling Sword. (6): Increase the damage of Blessed Hammer by 12,000% and Falling Sword by 1000%. Demon Hunter: Natalya's Vengeance (2): Reduce the cooldown of Rain of Vengeance by 4 seconds when you hit with a Hatred-generating attack or Hatred-spending attack. (4): Rain of Vengeance deals 100% increased damage (6): After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 14,000% increased damage and take 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds. Monk: Uliana's Stratagem (2): Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm. (4): Your Seven-Sided Strike deals 777% its total damage with each hit. (6): Increase the damage of your Exploding Palm by 9000% and your Seven-Sided Strike detonates your Exploding Palm. Necromancer: Trag'Oul's Avatar (2): Blood Rush gains the effect of every rune. (4): While at full Life, your healing from skills is added to your maximum Life for 45 seconds, up to 100% more. (6): Your Life-spending abilities deal 3800% increased damage and your healing from skills is increased by 100%. Witch Doctor: Spirit of Arachyr (2): Summon a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal 4000% weapon damage over 5 seconds and Slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders. (4): Hex gains the effect of the Toad of Hugeness rune. After summoning a Toad of Hugeness, you gain 50% damage reduction and heal for 10% of your maximum Life per second for 15 seconds. (6): The damage of your creature skills is increased by 9000%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Locust Swarm, Hex, and Piranhas. Wizard: Vyr's Amazing Arcana (2): Archon gains the effect of every rune. (4): Archon stacks also increase your Attack Speed, Armor, and Resistances by 1%. (6): You gain 1 Archon stack when you hit with an Archon ability and Archon stacks also reduce damage taken by 0.15% and have their damage bonus increased to 100%. Season 20 Rewards
        Earning the Guardian rewards the following Bat pet. There's also a new Teganze Warrior Portrait Frame for Season 20 that you can earn as portrayed in the image below.

        You can find more details about Season 20 including Patch 2.6.8 notes here.
      • By Starym
        The second and final week of patch 2.6.8 / Season 20 testing has ended and the PTR has been taken down. As we know the Season 19 end date is coming in just over a week on March 1st, it seems likely the new patch will arrive a few days later, or on March 3rd, if everything goes the same way 2.6.7 did. Following the same pattern, we should be seeing Season 20 itself 10 days later on March 13th. Hopefully we'll get the final patch and season notes a bit sooner this time around, but meanwhile you can check out the most recent PTR notes here.
        Season 20 PTR (source)
        Hello everyone,
        The PTR has been taken offline. We’ll be moving the PTR forums into read-only until our next PTR cycle.
        Thank you for your feedback and contributions. We’ll be providing updated 2.6.8 patch notes in the upcoming Season 20 preview blog.
        See you in 2.6.8!

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      • By Starym
        We're getting another Era reset with the new patch, as Nevalistis pointed out, which means the non-seasonal leaderboards are getting a wipe as well! This is very close to the last era reset which happened with patch 2.6.7 aka Season 19, and is a much shorter duration than the usual year-ish period they tend to last. Apparently the reasoning behind it is the big balance changes coming.

        We still don't have exact dates for the patch or the Season, with a high probability of a week in-between them as well, but we do know last season started 12 days after the one before it ended.
        Era Reset (source)
        We’ve been chatting about it, but I wanted to have a finalized answer before I responded to any posts.
        Given the balance changes we’re introducing to Patch 2.6.8, we agree an Era rollover will be needed. So, we will be resetting the Era with the launch of the patch.
        And in case you forgot just what exactly Eras were and what they do, here's the post explaining it:
        Eras (source)
        Hi, everybody. Wyatt Cheng here again with a second installment of Developer Chronicles. Today, let’s discuss Eras.
        When we introduced Seasons to Diablo III, we also debuted "Eras." The thinking was that while the seasonal leaderboard would naturally reset every season, there would be some players who would want the non-seasonal leaderboard to reset periodically as well. There is a certain excitement associated with a fresh leaderboard—a sense that you could maybe see your own name up there at the beginning of an Era. It can also be disheartening to see somebody who is not currently playing the game hold a top position on a leaderboard long after the record was set.
        As Diablo III has evolved, it has become clear in hindsight that while the fresh excitement is there, it doesn’t last very long. First, the Era leaderboard is not something you "climb." If you are capable of achieving a particular Greater Rift tier, you're likely able to replicate that performance, or very close to it, at the very start of a new Era. Second, between patch changes, item buffs, and Paragon levels, there is built-in power growth over time—the concern of somebody holding a high Era ranking long after they've quit hasn’t really materialized.
        Eras Going Forward
        It has been our plan for some time to stop advancing the Era count every time a new season occurs. Expect that to be the norm moving forward. We are looking to move Eras to be 6–12 months in length.
        Besides simply allowing Eras to be 6–12 months long, there is an additional circumstance in which we feel an Era reset will still be warranted: when we expect that the highest attainable Greater Rift is going to go down. As an example, in patch 2.4.2, we made changes to the Twisted Sword, Energy Twister, and crowd control mechanics that caused the highest cleared Greater Rift to go down. When we have strong reason to believe the highest cleared Greater Rift will significantly drop, we do need to advance the Era to keep the non-seasonal leaderboard from going stale. Though this was the case in 2.4.2, expect Eras to advance less frequently moving forward.
        This brings us to a related question. When an Era advances, is it done before a patch goes live or after? The answer to this depends on the intent of Eras. Previously we advanced an Era as soon as a Season ended. This was back when there were season-specific items. The Era would advance in order to record the state of the non-seasonal leaderboards before all the season-specific items were transitioned to non-seasonal. We no longer have season-specific items and there is greatly reduced value in trying to memorialize the leaderboards at that particular moment in time. However, when we expect patch changes to cause the previous top ranks to be difficult or impossible to beat, it makes more sense to advance the Era AFTER the patch has gone live. Advancing the Era before the patch goes live would cause some players to lock in high ranks that become unbeatable once the patch hits. Advancing after the patch goes live allows players in the new Era to compete in a fresh environment based on the balance of the current live patch.
        To summarize, seasons are for those who want a recurring fresh experience; Eras should represent periods of time closer to a year.

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      • By Stan
        Blizzard is intending to launch a new 2.6.8 build on the PTR during the ongoing test cycle, but major changes past the second patch are not expected, because they would put the build at risk before it hits live servers.
        Blizzard (Source)
        As we are nearing the end of the first week of the PTR, is there a sense if/when we will get a patch? I know that Nev said that Blizzard are consolidating bug fixes/other potential changes, but it would be nice to have a week to test things.
        I’m taking a super fast break from updating the incoming PTR patch notes to let you know that that’s exactly what we’re doing; we are intending to launch another patch during this cycle to get a handful of changes back to you to test for the remainder of the PTR.
        Bear in mind that doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily be completely done with the patch. We’d like you to continue testing after this patch to root out any more critical bugs and continue to offer feedback. However, major changes will be more unlikely past this second patch, as the larger the changes, the more it puts the build at risk before it hits live servers.
        Just the same, we’re still committed to ongoing balance even past the live deployment of 2.6.8. If something continues to perform too well or not well enough, we can (and likely will) continue to revisit both the new sets and other existing sets at a later date. 
        Now, back to HTML and proofreading for me.
        Should I interpret this as that after this upcoming patch things like functionalities of the new sets are locked in?
        Correct. We’re actively trying to avoid a similar situation to 2.6.7. That’s both why we had the longer testing period and tried to squeeze in an extra PTR patch.
        Just sent off the patch notes for approval. Assuming all goes, well, we’re hoping to deploy it tomorrow (CAVEAT: as with all things PTR, there’s always a possibility it gets delayed to next week).
        I’ll try to keep ya’ll updated should things change drastically. 
      • By Starym
        The topic of adding the current seasonal buff as a permanent thing to the game has come up a lot, especially with the Ring of Royal Grandeur and Legacy of Nightmares ones, and it's now come up with the Season 20 FFA Kanai's Cube. Community manager Nevalistis has commented on this on reddit, talking about why that's very unlikely to happen and what the philosophy behind the buffs themselves is, as well as explained that there's no exact timing on when the PTR will go up tomorrow and why that is.
        Permanent Seasonal Buffs (source)
        I've said this pretty much every Season we've added a new mechanic, but whenever I see this feedback (and we have for nearly every Themed Season), it means we've probably done a good job with the Season Theme. ? We want them to be compelling, different, and change the way you play. It should be exciting!
        But, and I think this is very easy to take for granted, making something crazy and powerful permanent tends to have an ultimately negative net effect in the long-term. A change like this could make currently fun play styles obsolete, and one too-good combination could actually narrow the build diversity we're trying to expand with our other efforts. We're actively still working on balance (slowly, admittedly, but surely). There will probably be more than one ridiculous combo, some of which we probably won't even see until during the Season; people are endlessly creative, and there's a lot more of you than there are of us.
        Playing around with extreme shifts in power is alright when it's temporary, but committing the change to the greater game is a lot harder to back down from even if it ultimately causes harm. People generally don't like being nerfed, regardless of how good it might actually be for the game. It's why we're pretty selective about those kinds of changes when they become necessary, and supply them with as thorough an explanation as we can.
        While not impossible, unless it ends up not being anywhere near as bananas as we anticipate, it's a pretty huge risk and I don't think it's likely we'd permanently add this particular change.
        Exact PTR start time (source)
        Do we know exactly when it will be live?
        No, and that's on purpose. PTRs can, and often are, more unstable than truly live builds, so we don't commit to a time because anything can (and often does) go wrong.
        We do operate on a Pacific Standard Time schedule, since we're located in Southern California, so you can pretty much assume launch will happen sometime during our business hours in that time zone. 🙂

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