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Ashes of Outland: Two Murloc Paladin Cards Revealed

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Paladin embraces its Murloc side once again in Ashes of Outland, as two new Murloc cards were revealed via a promotional email.

First, we have the Legendary Murgur Murgurgle and its Prime form.


The Imprisoned minion for Paladin isn't a Demon but a Murloc - which makes sense since Paladins don't get along very well with Demons.


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Ok it was funny at first but at this point why not rename the class to Murloc?    Uther's rolling in his grave by now.

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I have to say, I feel let down by this reveal. Murlocs don't fit with Paladin's flavor at all. There isn't even a single Murloc Paladin in the entirety of WoW. They have never been associated with Paladins or the Light in any meaningful way. Warrior, Hunter and Rogue would all be a better fit for Murlocs than Paladin.

And Paladin is in desperate need of well-rounded cards that can fill in the gaps in a variety of decks (Like, oh, I don't know, a 1-drop that doesn't suck?), not situational tribal cards that force a singular playstyle upon the class.

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