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All Ashes of Outland Cards Revealed

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Kripp, Lead Game Designer Dean Ayala, and Community Manager Chris Sierra today revealed the final cards of Hearthstone's latest expansion, Ashes of Outland.

Ashes of Outland won't be released before April 7 and you can find  out more about what's coming to Hearthstone in the coming days here.

Livestream VoD

All Ashes of Outland Cards

Below we list all 135 new cards sorted by class.

Demon Hunter

Immolation AuraNetherwalkerAshtongue BattlelordCrimson Sigil RunnerCoilfang WarlordFel SummonerPriestess of FuryKayn SunfuryImprisoned AntaenSpectral SightFurious FelfinPit CommanderMetamorphosisWarglaives of Azzinothb879c5fcb71254971cff44f6e7943fc4aee9977d


BogbeamOvergrowthGlowfly SwarmIronbarkGerminationYsiel WindsingerMarsh HydraFungal FortunesArchspore Msshi'fn8c9757af275fb2854f42a0cc4910db1179347c58


HelboarPack TacticsScrap ShotNagrand SlamMok'Nathal LionImprisoned FelmawAugmented PorcupineBeastmaster LeoroxxZixor, Apex PredatorScavenger's Ingenuity


StarscryerNetherwind PortalDeep FreezeIncanter's FlowFont of PowerApexis SmugglerApexis BlastEvocationAstromancer SolarianImprisoned Observer
Hand of A'dalImprisoned SungillMurgur MurgurgleLibram of JusticeLibram of WisdomAldor TruthseekerAldor AttendantLibram of HopeLady Liadrind7e549c79580d2f081fa52d211e1d29cfd0c3c02
RenewApotheosisPsyche SplitSkeletal DragonSoul MirrorReliquary of SoulsDragonmaw SentinelImprisoned HomunculusSethekk Veilweaver0cc528e0566434402cbff1f5190b22ac6d9b59ba
SpymistressAshtongue SlayerBamboozleDirty TricksCursed VagrantGreyheart SageAkamaShadowjeweler HanarBlackjack StunnerAmbush
MarshspawnSerpentshrine PortalTotemic ReflectionVivid SporesShattered RumblerThe Lurker BelowBogstrok ClackerBoggspine KnucklesTorrent250e544c1ce46b1ba5cb6db73a37fc1dea574c97
Unstable FelboltEnhanced DreadlordHand of Gul'danDarkglareNightshade MatronKanrethad EbonlockeKeli'dan the BreakerImprisoned Scrap ImpShadow CouncilThe Dark Portal
Imprisoned Gan'argBladestormBloodboil BruteScrap GolemCorsair CacheBonechewer RaiderSword and BoardWarmaul ChallengerBulwark of AzzinothKargath Bladefist
Rustsworn CultistEthereal AugmerchantInfectious SporelingRocket AugmerchantSoulbound AshtongueRustsworn InitiateBlistering RotFrozen ShadoweaverTerrorguard EscapeeBurrowing ScorpidDisguised WandererFelfin NavigatorWaste WardenDragonmaw Sky StalkerScavenging ShivarraBonechewer VanguardRuststeed RaiderBonechewer BrawlerOverconfident OrcGuardian AugmerchantSupreme AbyssalScrapyard ColossusReplicat-o-tronMagtheridonImprisoned VilefiendMaiev ShadowsongAl'arMo'arg ArtificerKael'thas SunstriderTeron Gorefiend

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      Nerfed cards will be eligible for a refund until June 1st.
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      Don't forget you can grab a free Nemsy until May 19, as part of Patch 17.2.0.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      On May 18, we’ll be releasing a 17.2.1 balance patch that includes updates for a dozen cards in Standard, as well as a bug fix for Ethereal Conjurer.
      Balance Updates
      Aldor Attendant:
      Old: [Cost 2] 2 Attack, 3 Health → New: [Cost 1] 1 Attack, 3 Health.
      Old: [Cost 5] → New: [Cost 4].
      Shattered Rumbler:
      Old: 4 Attack, 6 Health → New: 5 Attack, 6 Health.
      The Lurker Below:
      Old: 6 Attack, 3 Health → New: 6 Attack, 5 Health.
      The 8 cards below will be eligible for a full dust refund until June 1.
      Priestess of Fury:
      Old: 6 Attack, 7 Health → New: 6 Attack, 5 Health.
      Crimson Sigil Runner:
      Old: 2 Attack, 1 Health → New: 1 Attack, 1 Health.
      Scavenger's Ingenuity:
      Old: Draw a Beast. Give it +3/+3. → New: Draw a Beast. Give it +2/+2.
      Shadowjeweler Hanar:
      Old: 1 Attack, 5 Health → New: 1 Attack, 4 Health.
      Blackjack Stunner:
      Old: Battlecry: If you control a Secret, return a minion to its owner’s hand. It costs (2) more. → New: Battlecry: If you control a Secret, return a minion to its owner’s hand. It costs (1) more.
      Imprisoned Scrap Imp:
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      Bloodboil Brute:
      Old: 6 Attack, 8 Health → New: 5 Attack, 8 Health.
      Bloodsworn Mercenary:
      Old: 3 Attack, 3 Health → New: 2 Attack, 2 Health.
      Game Improvements and Bug Fixes
      Ethereal Conjurer will now function correctly and will no longer lock the game state when played.
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