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17.0.1 Server Hotfix

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A server-side hotfix will be deployed later today with various bug fixes. Invoke cards will no longer be generated by other cards when Galakrond's not in your deck, damaged minions wit hbuffs that are made Dormant by Maiev will no longer be at full Health when awoken, and more.

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Hey everyone! We are deploying a 17.0.1 server-side hotfix later today (likely late afternoon Pacific time) that will include the following fixes:

  • Invoke cards will no longer be generated by other cards when Galakrond is not in your deck.
  • It is no longer possible to have a Star Bonus at Legend.
  • Dr. Boom’s Lethal Puzzles 3-4 and 4-4 can now be completed.
  • Astromancer Arwyn’s Mirror Puzzle 6-7 can now be completed.
  • Damaged minions with buffs that are made Dormant by Maiev Shadowsong will no longer be full Health when awoken.
  • When Dragonmaw Sentinel is buffed with Apotheosis and made Dormant with Maiev Shadowsong, it will no longer lose Lifesteal when awoken.

Please note that these fixes take place on the server side, so you should not need to download anything if you’ve updated to 17.0.

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