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Kael'thas Sunstrider

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Guest post a vid

I'd like to see. Video of someone winning with this garbage deck. I have like 20 attempts and nothing. If you're even lucky enough to get the right minion on hand, hell just return them to your hand and make them cost 3 more at which point it's unrecoverable. His removal is insane. Remove this deck. It's unwinnable with this deck

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Guest Won First Try

I won this first try with a modified version. If anyone is having issues, I would suggest modifying the deck to include the Priest Quest and a few other cards. If you open well, you can get your minions to the point that his Pyroblast can't kill them. He always targets the biggest threat on the board. You can set it up so that you have Sandhoof and Lightwell healing each other, plus your hero power off the quest making them bigger each turn. You just keep healing to the point that he's topdecking, hitting minion with pyroblast, then passing.  A few notable additions that helped:

Thoughtsteal x1-2: you can steal 2 copies of reduced-cost Pyroblast or other spells and just smack him for game. (I beat him with a Pyroblast to be funny, but I had game on board anyway.)

Archmage Vargoth: Since he doean't play that many minions, you can abuse the hell out of Vargoth.


Here's the deck I used: 



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