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Totem Shaman

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On 8/9/2020 at 4:53 PM, Guest asdfasdf said:

How should trick totems be used? 

I'll update the guide with a small section on them. But typically you use them as normal totem, especially in early games, in situations where there is minimal risk.

There is, unfortunately, always a risk involved but the odds are generally very much in your favour, as it is more likely to buff itself than kill itself. However, the larger your board, the more likely it is to have an undesirable outcome and the larger the collateral damage can be. (Think spells like Dark Skies).

To get a better idea, a reddit user created a pretty great infographic regarding the possible Trick Totem outcomes


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Guest Peter

When I try to import, I get a 'that hero is locked' error message.

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