Totem Shaman Deck List Guide - Scholomance Academy August 2020

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Totem Shaman in Scholomance Academy expansion.

Totem Shaman is a hyper-aggressive Shaman deck that uses a range of Totem synergy cards like Totemic Reflection and Splitting Axe to rapidly populate the board and buff it up before finishing opponents off with burst damage like Bloodlust.

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Totem Shaman Mulligan Guide

Totem Shaman is a deck that relies on having board control early and quickly snowballing out of control. This makes it important to use your mulligan to find key cards to help make that happen.

Totem Shaman Strategy

With Totem Shaman, you should try to sequence your early game cards to get yourself a board as quickly a possible, following up any totem that stick to the board with Totemic Reflection, Totemic Surge, Totemic Might, and Splitting Axe. If you are unable to immediately take the board your can either use Tour Guide to discount your Hero Power for the following turn or Lightning Bloom to siphon Mana from your next turn via the Overload mechanic. Once you have the board populated with strong Totems you can quickly close out the game with Bloodlust or with the sheer power of your Totems alone.

The Trick Totem is a card like no other and should have special consideration when being played. Due to the randomness of its spells, it has many positive and negative outcomes. However, the good outcomes vastly outweigh the bad ones. It is best used early in the game to secure the board as a strong target for Totemic Reflection. Conversely, if you already have a strong board position, it is better to hold onto it as the extent of the damage it can do to you grows with every minion you have, especially with the chance of spells like Dark Skies and Immolation Aura.

Against Aggro, you are much less likely to secure the board early. Make full use of the Mana manipulation effects of Lightning Bloom and Tour Guide to ensure you are still able to begin buffing your Totems. Once your do have the board, you should make additional value trades to take advantage of Healing Totems until you can finally finish off your opponent.

Against Control, it is highly likely your opponent will be able to deal with your initial aggression. To account for this, you should make use of Voracious Reader to ensure you refill your hand to have several strong pushes to draw out your opponent's removal and eventually overwhelm them

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