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DesMephisto Talks About His Journey to 100% Plate and Plans for the Future

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Avid max level Warrior collector, with only 1 shy of 50, DesMephisto, recently managed to collect all the currently available Warrior plate transmogs in the game and was the first to do so ever. We reached out and asked him if he wanted to talk a little more about his journey, and he promptly replied with a Fresh Price of Bel Air quote and got right into it! He details his journey, shares the hardest items to get and, most importantly, he's already on to his next collection: one-handers, as well as a few other projects!


Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I became the king with 100% of plate in the game.

The journey started with a desire to collect every helm in the game: I had this head canon that my character was obsessed with hiding his visage so I thought the idea of collecting every helm in the game in Legion would be incredible to kind of bring that roleplay to life. I got close, but eventually burnt out. After some lucky breaks, it turns out I got really close to shoulders. I transitioned from collecting transmogs to, well, collecting warriors.

By now you probably know I enjoy playing the game very differently than your average player. If you don’t, hi, I have 49 max level warriors on just one account. World of Warriors began with BfA and in that conquest something amazing happened: I had SO many lockouts. It took less than a month to get Tusks of Mannoroth.

The project still took a while, after completing 100% of all shoulders in the game early in June it took less than a month to go from 97.5% to 100%, something that many didn’t think was technically possible due to having to pvp, mythic raid, old raids, gold, etc. It seemed like an impossible feat, but probably the most satisfying experience of my life.

Some times I would just spend 8 hours in a single dungeon hoping the one item I needed dropped. For example these plate gloves eluded me forever:

Run after run, we had so many different hypothesis, maybe you had to be a certain loot spec, there was a lot of trial and error figuring out these pieces.

As we got closer and closer, a lot of people wanted to start helping out, started raiding with my guild Flame for mythic and knocked out a few pieces, had some amazing friends at melee mechanics reach out to me about a N’Zoth carry as a way of thanking me for the Warriors for Autism charity events we do in April (which they took part in!). Even random people offering to help me out with a few rare pieces such as Morlune's Bracer and viewers helping me find transmog for cheap on other realms. We were able to cast a large network and push closer to this goal, culminating with the final moment with a charity fundraiser for NAMI where we raised over $3300 in less than a day! There were many failed attempts that day though with this single clip summarizing everything:

Easily the hardest pieces to get in my journey have been:

Tusks of Mannoroth Tusks of Mannoroth, Pants from Argus Antoran Wastes:

Belt from Mac’aree:

Legs from the Garrison:

And finally the gloves from trash drops in Pit of Saron.

As for what is next, as you guys may have heard before I may be mildly obsessed with Single Minded Fury so it makes sense we go for as many one handers before Shadowlands, while also finishing world of druids and maybe…all leather hype? I’m close to hitting twitch partner as well so that will take up a lot of my focus.

It feels incredible to have finished this, a legitimate world first, something nobody has ever done in the game and just absolutely insane. I’m beyond satisfied with what we’ve accomplished.

BUT also, outside of collecting we’re doing charity events as well. We want to keep giving back to the community and help out here as well with AOTC carries every Saturday and Sunday for NA  until Shadowlands:

Saturday Horde: 3PM to 5PM PST

Sunday Alliance: 3PM to 5PM PST

After raising nearly $6000 for oyful Heart we are switching to Autistic Self-Advocacy Network with our new goal of $5000. We have Shadowlands Heroic and Epic editions, as well as TCG Ogre Pinata, 90 days game time, and more to give away over the coming months, and weekly 3x 30 day game codes.

And here's the final plate piece I got:


Make sure to tune in to DesMephisto's stream as he keeps on pushing for a whole lot of challenges and goals and contributing to charity! Now let's see what record he breaks next.


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think only those that you can get count,so no pally/dk tier (though most have recolors and/or non tier equivalents) and no item thats no longer obtainable (like the mop challenge mode sets)

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