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The Barrens Warfront: Incredible Full Concept Art by Handclaw

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While Warfronts didn't exactly take the World of Warcraft by storm, there was something to the idea. Arist Arthur "Handclaw" Lorenz, who has already contributed hundreds of race-themed class armor sets that everyone loved (including a nice exclusive DK Ogre one for Icy Veins), has finished a long-running project where he envisioned a new Warfront taking place in the Barrens! We have Tauren facing off against Dwarves, with weapon concepts, siege machines, mounts and, of course, Warfront armor sets for both races! We get 24 new armor set looks, a ridiculous amount of weapons, sketches and so much more. We also recently talked to Handclaw on everything art and class armor related, so you can check that interview here as well.

Let's start with what Handclaw is best known for, the armor sets, as both races get all armor types covered, as well as the Warfront tiers as well.













You can really feed the race identities in those sets, and they're also much more detailed than the class sets we've seen already. Then it's on to the other thing all players always want more of, mounts!


But that's not all, as the project also covered a whopping 71 weapon concepts for both Dwarven and Tauren sides!






There's an incredible amount more to check out in the full project over at Handclaw's artstation, including siege weaponry, many more weapon sketches, a centaur HD model update and much more, so definitely head on over there and enjoy the concept art overload! And once again hats off to Handclaw, as he'*filtered* this one out of the park with more amazing work, and definitely surpassed himself on the detail level of each piece, so thanks a lot to him!

If you want to check out more of Handlaw's stuff, or find out more about the man himself, check out some of our articles on him:



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“he'*filtered* this one out of the park”. “he’s” followed by “hit” is triggering the bad-word filter 😆

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