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Blizzard Hiring for the Diablo Franchise

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It's been quite a while since we heard anything from Diablo 4, as we wait for the third quarterly update which should be arriving by the end of the month. However, there has been some movement on the staff front, in addition to the recent recruitment post for a monetization expert. We have two new job postings to take a look at today, with Global Digital Marketing Manager and a Senior PR Manager positions being available.

This may indicate a faster ramp up in the development of Diablo 4 (and, to a lesser extent, Diablo Immortal), as all of these positions are sales-related, so the infinite speculation over the exact year D4 is releasing in (and mild chatter about when Diablo Immortal is coming) can continue unabated!

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    • By Staff
      D2:R has arrived on the Battle.net launcher and we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone to sign up for the Technical Alpha in case you haven't yet, and the game is also available for pre-order.
      There's also a new bundle available, with D2:R, Diablo 3 Eternal Collection and some new cosmetics:

      While there were many announcements at BlizzConline, and the D2 remaster wasn't exactly a surprise, it was still one of our favorites from the show and we can only hope it gets here as fast as possible!
    • By Staff
      The general Diablo Q&A is about to start, so we'll hopefully find out more about D2, D4, Imortal and more! 
      We have the main designers for all three Diablo games, D2: Resurrected, Immortal and D4!
      Diablo 4:
      Rogues will not be gender locked. The male Rogues will be from a different faction, not the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. Druids won't be only male either. Mob highlighting/outlining will be toggleable! You can't permanently be in a werewolf or werebear form, you can be in them longer depending on skills, but you will always be back in the regular druid form for at least a while. No mounting as a bear. Trading limitations aren't clear yet, but there will be player trading and a clan bank. Lightning round: Not all classes will have their own class quests. Transmogrification will be a thing. No fishing. It will have couch co-op. It will have Town portal books/scrolls. Angel involvement: technically yes. Diablo 2: Resurrected:
      Restating how bots and dupers will be almost completely gone due to running on the new Battle.net Player collision will still exist. Patch 1.14 (current live one) will be the base patch. As mentioned in the previous panel, the uncapped framerate will not affect the mechanics based on the original framerate. There are still attack speed breakpoints based on frames, the increased framerate is just "on top" of the old system and smoothing things out. Cross play will not be supported "right now". PC controller support confirmed once again. No couch co-op. Still 8 player co-op. Lightning round: You can link items in the chat. You will not be able to import your old characters. Diablo Immortal:
      There won't be progress resetting (like in D3 seasons). The story is focused between D2 and D3, but you will be able to relive events before that, similar to WoW's Caverns of Time. There's more testing ahead than there was so far. Crusader and Necro need to be added to testing, new zones, level 60 cap, and more. Many patches planned. The game's release is just the beginning. Larger PvP group activities. Lightning round! GvG bigger PvP engagements. No support for 120Hz devices.  
    • By Staff
      Blizzard are learning from past mistakes, as we might have the problematic Warcraft 3: Reforged to thank for saving the original Diablo 2! 
      As you might recall, the launch of WC3: Reforged saw the original Warcraft 3 LAN, ladder, clans and more removed and merged into the new version, which had changed a lot and wasn't a very good product. Fans were furious, even those that didn't buy the remaster, and were left without their beloved original game. 
      Thankfully, we won't have to worry about that with Diablo 2! Despite the team at Vicarious Visions keeping as close as possible to the original, changes have to be made, and we've already seen new quality of life improvements, obviously the new graphics and similar, which all seem like big improvements but will definitely annoy some. Franchise head Rod Ferguson talked to PC Gamer on the matter:

      Hell Unleashed, my favorite D2 mod.
      And that indeed is the most important part: the mods. As the majority od Diablo 2 mods used sprites from other games it was obvious it would be absolutely impossible to recreate them. So this news is incredibly important, as it allows all the old mods to still work with the original version of the game, and even new ones to be developed! So thanks to Blizzard for learning their lesson and letting us keep the OG experience, with any crazy mods we want.
    • By Staff
      Here comes more info on the Diablo 2 remaster, from Vicarious Visions and Blizzard developers! 
      First off, here's the full VoD of the panel:
      70-30 visual guide, where 70% is all old visuals, with 30 new changes. The game is 3D. All the item art was remodeled.  There was a big Blizzard North design doc that was used for details and continuity. Upgrading 4 white sprites of garlic in a tavern!  Different art referenced for the garlic!!
      Zoom camera. Legacy toggle feature - you can go back to the game with the press of a button. The new engine is running on top of the old game and mimicking it live.  All the game logic runs on a 25 FPS cycle, as many of the mechanics are linked to that (attack speed breakpoints etc.), while the actual game runs at a higher framerate.  The item visuals on your character will be more similar/the same as their inventory counterparts and vice-versa!
      Cinematics will be remastered. Sound impovements, ambient sound, more effects, but all iconic sounds are kept. Spawn rates, item drops and all core mechanics remain the same, it's the same game basically, just visually changed. All the additions were vetted by the "is this addition changing too much", which is part of the reason we HAVE A SHARED STASH!!
      The UI is also changed, with a little reorganization, but mostly looks the same as you can see. There's an advanced stats screen!
      Auto gold pickup, but is toggleable on and off. Controller support on PC (but there's still inventory tetris!). A bit of a different game on consoles due to the controller - no pathfinding, teleport has to work differently etc. You can even play a non-expansion character, so you don't get any Lord of Destruction features! There's an item comparison button. 5 more languages added.
      Certain areas of the game have gotten scarier due to the lighting upgrades. The 3D lighting is one of the major upgrades, the game looks much more atmospherics, especially with spell effects lighting things up. PvP remains, same mechanics, trading works the same. Improvements to the Battle.net lobby, browsing games, typing passwords, making some of the workarounds used by players there to begin with. Shorter ladder resets. Saving previous seasons leaderboards. No more character expiration! Global servers. All regions will be on the same servers. Duplicate names will be allowed, but will be appended with Gamertag, Battle.net ID etc. Remastering D2 was basically game archaeology and they even learned a lot of how Diablo 1 was made. Even Diablo 1 source files helped with remastering the sequel. Duping, bots etc. should be less prevalent due to the new tech from Battle.net net itself and more. You will be able to play offline! But you will not be able to go online with those characters. The game is releasing in 2021. Head on over to the game's site and register for the Tecnical Alpha! And here's the announcement trailer once more:
    • By Staff
      The remaster has finally been announced! The tech Alpha is coming soon and you can sign up for it now! The game is also coming to consoles, with cross-save!
      And here's the head of the Diablo franchise sharing his thoughts:
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