[Archived] S6 Hearthstone Low Budget Hunter Aggro Deck

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This thread is for comments about our Low Budget Hunter Aggro Deck.

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this deck sucks against spell based mage, aka everyone i played today.

Could you provide a more detailed feedback? Like in which part of the game it fails, what rank, how would you improve it?

(By the way, I haven't met any mages today and I've been playing for 5 hours. I was the only mage around)

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This deck is simply great... and unlike my Murlock deck it's AoE-proof... when you happen to have a lot of creatures on the board, the opponent is already dead anyway. It often surprises me how early I have lethal biggrin.png

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Maybe I'm just not playing it right, but I'm pretty sure it's not anymore complicated than rush the opponent down.  Honestly, I think it's a pretty poor deck.  I don't see the point in having beast-oriented cards if you can barely synergize with them.  Just about anything will hard counter this deck because EVERY creature in this deck with the exception of Hyena and Arcane Golem have only 1 HP.  Mages, Rogues, and Druids are especially able to destroy your momentum.  Not to mention any taunt, even the pitiful Goldshire Footman, will always trade your creatures.  Goldshire is also played more on lower ranks so it's not even a good trade off.  Honestly, you're better off really pushing the beasts.  I made my own after losing several rounds and have been winning much more easily.


2x Arcane Shot

1x Timber Wolf

2x Explosive Trap

2x Misdirection

1x Snake Trap

2x Unleash the Hounds

2x Acidic Swamp Ooze (Again optional, just great to have on hand for weapon classes.)

2x Bloodfen Raptor

1x Dire Wolf Alpha

1x Knife Juggler (Helps deal with small creatures and maybe an extra ping to your opponents health with how many creatures drop)

2x Scavenging Hyena

2x Starving Buzzard

1x Eaglehorn Bow (2 would be a good idea, but I don't have enough to make it)

2x Animal Companion

1x Deadly Shot (Useful on big health creatures or just to slow down opponent)

2x Kill Command

1x Arcane Golem (Again, 2 fits better possibly, just can't make a 2nd)

1x Emperor Cobra (Again useful on particularly nasty minions, or as an extra beast)

2x Hound Master (Optional, but I like the security, and the 2/2 boost usually helps even if just for damage)


Same strategy applies more or less.  Just keep getting the most value for your cards, ramming into the opponent unless something real crazy needs to die.  And always Steady Shot if you can spare the mana, should be VERY easy later on to shoot one off every turn.  During the early game it's only really useful if you don't have any better plays, which is rare because there isn't a card above 4 mana in this deck.

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Managed to edge my way up to rank 15 with this deck, post UtH nerf. Already saving my dust to create the mid budget version, and eventually the Legendary version.

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Amazing fun deck. I've always thought I was more a Control player, but I seem to do better with this Aggro Hunter deck than the Control Hunter deck (and I'm not too bad on the Control version). Overall, both hunter decks are quite fun to play with in different ways.


This deck gets me moving between L12 and L14. My current game plan is built around the Eaglehorn Bow and secrets, so when those don't turn up when I need them, I'm still mastering how to win without them. 


Misdirection is one amazing card. Actually works like a finisher sometimes! Opponent has a big minion, you got nothing on board but the secret in play. He attacks, he wipes himself out. Great feeling! Surprise!


Anyways, hoping this is the deck that will take me higher in rankings, but in the meantime, really enjoying playing with it. 


Now if only Leeroy Jenkins will drop for me so I can take it up to mid-budget. I actually had a choice some time back to get any lengendary with the dust I had -- I went for Ragnaros. Although a great card, I now would rather have taken Leeroy to play with this deck.



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Reached rank 9 (single digits) for the first time thanks to this deck & still going strong.

Sweet, gz!


So how did the changes to eaglehorn bow affect this deck?

You might notice a small change when playing a mirror match or against mages / paladins, however you were perfectly capable of winning with only secrets of your own previously and you shouldn't feel any drastic changes post nerf.

Eaglehorn Bow is still op :)

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I've been playing my own hunter deck which has a legendary card (King Krush) but this low budget aggro deck is even better. As I already have some required cards, I only need to craft 3 new cards that cost 300 Gold dust.  Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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This is an interesting deck, with a number of benefits and drawbacks. The main benefit is that all the minions are expendable since they either charge or are sent out to die (as is the case with Leper Gnome). The drawback, however, is that your minions are limited and you can often depend very desperately on drawing the right card. 


When I first played with this deck, I went from rank 19/20 to rank 18, then back down to 20, then back up to 17,and now I'm down at 18 again. 


The biggest drawback for this deck is the lack of minions to reliably deal with strong enemy minions. Cards like Sen'jin ShieldmastaDark Iron DwarfLoatheb,Sludge Belcher,and Cairne Bloodhoof are especially troublesome to deal with unless you have a hunter's mark on hand (and even then, you only have two, and you'll have to finish them with either an explosive trap or you'll have to use unleash the hounds). 


Certain cards like Injured Blademaster are a major pain in the ass; especially when a Priest plays them. Speaking of Priests, Lightspawn requires an immediate hunter's mark or any Priest with a clue will combo it with Divine Spirit (only once.. if you're lucky). Lightwell can be problematic due to a lack of board control; you either need to waste a hunter's mark on it or hope that you have an eaglehorn bow and an explosive trap handy. Most priests seem to play Northshire Cleric on turn 1 or 2, and that card is just plain irritating since over time it will give the opponent a great card advantage over you, so I usually have to waste an attack with the eaglehorn bow or use kill command on her ASAP.


I'd say that - for me - Prists are possibly the biggest issue, followed by Mages (their late game spells are deadly) and sometimes Paladins as well. 


I feel like this deck is good for early to mid game, but the late-game minions are just too powerful to deal with. If you don't have a hunter's mark or already used it, then you have to possibly waste one of your minions just so you're not getting hit for 5 or 7 damage each turn. Taunt-heavy decks are a nightmare, and that's what makes Sludge Belcher so damned irritating. 


It's not often that I am able to combo unleash the hounds with timber wolf and/or starving buzzard. I'd say that at least 50%+ of the time I need to use unleash the hounds, it's either too early for me to combo (though lately I have been able to combo it at least with timber wolf in most cases), or the cards just aren't in my hand when I need them. Due to this, I've experimented with swapping them out completely or partially and adding in arcane shot and deadly shot just to help me clear through taunts and other tricky minions.


I'd say that the vast majority of matches leave my opponent rather beaten up. Usually if I lose, I'd say my opponent's health is at ~15, and I've had a number of matches where I brought them down to the single digits before they killed me with either a string of minions, spells, or a combo of both. On one hand, board control isn't needed because usually it's kept pretty clear thanks to the opponent trying to deal with the minions brought out. On the other hand, one good taunted creature is enough to really through a wrench in your plans and two taunts is just a nightmare.


This is a good deck, but I think that it's greatly improved upon with the mid-range and legendary versions of agrro/rush. Just pray that your opponent doesn't have a handful of taunted minions or how low-cost high-power cards; otherwise, you're toast.

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