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91.6% of Everything on ALL Classes, Factions and... EVERYTHING!

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We have a big one today, as we're moving up in the world of collections after our recent catch-up with Haru, who has amassed 99.58% of everything obtainable on his Horde Paladin. However, today's rank-up in the "everything" category sees Qyune Moon setting his sights on quite literally EVERYTHING, on each and every class, both factions, as long as it's currently obtainable in the game.

We had a long chat with Qyune, who has a very positive attitude about the game in general, actually hoping Shadowlands/the pre-patch majorly reduces his %, just so he can have more things to enjoy! We also got a look at a whole lot of spreadsheets, including the master one with everything completed, which you can check out here. Here are some of the (mostly crazy) highlights from the long quest (and long interview ? ):

  • The Brutosaur mini-challenge: level 1 Goblin to 5 million gold in 210 hours.
  • Winter holiday socks from the Christmas tree gift in 113 runs of a new Allied Race char for each run.
  • Getting the 91.6% while having started the challenge at the start of BfA.
  • The 80-20 rule: about 20% time spent on 80% of the collections in an expansion, 80% time spent on the other 20%.
  • Items that are not int he game anymore aren't of much interest, the most fun is seeing a cool mount/transmog and then being able to go out and acquire it.
  • And a whoooole lot more. Enjoy:


So let’s start with the very basics: whatcha got?

I collect everything in World of Warcraft including mounts, pets, transmogs, achievements, recipes, titles, and etc on all 12 classes.  These items can come from anything such as dungeons, raids, outdoor zones, holiday activities, reputations, and professions. To give this concept an image, I have a spreadsheet tracking my progress in dungeons and raids below. I am currently 91.7% complete in dungeons and raids, while at 91.6% with everything in WoW. One important note to mention, is that this does not cover recipe drops yet, but I will be adding that to my tracking sheet once Shadowlands is here.


That’s an extremely wide-range of things to collect, basically EVERYTHING in the game and you’re insanely far along already. No question here, just us being stunned.

Yeah, I have learned a lot over the past two years, and I still learn something every day when it comes to World of Warcraft to be honest. Ultimately, I have learned that WoW is an absolutely massive game with nearly 2 decades of continuous work put into it. There's so much content put into it all across the different types of gameplay. As an example, the image above is just the ‘Dungeon and Raids’ column from the image below!  


The pre-patch is basically here, and even though it was delayed a little, how tough is it when a whole bunch of new items suddenly get added to the game for a collector like yourself? Are you excited about all the new things there are to acquire or a little bummed you’re now further away from your end-goal?

I like this question! I play WoW for the enjoyment of the game itself, so the numbers are just a reflection of how much I have enjoyed my journey in WoW. I genuinely hope that my completion percentage absolutely tanks when Shadowlands is released. I would much rather have a lot of content to chase after rather than a high completion percentage. I expect (in combination of Shadowlands and me adding recipes to the tracking sheet) my percentage will drop from 91.6% to somewhere between 75% to 80%. This just means the game got a bit bigger and there is a lot more to do! That’s typically the way I see it – the lower my percentage gets, the larger the amount of new content.

Did you miss collecting anything that’s going away from the pre-patch?

For the most part, I expect to have most of everything that is being moved to ‘unobtainable’. I do not track unobtainable items, because they are no longer a part of the active game but rather relics of the past and reflections of someone’s personal collection. That being said, I will miss out on most of the Rank 4 essences, but I lost interest in them as soon as they were listed to be removed from the game anyway. Believe it or not, I actually made a tracking sheet to keep up with everything that would be either removed or potentially more difficult to acquire upon Shadowlands’ release.


Ok, now to the actual beginning, when and why did you start?

I started this challenge in October 2018, so a little after BfA launched. I started the challenge for a few reasons and the first one was to see if something like this was actually possible. There are several players out there who have incredible progress on a single character or a certain armor type, but I wanted to see if I could collect everything on all of the classes.
Also, I wanted to have a little change of pace in things. I have raided in the past here and there, and I have always enjoyed it. However, with raiding there is always the cyclical process of gearing up, then that gear becoming dated and having to gear up again. I would like to pause and mention there is nothing wrong with this – it’s the natural process of pulling in new content with most games. So, I don’t see this as a good or bad thing, but I just wanted to have a little more of the feeling of permanent progress. I think for many, this comes in the form of mounts and/or achievements. You know, if you get a mount, you always have that mount – no matter if your guild falls apart, you lose interest in a certain area of the game, or if it is 10 years old. You always have that mount. So, for me, trying to earn all of the transmogs, mounts, pets, titles, achievements, and etc, is just another way of enjoying the same game.  

What about the faction differences, how do you handle those?

As far as factions go, there are many transmogs that can be used on both factions, but can only be picked up on one or the other. I have most of those as well. The PvP items tend to be pretty straight-forward; if you get an appearance on one faction, you get it on the other as well. There are a handful of exceptions, but not too many. For example, Nazjatar has different mounts and other items for each faction, and your Horde reputations reward different mounts compared to the Alliance. I have most, but still working on a few.

In which expansion are you furthest along?

I started this journey in BfA, so while I did manage to do some level of current content, I primarily focused on all the previous expansions. So, one of my most exciting milestones came when hitting 100% in Burning Crusade dungeons and raids. As of now, I am 1 pair of Priest shoulders in Ulduar from hitting 100% in Wrath dungeons and raids (keeping in mind that I will still need to go back for recipes at one point).   

How much are you actually catching up during each expansion?

I would say throughout the course of BfA, I have collected about 80% - 85% of the content from Vanilla to Warlords of Draenor. With Legion and BfA being the most recent, I just haven’t made it to those expansions as much.

This may not answer the question as much provide a little more insight to the answer. I debated for a long time whether or not I wanted to track the progression of collecting everything. Initially I thought this was way over the top and unnecessary, but adding a tracking sheet or spreadsheet to be able to refer to has been one of the most valuable tools in keeping up with this process. That being said, every Tuesday I go through the spreadsheet and update my numbers from the ‘All The Things’ addon. The first image shows my starting percentages as a whole (though the reality is that they are about 10% lower at that time), and the second image shows my most recent updates.



How much does your collection pace vary from expansion to expansion, since there are very different things you have to do in each?

Overall, the pace changes quite a bit but not due to the expansion. The content loosely follows the 80-20 Rule, where 20% of your time is used getting 80% of the content, and 80% of your time is used getting the remaining 20% of the content. And that last 20% could also be broken down the same way. For example, if Ulduar is at 10% completed with respect to transmogs, then it is reasonable to assume after 3 – 4 runs on various classes your percentage will increase. However, if you only have a set of Priest shoulders left and you only have 1 or 2 Priests, then it could take you several months for that item to finally drop. WoW as a whole tends to follow this pattern. 

You’ve recently been pushing a lot for Mad World Mad World, how does it compare to some of your other longer-term achievement goals?

For me, diversity in content is the most important aspect in collecting everything, because this is a marathon-like challenge. And burn-out is the single greatest threat to it. Unless the situation calls for it, I try to make sure I am not doing the same things several days or weeks in a row. It’s like eating cake - if you eat it all the time, then the taste will likely get old and you lose interest in it to the point where you may even hate it. And even if that doesn’t happen, your body will eventually fail at getting everything it needs to function.

So, the 12-Class Mad World Challenge was that diversity from collecting everything for me. Previously (and what I think helped start my interest in collecting everything), I collected all 36 Artifact appearances from the Mage Tower in Legion. So, this was something that was completely separate but equally important and fun for me to chase after. It would be fun to deep dive into the differences of Mad World and Mage Towers, but I will save that for another time.

To finally answer your question, I know that I will need to earn Mythic raid level and Gladiator level achievements, transmogs, and etc in the future. So, this was something simply to push me out of my comfort zone, read and understand class abilities, learn the class, and push myself on a skill-based level. WoW and most games can be broken down into time-based and skill-based difficulty. So, when it comes time to get those items, I would like to be capable of learning.  


What’s your current push to get done before the pre-patch and do you think you’ll make it?

I mentioned earlier that I will be tracking recipes when Shadowlands launches, but I heard that the Rank 2 and Rank 3 appearances of the WoD weapons and armor will no longer be available. To clarify, there is a blue post that mentions they intend to bring them back, but we don’t know if that will be in 3 months, 3 years, or if plans change. So, I wanted to play it safe and get them now, which took a massive amount of time and effort to farm the materials and craft those transmogs.
The last thing I am after at this point is Bruce from the Brawler’s Guild. I think there will be a few tough fights here and there, but it seems relatively straight-forward. Outside of that, I am just looking forward to seeing the new system and scaling in action and getting some more characters leveled up.  Probably lots of bag and bank cleaning too! My next major project is to level up 28 characters’ worth of professions from Vanilla to BfA, so this might come as a surprise but I have a spreadsheet for that too!


What would be the most difficult feats (not of strength) you’ve completed?

One of the things I try to do on my channel is keep things as relatable as possible (outside of streamer hours in a video game). And a lot of people were concerned with the Brutosaur (5M gold mount) going to the BMAH when the pre-patch hits. So, I wanted to show a basic, bare-bones style of gameplay where someone could just log in and gather materials (crafting materials such as herbs, ores, elemental items, and etc), and not use multiboxing, 10+ garrisons, or 8 hours a day to get the mount.
So, I started a challenge to make a new level 1 Goblin with 0 gold and end up with 5M gold. With him, I would give myself 2 hours per day to level and/or gather materials. Personally, I don’t think most people have 2 hours per day, but this allowed me to speed up the challenge so that others could see the end results, and it provided a larger window for anyone to stop in, watch, and ask questions. Ultimately, it took 210 hours over the course of 4 months, but we gathered enough gold to buy the Brutosaur! I found it to be exciting, because I have had several messages that other players used this method, combined with other tactics, and were able to get their own mount as well! I will likely do the same thing whenever we figure out what the super expensive item is in Shadowlands. Below is an image showing the progress from Level 1 on November 1st, 2019 to late February 2020.


What are the most difficult feats still ahead of you? And ones you’re least looking forward to?

If I had to list a few, I think the following will be most difficult with respect to time-based and skill-based difficulty (in no particular order):

1)      All 4 MoP World Boss mount drops
2)      Love Rocket from the holiday dungeon
3)      Gladiator title and elite sets
4)      M15 mount rewards
5)      Honor level 400 pet
6)      Honor level 500 mount
7)      BMAH items (or at least the gold for them)
? TCG mounts, pets, toys (or at least the gold for them)
I see these as high-hanging fruit. While I do plan to get them, I am not focused on those items. It is hard to be concerned about something so far off when I still need drops in Ulduar or some 5-man dungeons.  It will happen, but I am not in a rush.

What are some of your favorite things you’ve completed and would do again?

Mad World on each class was a lot of fun! Some of them were tough and sometimes frustrating, but they were a lot of fun! The solo skill-based content is really fun to me. This goes well with the 36 Mage Tower appearances as well!

Other things that involve more time-based difficulty that I enjoyed was getting every transmog from Icecrown Citadel on all 4 of the difficulties. Many transmogs are unique to one or two, so this took a while to get done. Invincible took 179 attempts to get to drop, and Icecrown was one of my first large raids that I completed, so there was a lot of excitement in saying there nothing I need there.

I think I am missing less than 10 transmogs from all of the quests from Vanilla to Legion. It was a lot of fun running through all of those quests – it would be nice if Chromie was around to take you to the time before the Cataclysm to pick up the removed quests as well.
Something that randomly came to my mind when I read your question, is the Winter holiday socks.  There are a pair of super-pixelated blue socks that can drop from one of the gifts under the tree, and it is completely random. Well, we figured out if I make a level 20 Orc (Allied Race), the fastest route would be to mount up, run through Orgrimmar to the tree, open up the 1 or 2 presents that would drop them, get the wrong pair of socks, log out, delete the character, make another orc, randomize name, log in, and do it again. I did that 113 times for a random pair of socks.  It was a bit much for what the item was, but it was kinda fun in its own way.

Do you keep track of other collectors and how far along they are?

Within the discord channel there are a few who have been doing this for a while, and they have even higher numbers than myself. Many have started their collections recently! We tend to keep up with each other just in general daily conversation, and let each other know whenever something amazing drops or happens. This includes exchanging ideas or experiences with certain drop rates or quests series. We have a good community here! Whether someone is a pet battle master, just collects druid transmogs, collects all capturable hunter pets, raids on a mythic progression level, or just logs on for the social aspect, we generally really enjoy WoW and cheer each other on. Outside of that, I would assume there are more that have better percentages, but I tend to stay pretty busy when not online, so I don’t have much of a chance to look around.  

Do you have any very rare and unavailable items/achis etc, and what are they?

I have a good bit of stuff that is no longer obtainable, but most of it tends to be more of your pixelated, outdated gear and a handful of recipes.  I will be honest; I tend to find the stuff removed from the game very uninteresting, because there is nothing or very little to do in the sense of trying to earn it. I have always found it exciting to see someone wearing something (or on a mount) that I really want and then have the opportunity to chase after it. Conversely, if I look up an item and discover it has been removed, then that’s it. The curiosity and excitement is gone, and I move on to the next thing.  

What’s your favorite expansion or period in WoW?

For me Legion and MoP have been my two favorite expansions! Mists of Pandaria added so many new concepts and ideas to the game that were not necessarily essential to core gameplay, but they added a different way to enjoy your gameplay throughout the game. While not all of this content was everyone’s cup of tea, it was still there as something else to do. And I really like the idea that an MMO has several different ways to have fun without feeling like you are wasting your time if you are not on the main path. Also, I absolutely loved Timeless Isle.  While most of everything significant could be done quickly, you could spend a massive amount of time on the island working on mini-goals or small objectives.

As for Legion, it just had a massive amount of content as well. The artifact system had some bumps initially, but has a whole, I liked it. The World Quest system was a much-needed break from the daily system and added some level diversity to the daily routine. However, I think my favorite thing about Legion was the incredible class development and identity. The unique artifact appearances, the mounts, the quests series, order halls, and etc were really well done as a whole. I was absolutely surprised when we went from that to everyone looks the same in Uldir (BfA) sets. I hope to see the class sets return soon.

Any shoutouts?

My community on Twitch has been there with every step of the way, so I cannot thank them enough for all the advice, tips, conversation, and support!

Also, the addon ‘All The Things’ is to collecting as DBM is to raiding and TSM to gold making. It is a great addon, and my settings can be found within the spreadsheet.

And in closing, here's a video series detailing the All The Things settings Qyune uses in his collection quest:

Also be sure to check Qyune on his socials and Twitch:



Other Icy Veins interviews:

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