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Shadowlands Pre-patch Class Tuning: November 17th/18th

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Here's a round-up of the latest class changes that will go live with the weekly maintenance on November 17th for NA and the 18th for EU.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

Death Knight



  • Death and Decay Death and Decay damage has been increased by 25%.
  • Death Strike damage has been increased by 21%.

Demon Hunter


  • New Talent: Unbound Chaos Unbound Chaos (replaces Fel Mastery) – Unbound Chaos has been redesigned – Now causes your next Immolation Aura cast to increase the damage of your next Fel Rush by 300%. Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Glaive Tempest Glaive Tempest is now affected by Mastery: Demonic Presence, and its damage has been reduced by 15%.



  • Growl Growl is now learned at level 9 (was 14).
  • Moonfire Moonfire (Rank 2) is now learned at level 14 (was 9).

PvP Talent Changes

  • Master Shapeshifter Master Shapeshifter: Balance Affinity no longer reduces the cast time of Starsurge and now also increases the damage of Wrath and Starfire by 20% for 10 seconds.
  • Master Shapeshifter Master Shapeshifter: Feral Affinity now only increases bleed damage by 30% (was 25%).
  • Deep Roots Deep Roots now increases the damage required to break your Entangling Roots and Mass Entanglement by 250% (down from 400%).


PvP Talent Changes

  • Moon and Stars Moon and Stars radius increased to 5 yards (was 3 yards). Moon and Stars now triggers each time you enter an Eclipse, instead of when using Celestial Alignment.


PvP Talent Changes

  • Survival Tactics Survival Tactics now reduces damage taken by 90% (down from 99%) and can now be used to reduce damage from spells that are already mid-air.


  • Trueshot Trueshot now increases your Focus regen and Focus generation by 50% while active in addition to its current effects.



  • Provoke Provoke is now learned at level 9 (was 14).
  • Roll Roll (Rank 2) is now learned at level 14 (was 9).




  • Light of Dawn Light of Dawn healing has been increased by 25%.
  • Divine Favor Divine Favor now reduces the cast time of Holy Light and Flash of Light by 60% but no longer reduces their mana cost.


  • Vengeance Aura Vengeance Aura’s range has been increased to 40 yards (was 20 yards).
  • Luminescence Luminescence now heals up to 5 allies, preferring injured targets (was all allies). Additionally, the range of this ability has been increased to 40 yards (was 20 yards).




PvP Talents

  • Delivered from Evil Delivered from Evil no longer reduces Leap of Faith’s cooldown by 45 seconds. Instead, it increases the healing of your next spell on the target by 100%.
  • Miracle Worker Miracle Worker now also reduces the cooldown of Holy Word: Serenity by 25%.


  • Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts duration has been increased to 10 seconds (was 6 seconds).
  • Mind Flay Mind Flay damage has been reduced by 15%.
  • Mind Sear Mind Sear damage has been reduced by 15%.
  • Devouring Plague Devouring Plague’s initial damage has been reduced by 15% and its periodic damage has been reduced by 12%.

Talent Changes

  • Searing Nightmare Searing Nightmare Insanity cost has been reduced to 30 (was 35).
  • Auspicious Spirits now generates 2 Insanity (was 1) and its damage increase to Shadowy Apparitions has been reduced to 15% (was 30%).
  • Shadow Crash Shadow Crash no longer has 3 charges and no longer applies a Shadow Crash damage vulnerability debuff on targets hit. Shadow Crash now deals 100% more damage and is on a 30 second cooldown (was 45 seconds).
  • Void Torrent Void Torrent’s duration reduced to 3 seconds (was 4 seconds) and damage increased by 20%. Void Torrent now generates 60 Insanity over its duration (was 30), no longer refreshes your damage over time effects, and its cooldown has decreased to 30 seconds (was 45 seconds).



  • Shiv Shiv damage has been increased by 150%.



PvP Talent Changes

  • Control of Lava Control of Lava now increases Flame Shock’s damage by 25%, instead of increasing Lava Burst’s damage.


Talent Changes

  • Hot Hand Hot Hand additionally resets the cooldown of Lava Lash when it activates.
  • Ice Strike Ice Strike damage has been increased by 75%.
  • Forceful Winds Forceful Winds Windfury damage bonus per stack has been reduced to 35% (was 50%).
  • Lashing Flames Lashing Flames duration has been increased to 20 seconds (was 12 seconds).
  • Elemental Blast Elemental Blast damage has been increased by 25%.
  • Hailstorm Hailstorm’s Frost Shock damage bonus has been lowered to 15% (was 35%).
  • Fire Nova Fire Nova damage has been increased by 75%.



  • Fel Domination Fel Domination now also removes the Shard cost to summon your pet.
  • Curse of Exhaustion Curse of Exhaustion duration has been increased to 12 seconds (was 8 seconds).
  • Players and enemies afflicted with Howl of Terror can now take more damage before the ability is canceled.
  • Dark Pact Dark Pact spell power bonus has been increased to 120% (was 40%).


Talent Changes

PvP Talent Changes

  • New PvP Talent: Rapid Contagion Rapid Contagion – For the next 15 seconds, all of your periodic effects occur 50% more often. Instant cast, costs 3 Soul Shards.
  • Demon Armor Demon Armor for Affliction Warlocks now increases armor by 150% (was 90%).


  • Axe Toss now stuns and interrupts the target.
  • Shadow Bolt Shadow Bolt damage has been increased by 13%.
  • Dreadstalker’s attack power has been increased by 20%. Dreadstalker’s Dreadbite and Dreadlash damage has been reduced by 10%.

Talent Changes

  • Minions spawned from Nether Portal Nether Portal have had their attack power increased by 15%. Additionally, Vicious Hellhounds, Void Terrors, Wrathguards and Darkhounds spawned from Nether Portal can now charge to enemies.



  • Taunt Taunt is now learned at level 8 (was 14).
  • Charge Charge (Rank 2) is now learned at level 14 (was 8).

All Class Changes Coming in Shadowlands

6D5HKWY2GULD1465340163386.png Death Knight KONFY3G21NRT1465340163602.png Mage 4K4NG17DH5OC1465340163651.png Rogue

Death Knight 9.0.1 Class Changes

Mage 9.0.1 Class Changes

Rogue 9.0.1 Class Changes

742W2C4VQJ651465340163518.png Demon Hunter MD3875H6PEN31465340163613.png Monk TGVJ0Y6O051R1465340163670.png Shaman

Demon Hunter 9.0.1 Class Changes

Monk 9.0.1 Class Changes

Shaman 9.0.1 Class Changes

BIML5YS7P8XA1465340163522.png Druid FTPZBBV8LWHM1465340163625.png Paladin Y65BR5SJIAKM1465340163689.png Warlock

Druid 9.0.1 Class Changes

Paladin 9.0.1 Class Changes

Warlock 9.0.1 Class Changes

3AP8QPDFMH191465340163595.png Hunter MMF2M70OD4PY1465340163646.png Priest Q21ASBT2SDXX1465340163697.png Warrior

Hunter 9.0.1 Class Changes

Priest 9.0.1 Class Changes

Warrior 9.0.1 Class Changes

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