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hearthstone Hearthstone Spotlight! ESGN Fight Night

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In this week's Hearthstone Spotlight, we present you with ESGN Fight Night, a popular show that pits two teams of seasoned Hearthstone veterans against one another, in thrilling fashion. Each episode of the show, which boasts excellent production value, covers a Hearthstone match between two players, many of them renown streamers. Expert commentary is also provided, offering a lot of insight into the strategy that a high level game of Hearthstone entails.

As part of this week's Hearthstone Spotlight, we want to introduce you to one of the most popular long-running Hearthstone tournaments: ESGN Fight Night.

This event, now in its 5th season, provides countless hours of high-level Hearthstone matches between some of the most famous Hearthstone streamers. All of the games have live, expert in-depth commentary, meaning that you'll never miss any of the subtleties regarding the strategy involved.
While the players competing in the event are extremely skilled, seeing the kind of thought processes that go into making correct plays will help even less experienced players. Add to that the fact that the show is very entertaining, and you've got a good amount of entertainment on your hands!
You can see all of the previous episodes on ESGN's YouTube channel.

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