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Warlock on BIG trouble at soo

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Hi guys im maktrap, from quel'thalas, im the new guy on the guild and one of the worst at dpsing... I Need that you guys help me to correct what im doing wrong because i want to be good but honestly idk how... Warlock is my main and i wouldn't go for another class, im a destrucction one, here ill post my Gear info. Pelase help me.


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Post in the warlock sub forum and include logs for better help. Also, read the guides zagam has poste there for a lot I info on how to improve.

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Like Orthios said, you'll want to post in the warlock section of the forums. Before you do so, there are a few things you need to do.


First, read every bit of Zag's guide on your chosen spec (I'm assuming destruction, so I'm putting destruction first):





Second, your armory won't help us fix your DPS. Get us some logs:



Third, read Zag's guide to analyzing your own logs:



If you still have trouble, come post in the lock section.

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