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World First Shadowlands Mythic+ 19 Soloed

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It's time for more crazy impressive Mythic+ soloing (not timed, of course), as Mulini returns to make a big jump up in terms of keystones, and it isn't even in Mists! of Tirna Scithe!

It isn't even Season 2 yet and we already have a +19(!!) soloed, and this 4 hour masterpiece is brought to you by Blood Death Knights. Mulini's last solo was "only" a +17 in MotS and took 6 and a half hours, but now we have the Halls of Atonement get humiliated! Luckily there's a sped up and condensed version of the run to enjoy, and it's damn impressive

Here are the details of the run, courtesy of Raider.IO, and you can also check out even more stats over at Warcraft Logs.

You can see the insane amounts of healing coming out of the Blood DK, with a huge spike at 1 hour 20 mark, which seems to have been just a really big trash pack.


And here's Mulini's commentary on the run:

Gear: 229.18
06,00% Crit, 20,03% Haste- 12,50% Vers, 63,49% Mastery
Legendary: Superstrain Superstrain, Gorefiend's Domination Gorefiend's Domination

Covenant: Venthyr
Trinkets: Blood-Spattered Scale Blood-Spattered Scale, Splintered Heart of Al'ar Splintered Heart of Al'ar

Shards: You can either play with no/low adds with Gorefiend's Domination and interrupt the summon with kick and grip alternating or spawn as many add as you can and have fun with Superstrain.

1st Boss: Pretty easy. Fun Fact: You can play wherever you like See: 1:07:00+ in Replay https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/...

Echelon: The Boss has multiple challenges. Adds every 40-50s: I had 2-3 waves off adds if I don't mess up the jump. Newly spawned adds have mana for 3 casts. For each wave of casts you have to be topped and deathstrike after. The 3 waves of casts with the melees combined are about 35k DTPS for 15s. Interrupting 1 add for RP and using VB for each new wave was my strategy. Stun every 30s: Pre-AMSing every other debuff apply was doable, so I had this rotation: 1. pre-AMS 2. Covenant+SireTrinket+pre-DS+DS after+ ibf/antistunpot/rt as backup/emergency Using swarming mist to reset RP-economy and have enough RP for the DS before and after.

Foul Bulwark vs Blood Tap This fight is extremly 'spiky' due to the shear amount of raw damage taken. While 1 main cause of wipes were the not-immuned stuns, one other was just 'random' deaths. Though the damage intake is extremly preditable especially with this many targets, you often die by surprise. This talent-choice was done while trying 20 Echelon, but I think it was fine for 19 also.

Legendaries: Superstrain was a obvious choice due to the target-count. I tried Gorefiend's Domination but using VB on CD but died on the cast-waves of the adds and delaying VB reduced the value too much. DS refund was just less RP then Superstrain. CRW was hard to play on this fight due to GCDs with DRW. Imagine being on 80% HP and 30 RP and dnd down and trying to recover your RP with DRW, but after DRW→HS you are dead before you can DS. On paper this leggo seems good due to near perfect ICD trigger on cdr but it didn't worked out atleast for me(pls take DRW off GCD).

Sometimes the stun would be every 58s/59s instead of 60s, which completely ruins the CD-rotation. Echelon did this on the kill but I was (barely) able to recover.
Fun Fact: You can LoS the jump or jump near the entrance on the small elevations and he won't jump but punish you with a new set on curses soon after.

3rd Boss: Easy. Sometimes he skipped a spawn of a ghost when I was behind. Don't know if bug or feature.

4th Boss: AMB would be better then WotN to immune every other debuff instead of every 3rd. Gear was too mastery-focused for the intermissions. I played a bad setup but was lucky sometimes.

Q: But why? A: Because fun it's to pump on Echelon.
Q: Are you recommending this setup/route for my weekly +14/15? A: Not at all.
Q: Is EH or raw HPS more of a Problem? A: EH on Trash/Echelon, raw HPS on ST.
Q: Are higher Keys possible to do solo? A: Tried Hoa on 20/21/22. Echelon 20 seems doable
Tried ToP 19 MS on 1st Boss was too big. NW, DoS, and Pf I don't see happening. In SD/SoA I didn't see a clear red flag though it doesn't seem easy enough.

Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

You can also treat yourselves to the full, uncut 4 hour run!

Huge congratulations to Mulini and we hope to see more solos in Season 2, as Shadowlands is already getting up there in the very first season, as BfA ended with a +25 as the highest soloed keystone (shockingly also by Mulini)!

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