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Final Patch 9.1 Pre-Raid DPS Simulation by SimulationCraft

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SimulationCraft have now implemented all classes and here is their final Sanctum of Domination pre-raid DPS simulation!

DISCLAIMER: All simulations are a work in progress. They've been conducted using a Patchwerk (nuke boss-style) template and an Item Level 252 character with a Legendary and 3 Conduits. All classes have now been implemented SimulationCraft is open source, and you can contribute to making it better!

Pre-Raid Sanctum of Domination 9.1 DPS Simulation Vol. #3

Here is the final DPS sim for Sanctum of Domination. Warlock has been implemented now as well.

Created with Highcharts 4.2.3 Damage per Second(Click title for burst)11,72311,22511,14411,12211,05010,99410,94810,93510,89910,85810,83410,83310,74910,70510,42810,42010,26710,19310,14410,1239,9989,9949,9769,8489,8309,6749,5439,5259,3719,3669,3539,3449,3419,1578,7117,7696,069T27_Rogue_SubtletyT27_Warrior_FuryT27_Mage_FrostT27_Druid_BalanceT27_Rogue_AssassinationT27_Paladin_RetributionT27_Priest_Shadow_NecrolordT27_Mage_ArcaneT27_Priest_Shadow_KyrianT27_Mage_Arcane_KyrianT27_Priest_ShadowT27_Rogue_OutlawT27_Priest_Shadow_VenthyrT27_Druid_Feral_OwlweaveT27_Warrior_ArmsT27_Druid_FeralT27_Shaman_EnhancementT27_Death_Knight_FrostT27_Death_Knight_Frost_BreathT27_Death_Knight_Frost_2HT27_Demon_Hunter_HavocT27_Death_Knight_UnholyT27_Warlock_DemonologyT27_Monk_WindwalkerT27_Monk_Windwalker_NecrolordT27_Hunter_SurvivalT27_Shaman_Enhancement_KDWT27_Mage_FireT27_Shaman_ElementalT27_Warlock_AfflictionT27_Shaman_Enhancement_VDWT27_Warlock_DestructionT27_Shaman_Elemental_NLT27_Hunter_MarksmanshipT27_Hunter_Beast_MasteryT27_Monk_BrewmasterT27_Death_Knight_BloodT27_Rogue_Subtlety Damage per Second: 11,723.0



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8 minutes ago, Dejo93 said:

Why are there 3 Enh Shaman lines?

I imagine those abbreviations stand for Kyrian-Doom Winds and Venthyr-Doom Winds, which makes an unlabeled one a Night Fae

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21 minutes ago, Dejo93 said:

Why are there 3 Enh Shaman lines?

Three different builds have been simmed. The top one is using Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones & Night Fae, while the other two are using Doom Winds as a Kyrian (KDW) and a Venthyr (VDW).

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