Soulbind Conduits Guide (9.2.5)

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Welcome to our Conduits guide for Shadowlands, where you will learn what Conduits are, how they are used, and how you can obtain them.


Conduit Changes in Shadowlands Season 4


Conduit Changes in Patch 9.2


Conduit Changes in Patch 9.1.5

Patch 9.1.5 introduces the following Conduit changes:

  • Incense of Infinity Icon Incense of Infinity is a new Conduit catch-up item for alts.
  • Conduit Energy has been removed and Conduits can be freely swapped without any restrictions, though it must still be done from your Covenant Sanctum.
  • Unlocking your third Soulbind on any character allows alts joining the same Covenant to start a quest that will immediately unlock their second and third Soulbind.


Soulbind Conduits are socketed passives that enhance your class and Covenant Abilities. You can get them from reputation vendors, PvP quartermasters, dungeons, raids, and by completing various content in Shadowlands.

You must first add them to your permanent collection at the Forge of Bonds. Afterward, they can be inserted into the corresponding empty Conduit slots provided by Soulbinds.

Conduits have 15 ranks and their power increases with item level.


How to Catch Up on Conduits in Shadowlands

You can buy multiple items in the game that allow you to quickly learn all Conduits and raise their item level.

Incense of Infinity Icon Incense of Infinity can be purchased from Au'Dara for 500 gold after you reach Renown 80 with one of your characters. The item teaches alts all Conduits and raises their item level to 200.

Two items that offer higher item-level Conduits have been added in Patch 9.2. You can but them from The Enlightened quartermaster in Zereth Mortis at Friendly and Revered.

Font of Ephemeral Power Icon Font of Ephemeral Power teaches you all Conduits and raises them to item level 226. Requires Friendly with The Enlightened.

Decanter of Untapped Potential Icon Decanter of Untapped Potential teaches you all Conduits and raises them to item level 239. Requires Revered with The Enlightened.

Vessel of Profound Possibilities Icon Vessel of Profound Possibilities teaches you all Conduits and raises them to item level 278. Requires completing the Zereth Mortis campaign chapter Souls Entwined, and one of the following achievements: Shadowlands Keystone Hero: Season Three Icon Shadowlands Keystone Hero: Season Three, Elite: Shadowlands Season 3 Icon Elite: Shadowlands Season 3, or Mythic: Sepulcher of the First Ones Icon Mythic: Sepulcher of the First Ones.


Soulbind Conduit Sources

The easiest way to learn all Conduits is to purchase one of the items listed above.

Alternatively, Conduits can be obtained from various sources. They drop from raid and world bosses, dungeons, and you can find them on vendors.


The Forge of Bonds

After having obtained your very first Soulbind Conduit, you must make your way to The Forge of Bonds located in your Covenant Sanctum. The forge allows you to augment your Soulbinds with Conduits and add them permanently to your collection. Soulbind Conduits work just like Essences in Battle for Azeroth, and you must always be at the Forge of Bonds to change and add them to your collection.


Soulbind Conduit Collection

Learning a Soulbind Conduit adds it permanently to your collection. You can bring up the Collection UI by clicking on the Forge of Bonds.

Here is how the collection looks like in the game.


Conduit Item Level and Ranks

Conduits have 11 obtainable ranks (along with two bonus ranks from Enhanced Conduits) and their item level varies from Season to Season.

  • Rank 1 — Item Level 145.
  • Rank 2 — Item Level 158.
  • Rank 3 — Item Level 171.
  • Rank 4 — Item Level 184.
  • Rank 5 — Item Level 200.
  • Rank 6 — Item Level 213.
  • Rank 7 — Item Level 226.
  • Rank 8 — Item Level 239.
  • Rank 9 — Item Level 252.
  • Rank 10 — Item Level 265.
  • Rank 11 — Item Level 278.
  • Rank 12 — Item Level 291.
  • Rank 13 — Item Level 304.

How to Upgrade Conduits in Shadowlands

If you obtain the same Conduit at a higher rank, it will override the lower item level Conduit and replace it in your collection, upgrading it.

The easiest way to upgrade Conduits in Shadowlands is by purchasing one of the available items that teaches you all Conduits and raises their item level.


Types of Soulbind Conduits

Before we go over the different types of Conduits, let us have a closer look at a sample Soulbind tree for better illustration.

As you can see above in Pelagos' Soulbind tree, we distinguish between three types of Soulbind Conduits, each marked with a different symbol:

  • Finesse Finesse Conduits — Provide you with utility.
  • Potency Potency Conduits — Increase your damage output.
  • Endurance Endurance Conduits — Increase your survivability.

All Soulbinds provide 3 empty Endurance Endurance, 2 Potency Potency, and 2 Finesse Finesse Conduit slots for a total of 7 empty Conduit slots per Soulbind.


How to Activate Soulbind Conduits

You must drag a Conduit from your collection and insert into the corresponding empty Conduit slot of your Soulbind to activate it.

Note that you cannot use the same Conduit twice and your Conduits will not reset when you switch between specializations or Soulbinds.


Enhanced Conduits

New in Patch 9.1 are Enhanced Conduits that empower your first six Soulbind rows. Conduit rows will become enhanced at various Renown levels, increasing a Conduit's item level by 26 and effect by 2 ranks.

  • The first row of Conduits is enhanced at Renown 61, 62, 63.
  • The second row of Conduits is enhanced at Renown 64, 65, and 66.
  • The third row of Conduits is enhanced at Renown 67, 68, and 69.
  • The fourth row of Conduits is enhanced at Renown 70, 71, and 72.
  • The fifth row is enhanced at Renown 73, 74, and 75.
  • The sixth and final row of Conduits is enhanced at Renown 77, 78, and 79.

Obtaining Soulbind Conduits

Conduits can be obtained by completing various activities in the Shadowlands. These include killing raid bosses, completing dungeons, reaching Exalted with the new factions, and some can be purchased from PvP quartermasters in Oribos.


Replacing Soulbind Conduits

If you wish to replace an existing Conduit you can drag and drop the new Conduit into the existing Conduit slot that is currently equipped with a different Conduit.


Conduits by Class

Please refer to our class-specific Conduit pages for more information about the Conduits available to each class.



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