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In our latest Hearthstone Video of the Month, we present you with an informative video from YouTuber KendricSwissh. The video teaches players all about how to bait out the opponent's important cards (such as removal), and how to always think about playing around such cards.

The video is part of a larger series of instructional videos, mostly aimed at the not-very-experienced players, introducing them to many important concepts that one should master in order to reach their full potential in competitive Hearthstone. Baiting out your opponent's important removal cards is just one such concept, and a technique that adds another layer of depth to the strategic decisions being made in a competitive game.


KendricSwissh also has a Twitch stream, where you can often watch him play in real-time, as well as interact with him.




Help us feature your video! Part of the reason why we started our Video of the Month feature is to help up-and-coming YouTubers reach a wider audience. So, if you've got an educational or interesting recent video, or you know someone else who does, let us know in this thread, and we may feature it next week!

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