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[US-Turalyon][H] < Sanctum of Dreams>7/14 H recruiting for 25m

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Guild Name: Sanctum of Dreams

Faction: Horde

Realm: US

Realm Type: PVE

Realm Time Zone: EST

Battlegroup: Stormstrike


Hey Guild Seekers!


Sanctum of Dreams is a PVE/PVP guild located on Turalyon-US (Eastern). We are a guild full of "normal" working stiffs (don't hold me to the normal thing). In our free time, we like to have some fun together by breaking things and killing stuff.


We currently are combining our 10-man Heroic raid team (7/14) and our normal SoO team (13/14) to complete 25-man content. In addition to our raid team, we are looking for active PVP players to compete in Arena teams, RBGs, random battlegrounds, and world PVP. As WoD approaches, we're also seeking casual players to bolster our ranks. We want active, adult (21+) players who enjoy the game, want to kill bosses, and show up for scheduled events. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please enjoy this healthy does of guild spam:




With the raid format changing for WoD, we are combining our 2 10-man raid teams to complete 25-man SoO content. During this time, we will be gearing players and getting raid experience to those folks that may not have already cleared SoO content. Currently we are recruiting stong DPS classes. No minimum gear requirements at this time but players are expected to know their class and be working towards raid level gear standards. Raids are Tues/Thurs 9:30PM - 12:15AM EST.


Flex raiding is also done on off nights/hours to help gear people for normal/heroic content.




We are recruiting for more PVP players to help solidify our server presence. PVP recruits are expected to participate in Arenas, RBGs, and randoms. 




SoD is always recruiting casual players. In addition to our PVE and PVP teams, SoD enjoys a healthy and active player base. We have scheduled guild events for old content, achievements, and other fun activities. Do you like farming mounts or pets, gathering old tier pieces for transmogs, or just running 5-mans to the wee hours of the morning? Chances are we've got a place for you.


Are you looking forward to Warlords of Draenor? Do you want to be part of a guild that encourages all aspects of the game? Would you like to be in a guild with whom you can prepare yourself for the next expansion that is both active and social? If so, please visit cen.enjin.com for more information and to complete the application process (it's quick and easy)!


If the website does not answer all of your questions, feel free to message any of our officers/team leaders (Lefthanded, Fluffatron, or Stable) and they will be happy to help you or hit me up on realid @ Sweenjamin#1296 and we can chat (please send me a message after the friend request so that I know why you're friending me).


Thanks for your interest in SoD,


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Raid positions are full. We are currently recruiting for PVP only. Check our website or message Lefthanded (Sweenjamin#1296) for more information. Thanks and happy hunting!

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