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Sanctum of Domination Mythic DPS Log Rankings, Week 15: Balance Rising + A Look at the Bosses

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We're taking another look at a few of the bosses in the Sanctum this week, in addition to our usual overview where Balance seems to be doing really well across all the difficulties and brackets! Let's get right into it.

Mythic DPS Rankings

Affliction is still hanging in there after its recent surge, as it loses the second slot to Balance, but remains in the top 3. Arcane is on another one of its frequent upswings, rising 3 into 5th, while Marksmanship has the biggest drop this week, losing 4 and going down to 14th, as Assassination gains those same 4 spots and ends up in 11th.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

Windwalkers are at the top of their raid game as they hold on to the No.1 spot in both high and generalist brackets, and the first change this week comes in at No.4 where Assassination suddenly burst onto the top rank scene, jumping 3 spots as it seems to be a really good week for them! This pushed Affliction down quite a bit, as the spec loses 4 spots but holds on to the top 10, with Balance coming in hot at No.5 (up 3). The middle of the pack is solidly jumbled up from last week, with Fury rising the most and Survival doing it's now customary downwards trajectory after a very good previous week.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

Individual Bosses

We're also taking a look at a few key bosses this week, as the wall of pain seems to have a pretty set raid composition, keeping the same top 7 spots over the past 2 weeks.


All percentiles Painsmith Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


Ol' phylactery-man also has very few changes, with Elemental getting to the top spot as Affliction loses out all over the place, while Demonology and Havoc move on up a little.

All percentiles Kel'Thuzad Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


Sylvanas has some significant changes as the Druids take over, with Fury dropping down an insane amount from it's No.1 spot 2 weeks ago, settling in the middle of the pack. Survival shows up at No.3, but that doesn't seem to be a reliable stat as it never is with the (few) melee Hunters, but the following 3 specs are solid and kept their slots over the past 2 weeks. Meanwhile, Retribution rises a little and closes out the top 10.

All percentiles Sylvanas Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

Heroic DPS Rankings

There's actually a pretty big change in Heroic for once, as Balance finally breaks up the Rogue party we've had for over a month and takes the No.2 spot! Shadow and Arms swap position as well, with Fire rising into 8th.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.


As always, if you want even more info on a spec, you can check out our class guides here, for a DPS tier list you can go here, or for even more data, head on over to Warcraft Logs.

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