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I apologize if you've seen this thread on a different website, but I'm just trying to gather as much info from as many sources as I can so I know exactly what I'm working with.This is for my gf. She started trialing with a guild, and just started heroics. Her RL said she needs to be pulling more dps.

HC Immerseus:
HC Protectors:
HC Nourushen:
HC SHA (Wipe):

I don't know much about warlocks (I main a dk) but any info and criticism, strengths and weaknesses would be greatly appreciated so I could bring it to her attention and help her improve. If needed I'll learn the class myself so I can help explain better. Thanks.

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reupload in to and we can help a lot more. WoL is a outdated logging system that cripples us.



She is at 14.66% hit, she needs to be at 15.00%.

Tailoring isn't maxed.

Rest of the armory is fine.


CB damage is VERY low, she is clearly not snap shotting well. SB casts are on the very low end. Immolate uptime is poor on every fight.



Make sure she has read:


This Guide

This Guide

And this one

Last but not least



Reupload the logs in to Warcraftlogs and we can help a lot more.

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How do I reupload? They aren't mine, they're her guilds; can I still do that?



No, you need the combatlog .txt file. Take some logs of her own, do a flex/normal/heroic Malk or IJ or Sha. And tell her guild that they are bad and stuck in the stoneage, they need to move to warcraftlogs.

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