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the deck i'm not so sure about, but i feel you could have made better plays with the silence you should have silenced the freeze of your 4/4 and hit face cause then he would have to clear both 4/4 and 2/2 would would most likely seem difficult considering he used both fire balls and 1 poly as well as the only way to live would be blizzard/flame strike maybe some taunts i guess, not really something mages run though at considering it's a freeze mage i'd say very low chance


also on turn 9 assuming it was a freeze mage probably would be running aleckz so he could have been back up to 15 i mean silencing the freeze would have been a smart idea is all :P

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he could of won when he took his gurabashi by silencing the frozen minion and dealing 6 damage like 3 turns earlier too. Would it hold up against something like the midbudget warrior control deck? It can remove those minions pretty easily with a fiery war axe and the 1 damage aoe (whirlwind?) or it can just execute them. Plus if you're using your silences on your own minions you'd want them back when an enraged Hellscream comes out or a berserker is enraged.

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