Looking for an Ele Shaman for Cm's

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Title says it all. We're a Cm group comprised of me, Surv Hunter Alt, our Brewmaster Tank, Resto Druid, and a Shadow Priest. Been having troubles finding a final dps for it. 

My Main:
My Hunters Armory: 
My Proving Grounds Record: 

Message me if your interested and I can hook you up to our tank who'll manage times with you
      Edit* Forgot to mention we're Alliance, props to Hybrys, and I added a wowhead profiler to display

my equipped set for these. 

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For those interested, note that it's a US Alliance group.

I'd help you out, but I'm a Hordie.

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I'll second this - I'm the Brewmaster monk in this arrangement. Rinkle's CM set is second to none - our dps and healing is really solid, and I suppose I'm a passable tank :) Just need one more regular dps with heroism that can help us out. Last week, even with low dps - except for Rinkle - and a death midway through - dps standing in stuff - we were only 45 seconds over gold time.

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