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Low DPS as Destro

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Slightly under hitcap. Not a lot but enough that it should be fixed.


Malkorok Graph showing your trinket/DS procs and CB casts. You only cast one CB during your opener with both procs up, one more with just PBI up, then cast 9 without procs, zero with PBI and DS up, and then finally 5 SBs at the very end. This is very poor Chaos Bolt management. 


0.00% uptime on Immolate. In fact Immolate wasn't cast...at all. You lost a lot of damage and a lot of embers because of this. 


7 casts of Curse of Elements? One cast lasts for five minutes, the fight lasted for 3:43. CoE doesn't stack with itself. That is 6 GCDs you used that should have been used for...anything else. Literally anything.


11 Conflagrate casts. This is about half of how many should have been cast.


You didn't use Doomguard.


Iron Juggernaut is about the same as Malkorok in terms of mistakes. No Immolate, horrid CB usage, no Doomguard, and 11 casts of CoE.



I would appriciate your input into my lack of dps.  


I have been using the rotation here on the Destro lock guide as I understand it. 


I think your main issue is that you simply don't understand it. Start with these guides, come back with any questions you have, we'll get you squared away most ricky tick.







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